Friday, September 18, 2015

New Republic Changeover & Call To Action From Thomas Deegan

Republic Call To Action - MP3 File (same mp3 posted yesterday)


For the past four weeks Thomas Deegan, Phil Hudok, and Gene Stalnaker have been featured on the National Conference Call for Leaders of National and Local Groups. Working very closely with Thomas day to day, we have standardized all of the court filings so that they can be used by people in every state in the country. The documents are in Word so that it is just a ‘fill in the blanks’ effort to make state specific additions.

The regular night for the call is Thursday night at 8pm Eastern: call in number: 605-562-3140 Pin: 399791

Please by all means join us!!! Pass the word about the call to any leaders that you know! There will be time for general discussion concerning strategy to get the job done!

Please help this information go viral! Post everywhere you can as often as you can! This West Virginia case is the start to bringing back our country to where it should be as a Constitutional Republic with traps removed from our founding documents!

Livestream video link of the presentation of evidence for their case against State Politicians and Bureaucrats:

Thomas Deegan, Phil Hudok, and Gene Stalnaker are asking that instead of doing the August 24th event in West Virginia that full effort be put into the 9-11 Patriot Ride. When we announce the legal cases the West Virginia case will be spotlighted. Not only that but we will also be in State Capitols as well so there will be a contingent in Charleston West Virginia for that.

Thomas Deegan chief legal expert for the West Virginia case.

Phil Hudok:
Constitutional Government :: Legal Filings and Responses
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Thank you

Thomas wants contacts of people and groups that would come out for when they go to the West Virginia Supreme Court. The case was registered by the Clerk of the Court., The case submission and accompanying Affidavit specifying the charges, parties damaged and the damages gave the State 30 days to respond. The State did not respond and has made no attempt to do so even after the deadline!
At that point the court deems that the Defendant has admitted their guilt by not responding. The verdict is closed at that point.

It would be of no use to the State to appeal because their crimes are documented by themselves in writing in the State Archives.

The Supreme Court of West Virginia is stalling hoping that the case will go away. The West Virginia people need a crowd to show up at the Supreme Court of West Virginia to show that the public is very aware of what is happening and that there is public support for the people’s case.

The people of Iceland, in the Citizen Revolt in Iceland about five years ago, clearly demonstrated that when the people truly stand together en masse to perform an action of replacing the elected officials of a government accompanied with the prosecution of oath breaking politicians and bureaucrats and the power brokers that manipulate them, that it can be achieved without drawing blood.

We know that numerous politicians at the national and local levels along with bureaucrats need to be prosecuted and removed from office. It is in recognition of this that a conference call of leaders of national and local groups is being called to establish an action or series of actions combining national and local scale to address taking back our nation and re-establishing its basis upon the founding documents.

Steve Gronka