Monday, October 12, 2015

Cool Looking Art Work by 'Mear One'

“Meeting of the Minds” by Mear One

Written by Jennifer Sodini

MEAR ONE (Kalen Ockerman) is an LA based graffiti artist, whose artwork captures the continued shift in our collective consciousness, inspires the imagination, and pushes us to ask the uncomfortable questions that linger in our subconscious minds.
“Suppression and Oppression have left us disconnected from each other, ourselves, and the universe, from ancient wisdom, knowledge and understanding of all that was, is, and could be. Yet, despite what lies secret behind our vaults,I can’t escape the fact that we are all these subjects, they belong to all of us, for what has endured the whole of history is the idea of spirit linking us to a universal connection of a higher dimension, and our liberation exists somewhere within this state of wide-awakeness. All is but temporal in our eyes, castles made of sand await the hands of consciousness to reinterpret its matter.” – MEAR ONE
His powerful narratives present a unique juxtaposition between philosophy, mythology, and politics – and his interpretation of reality is achieved through a graceful balance between realism and the supernatural.  His work allows us to “envision the sublime spirit of our time – not by escaping reality, but by confronting it head on.”

MEAR ONE’s most recent work, Cognitive Dissonance, will be showcased at both C.A.V.E. Gallery and Thinkspace as part of the fifth installment of the Beyond Eden series. Coginitive Dissonance is described by MEAR ONE as “neither fact nor fiction”, rather, he “merely lays the groundswork for thoughts and queries worthy of conversation to build”.

Browse through the gallery below to see MEAR ONE’s incredible artwork…

To learn more about MEAR ONE’s work, visit his official website by clicking here // to learn more about Beyond Eden, click here

Originally posted @ Evolve & Ascend