Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Courageous Former Commercial Pilot Joins The Fight To Stop Geoengineering

How could the cancer of destruction and insanity that is tearing our planet apart grow so unimaginably massive? Because there are so many individuals in the “system” that have long since sold their morality and honor for a paycheck and a pension. Thankfully, there are exceptions to this rule who are making their voices heard. When credible professionals speak out about the ongoing climate engineering insanity, people listen. Former commercial airline pilot, Willem Felderhof, has long since shown the courage to make his voice heard in the battle to expose the toxic air inside aircraft cabins. Willem is also helping to sound the alarm in the fight to expose and stop global geoengineering, his testimony is below. My most sincere gratitude to Willem Felderhof for his dedication to fight for the common good.

Dane Wigington

Courageous Former Commercial Pilot Joins The Fight To Stop Geoengineering

By Willem Felderhof, contributing writer for geoengineeringwatch.org

My name is Willem Felderhof and as a former commercial airline pilot the issue of geo-engineering and weather modification has my full attention. It took me a while though before I “saw” that there was something completely wrong at the “office”. In 2009 I received an email of a friend who requested my view on the “chemtrail” phenomenon.  And with an open mind I answered him that, apart from the motivations behind these programs, seen from my perspective, experience (10.000+ flight hours) and technical knowledge of commercial airliners, it was highly doubtful that these programs would exist. But from that moment I started to do more research and more important I analyzed the skies more with awareness. I didn’t take long before the blinders dropped from my eyes. I was mostly shocked by the fact that there was no uprising under the pilots and meteorologists whose job it is to observe, analyze, study and anticipate on weather phenomena like cloud formation, structure and dynamics.

Geoengineered skies are now the norm all over the world

But on the other hand, due to my history as a whistleblower, a 10 year battle against the airline industry over toxic air IN the airplanes, I was familiar with the dynamics and mechanisms so it did not surprise me either. And since pilots often have a big ego, the fear of being labeled as a “conspiracy theorist” and being casted out of the group has more priority than the future of our children and/or Mother Earth.

Nozzles are clearly visible mounted on the pylon directly behind the jet engine exhaust stream

I think anyone who did thorough research on the issue of geoengineering understands the direct and imminent threat for the future of humanity and/or the planet itself. And by realizing that fact, our individual goals for prosperity and personal happiness can be parked a side. It is time to awake the inner warrior, NOW, and start acting in order to stop insanity at work.

There is a multidimensional war going on against humanity and Mother Earth, and geo engineering is a multi layered weapon of mass destruction in this war, period. Not only that, geo engineering and weather modification programs are used by the powers that be to create a solid legal framework for setting up a one world government.

The good news is that the psychopaths in power are in panic and that’s why they are pushing their agenda into overdrive. And because of this, their pathetic programs become more blatantly visible for anyone who is willing to see it. The current increase of highly toxic programs like geo engineering and weather modification programs are actually a boost for the global awakening. And like New World Order architect Zbigniew Brzezinski stated, this global political awakening is the greatest threat for the global power structures and their insane agenda’s towards full spectrum dominance. This global awakening not only offers us the possibilities to protect ourselves against these vicious attacks (I will publish an article soon, explaining ways to protect yourself against these attacks in a powerful way), more important; it forces us to take immediate action in order to stop and reverse this madness. One of the actions will be to hold those in office accountable for abuse of office, and for performing politics that are a direct threat to national and international security.

Blanket spraying of highly toxic geoengineering aerosols is occurring around the globe over land masses and oceans

Regarding geoengineering, people ask me very often what they can do about this. Simple: do research as much as you can, become aware and more important: act upon it!

On an individual level I am preparing a presentation on geo-engineering/SRM/weather warfare and electro magnetic radiation and how these programs work in conjunction with each other. And then I will just travel around in Europe. I do not have any clue where it goes but it will create momentum for sure.

Besides this I am busy setting up a legal framework in Europe to start legal action. For this I am looking for people who are willing to take active stand in this fight against geoengineering. You are more than welcome to join and take an active role in this crucial battle. Especially people with knowledge of European law, pilots, and meteorologists are most welcome.  But again, anyone is needed. We have to join forces NOW. It’s ridiculous to waste more time before starting to save the future of our children and the beautiful planet Earth.

Please contact me for more information about what you can do and how to help in our strategies in the fight against geoengineering in Europe.

Don’t forget, it is now or never!