Sunday, October 18, 2015

ASCENDING Through Frequency Alignment WITH MOTHER EARTH


Those who are standing on Mother Earth are also a part of Mother Earth’s Body. We are in the same Sphere. We contain the same Frequencies. Mother Earth’s Frequencies are our frequencies. Mother Earth also has a Sun deep inside of her Core. Her Sun is deep inside the Etheric Chambers, the Liquid Light Mantels. Mother Earth has braided and woven her Sun’s Frequencies up through her body and into three spheres to connect with and unite with all of the other Suns in the

Third Sphere or the Galactic Sphere. As our bodies stand on the Earth’s Surface, we are conduits of all of this Aqualene Sun’s Frequency streaming up out of Mother Earth from below and from the Galactic Suns streaming down from above. Mother Earth needs us to become a part of this process. She needs us to be ascending with her. As we flow together Mother Earth is very happy to feel all of her family rising with her.

Listening to the ULTRA VIOLET BLUE SUN streams these frequencies from Mother Earth’s Core, her Sun out through the body of the listener and up into the galactic suns and the Milky Way’s Stars.

We can absorb frequencies from Mother Earth’s Crust where the Divine Christ Consciousness is stored. We can also absorb frequencies of Divine Love, Unconditional Love, Intelligence and many more Divine Qualities from her Crust.

When we travel down into Mother Earth’s Core we can absorb qualities of Divine Creativity, Divine Substance, Divine Principle. We can ask AnWa to send the Crystal Star Merkaba down into the Heart of Mother Earth to collect all of these Frequencies of our Divine Substance- our Divine Essence–our Divine Plan– all of the Divine Consciousness that we share with and reflect through Mother Earth.

We can send our physical bodies down deep into the Earth’s Core and beyond into the Liquid Light Chambers and absorb our original Complete Body. This etheric dust body contains all of the keys and codes or remembering all that we really are.

We can journey down and collect this iridescent spiritual body. As we combine our physical body with this iridescent crystalline silica based body, we can then allow the Suns’ energies to remove all that is unlike the original selfhood from our physical body and become one with our true Divine Self Hood. When the physical and spiritual unite into Oneness this is Zero point energy of Oneness. We must unite into Mother Earth’s Body and Frequencies to return into this Oneness.

This process of obtaining Oneness with the original Divine Self will happen naturally when there is enough light frequency brought into the body as the body absorbs the Sun’s Aqualene Frequencies of the Galactic Suns and Mother Earth’s Ultra Violet Blue Suns frequencies. Once these two bodies become one, then the crystal cells that contain the eternal memory of the Immortal Self Hood Cells are the Crystal Dust Silica Based Cells of our Original selfhood.

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