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Project Avalon Newsletter #7 - FROM TRAUMA TO TRANSFORMATION : KATHY COLLINS' STORY (Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor)

Dear All, the 7th Avalon newsletter has just gone out.

It's downloadable here (but look for it in your spam folder if it's not in your e-mail inbox) — and I'll copy it here in its entirety.



This story offers a teaching for us all: that no matter what has happened to us — and things have happened, and continue to happen, and will always happen, to ALL of us — there is always the opportunity, the potential choice, to heal and genuinely move on to face the future unscarred.

Kathy Collins (Avalon Forum member Kathy) is a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse, from an age so young it was before she could talk or understand anything that was happening to her. In the video, she shares a spine-chilling, brief account of what she was subjected to, and endured.

But that's not the point. Kathy doesn't want to focus too much on those details, which many of us have heard before from Cathy O'Brien, Cisco Wheeler, Svali, and quite a few others. She has found a way to move on, re-integrate, and forgive — and her journey may be a model for us all.

The title of this new video interview is From Trauma to Transformation : Kathy Collins' Story. That title was chosen because many people experience trauma in their lives, and it can stick them like glue. It doesn't matter whether it was Satanic Ritual Abuse, the loss of a loved one in dreadful circumstances, a terrible injury in war, or a betrayal in which one lost most everything one owned. All these things can make us feel like victims: disempowered, resentful, angry, embittered. But it doesn't have to be that way.

For some of you reading this, this new interview may pack a bit of a punch. Please share it with anyone you may feel will benefit from the inspiration, strength and wisdom it contains.


And do make sure you watch it right to the close. The Avalon credits at the end aren't the end of the video.


A final note: a few references and notes might be helpful to some for whom this disturbing subject is new. While the entire theme and focus is about transformation and leaving the past behind, we do have to understand what was there.

  • While the Illuminati are barely mentioned in the video, for those wanting first-hand facts, this site (the detailed personal testimony of an ex-Illuminati trainer with the pseudonym of Svali) is a goldmine of solid information:

  • Svali's history of the Illuminati is here: Chapter One: An Overview of The Illuminati

  • Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips' seminal book Trance-Formation of America is here. (Click here for the book as a series of web pages)

  • There are many YouTube videos where Cathy O'Brien shares her experiences, and they're easy to search for and find. MOST interestingly and significantly, just last night (7 August 2015), AFTER Kathy Collins' interview was finalized, exported and uploaded to YouTube, Kathy saw this short (12 min) video of Cathy O'Brien:

    From 1:29 to 2:11 Cathy O'Brien exactly describes Kathy's experience in Bohemian Grove running naked and being hunted — the only difference being that (in Kathy's exact words) "in Bohemian Grove, they didn't give me any shoes to run in." She had never heard that had happened before to anyone else. Cathy O'Brien was describing exactly the same thing.

  • Kathy acknowledges healer Eric Thorton as being invaluable in her recovery. His website is here:

  • And a personal note. When I started by own journey of research (many years ago, into everything that is concealed from us on this planet) like many others, I never dreamed of where the research would take me. If one is an honest journalist — or even an honest, curious, reader — one is obliged to follow the string trail of evidence and connections, wherever it may lead.

    And it leads to some extremely unpleasant and unsavory places. They can be hard to face. No-one wants to believe this is all real. This isn't the place to discuss this in detail, but in Cathy O'Brien's own, careful, words: "They are not like us." And they're not. They are something else, or they have something else inside them.

    As David Icke has often pointed out, no normal human being could do this kind of thing in an organized way. They have their own beliefs, methods, plans and agendas, and (at the moment) they're running our world. As Kathy Collins points out in her interview, her experience is just a microcosm of the experience of the entire planet: abuse, torture, exploitation, manipulation, and ruthless self-interest from those in power.

    But she calls on us all to understand, and forgive. The perpetrators are also those that have been abused themselves.

None of the above is to detract in any way from Kathy Collins' powerful message of forgiveness and personal transformation. That is: if we want to live in a better world, that journey always has to start with ourselves — no matter what we've suffered through.

As Kathy says: our lives don't have to be ruined if we've experienced terrible events.


... contains some important notes, but the video above is the reason for sending this out to you all.

Here's the rest:

  • A reminder again: if you're reading this and are not an Avalon member, and feel inspired to connect with other kindred spirits in this and other aspects of our sometimes very similar personal journeys, please click here:

  • Laura (from the last newsletter).

    Laura deeply regrets that she's unable to offer any more help and support to those who have requested it. She thanks everyone who has written to her (via myself), and would like to explain that she's been dealing personally with a long-term medical situation of her own, and is simply unable at the moment to find the time, energy and attention to assist with others' issues in the way that she would otherwise want to. She asks for your understanding, and sends all her best wishes to everyone. She also apologizes that she has not been able to respond personally to all those who have written (and that's really quite a lot of you).

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  • There have been repeated attack attempts on the Avalon server in the last several weeks. Project Camelot and also DivineCosmos (David Wilcock's site) have been seriously affected by similar attacks. Avalon has stayed running normally, however, due to our admin Paul, who is an accomplished programmer and who was able to design a purpose-built firewall to deflect the attacks. Outages were confined to just a few minutes, just very occasionally. He's shared what he created with one of the admins for our sister project, Project Camelot, also an Avalon member and a personal friend.

  • Some people have written to ask why we changed the YouTube text on Corey Goode's first video, here. One of the many reasons for this can be seen here. (This thread contains some important and serious information, but also has its light-hearted moments. )

  • For those of you who care about the welfare of fellow warrior and Project Camelot co-founder Kerry Cassidy, please read here:
    What happened to Kerry Cassidy on 24-25 April, 2015

    Kerry suffered through an unenviable experience (which happened on the same day as the assassination attempt on Jeff Rense), but is recovering extremely well. If you're an Avalon member, you can leave a message for her on the thread — or, if not, you can always drop her a kind note at I do know that many of you reading this are friends of Kerry and of Project Camelot, and would always want to know that she's not in trouble. (And she's not!)

  • To connect the last two items here, Kerry has just completed a most interesting interview with NASA whistleblower Clark McClelland. Clark is 80 years old, is not in good shape, has almost no money, and has been consistently punished over the years for daring to speak out about what he knows and has experienced or witnessed. This is important to note, because this is what happens to real whistleblowers who dare to go against their orders or contracts.

    Anyone who is speaking out in volume and getting rewarded for doing so is being sanctioned and protected, because it suits the agenda of the 'punishers' — to coin a term.

  • The next newsletter won't be quite so long coming. It's been an interesting summer, full of distractions, expected events that haven't materialized, and (for many out there, it seems), personal issues of many kinds.

    Let's remember that we all need to keep focused on the biggest picture, and not be distracted or diverted by trivia or sleight-of-hand presentations that persuade us to look to the left of the stage when something important's happening to the right; we all need to prepare wisely for the worst, while fully intending, positively, for the best; and we all need to remember, always, that we are, each one of us, powerful creators who can manifest in our lives exactly what we need or want, both for ourselves and for the planet.

    We have to do this ourselves: no-one out there is likely to be coming to rescue us. None of us are victims — unless we believe it. Again, here's Kathy Collins, reminding us all that, whatever our apparent circumstances, our well-being lies entirely in our hands.


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My personal warmest wishes to everyone ~ Bill

Bill Ryan
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9 August, 2015