Wednesday, October 28, 2015

COBRA Audio Update with Rob Potter - October 27, 2015


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.  Welcome to another special edition of the Victory of Light radio show.  I’m your host Rob Potter.  We’re going to have Cobra on in just a few minutes. As usual I always give a little update on all my  radio interviews on what’s going on with TPR.

I apologize for those who don’t like this part of cobra interviews but there are people who are interested. I do not post my numbers like cobra and Im sure it is because I have many more pages than cobra but I do have over 20 million total pages views for my website so there are people who resonate with my work.

I am going to be moving to Maui on November 1st to help me get into nature more for my health and I love Maui.  I have a plane ticket and I am be looking for a place to rent. If anyone knows about something in haiku or anywhere else let me know. Another reason for my move I will be joining the Akaku television public broadcast station there having my own television show with 3 HD cameras and a green screen.

I am looking forward to creating some good updates there and sharing some information, not oonly about spiritual awakening and the latest updates on the planetary liberation process. But I hope to do some informational classes on how to use advanced healing systems to give people some visuals on how these zero point resonant technologies work with green screens and 3 HD cameras.

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