Wednesday, September 23, 2015

VRIL, Black Goo and Agartha – an in-depth conversation

This is the second part of an intended series of conversations on the forbidden subjects of revisionist history, Nazism, VRIL Society and other related topics. All of these subjects are extremely dense and often there is little reliable data to go on, though over the past many years more research is being published so the picture can perhaps be better comprehended.

The past several months have been intense as more and more information on all perceptual levels is incoming in an ever increasing flow, we have worked overtime in assimilating it.

In our conversation we cover a fairly vast area of “research” in an attempt to assemble the puzzle pieces in a manner that is intelligent and relevant to what humankind needs to know. Our conversation is mix of research, history, shamanism, myth, spirituality and science that reveals the agenda of a maleficious entity that has the sole purpose of a total assimilation of the human being and the Earth biosphere.

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