Friday, August 21, 2015

Ham Radio operators: the ISS is reporting craft activity on 145.8 MHz

Hi, All:

My attention was drawn to this just now. It's a publicly accessible Facebook post here:

Screenshot below for the record, posted 8 hours ago:

It says:
A USAF officer contacted me and told me to stop what I am doing. That I am getting to close to the truth. I have been monitoring 145.8 MHz radio band and have intercepted air to ground transmissions from the International Space Station. There is something going on in Earth's orbit, something big time! From what I have picked up there are 5 to 7 motherships out beyond the Moon's orbit and they send scout ships into Earth atmosphere for reconnaissance. This has been going on for over a month. ISS astronauts are scared, they are getting buzzed by these craft. They arent calling them UFO they know exactly what they are and say they have been here before. The configurations of the scout ships show the astronauts on ISS that they are preparing for something. Some of the ship come into Earth orbit and have just set themselves up in geosynchronous orbit. I dont know what to do, the Air Force officer who was a Air Force police officer wearing plain clothes said that I can not leave town and that the FBI will be by to question me, they say I hacked their telecommunications system but I did not, I used a HAM radio to pick up the transmissions from the ISS. Anybody can do it at that frequency it is not illegal. The officer demanded any records I had of the ISS astronauts and I gave him the master copy, I have two other copies. Luckily I'm using this facebook account which is encrypted and they won't be able to tell what I'm doing. I'm thinking of skipping town. I have a plan for this in case I thought this might happen, which I thought it might, I have been hacking some low level government computers, Not United States, but Canada and Great Britain. I always chose American allies because I thought they wouldn't be able to detect me so well and if they caught me then the US government wouldn't be so ready to turn me over to them. Plus the USA is a big country. I have friends on my underground network who I can trust and who wont rat me out, I'm going to look them up and contact them, to see if one can shelter me for a few months. Get ready something big is going to happen within about a month give or take a couple of days.
The 145.8 MHz radio band is indeed in the public domain.

How to hear the ISS

Now, this might VERY well be a hoax, or a bad joke. The last line

Quote Get ready something big is going to happen within about a month give or take a couple of days.
...might be a clear giveaway (nothing in the text suggests that conclusion). And the above is certainly NOT encrypted.

If it's known or discovered to be a hoax, please do post here soonest and we'll make the statement and close the thread.

But it may be checkable by a number of Avalon members we know who are radio hams and certainly have the capability to listen in. Do please keep us posted on anything you may find.