Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rare Phenomenon Rainbow Clouds Appear Over Costa Rica

Amazing multi-colored cloud sparks debate in social media
A gorgeous rare phenomenon colored the clouds of Costa Rica's sky into a rainbow hue earlier this week, prompting heated online debate between atheists and creationists as to the cause of the stunning sight.

A cartoon-like rainbow cloud appeared, and if it weren’t for YouTube videos that onlookers posted, one would think it was PhotoShopped, as the beauty of the phenomenon appears unrealistic.
Scientists call the effect ‘cloud iridescence’ and it’s caused by diffraction when small water or ice particles individually scatter light.

One YouTube user described the phenomenon as if it resembled the end of days.

 © Jessielou121

“It’s like a sign of God,” she commented on the video she took. “It’s like the Lord is going to come through this cloud any moment.” 

This point of view immediately sparked a heated debate over religion and creationism in the comments section.

Commenters quickly forgot about the cloud and began arguing over the existence of God.

“The pseudoscience of evolution was invented and currently espoused by people of zero character who do not want to feel guilty for the immorality in their lives. What exactly are your vices?”

demands John Smith of user Paul Donohue, who earlier wrote: “not sure whose [sic] more annoying or stupid the idiots claiming the sun against some clouds is God or the idiots claiming its [sic]climate engineering.”

“I have faith that it's sunlight refracted through ice crystals in the upper atmosphere... because that's what it is. No invisible Sky Daddy required,” reads a comment from YouTube user exham.

Cloud iridescence is rare enough to surprise many people all over the world when they first see it with their own eyes, as social media demonstrates.

It was a lucky coincidence that such a bright and large iridescent cloud appeared in the Costa Rican skies on the country’s Independence Day.