Sunday, October 4, 2015

Harald Kauz Vella FaceBook Update

No paraphrasing, his words, but sometimes spliced.
Knowledge cannot be transferred, the only thing that comes from outside is the triggering of a reference feeling for the truth we carry in ourselves, which occurs when the information we get is true. . the feeling from your heart.

1. . . the two beings who had to incarnate again and again experiencing horrific suffering in order to (basically) redeem us. I wonder if it was really necessary?
A being can only heal something, when this being experienced and felt the thing that needs to be healed. There is no healing possible out of the ego, because the ego itself is part of the detachment that blocks true and deep empathy, and empathy is the key to healing.

2. Wouldn’t it have been possible to stop the game before maturity to avoid all the suffering the crack of Atlantis caused?
. . . it was Gaia, our planet, that asked God for help, and it happened mainly out of love towards . . their pearl . . that the Elderer decided to keep the game running and heal the crack from within. If they would have put an end to the game this would have meant to dissolve Gaia with all her inhabitants. . . this healing took 16000 years, which is rather quick in the cosmic context, and it also was quick facing the amount of healing that needed to be done and still needs to be done.

3. Did the Lemurian souls originate on Earth as higher dimensional beings who gradually became more physical?
Yes, the Lemurians came to Earth as ethereal beings and became more and more dense over the time. Here, within the game of separation, the soul(My addition=Higher Self/Ba) hardly had any access to the human beings, which lead to the circumstances that humans forgot who God is.

4. Do the souls of the Jews who destroyed their own planet always incarnate on Earth in Jewish bodies or do they incarnate as other races as well?
The Earth is the only planet they are allowed to incarnate on, and they always incarnate as Jews. We have to state at that point that it is a big honour for a being to be allowed to incarnate on a planet. Due to the crack of Atlantis it was possible for beings to incarnate on Earth, that within the heavenly order would not have had the maturity to incarnate at all.

5. Were Jesus, Mary, etc. Jewish souls, and if not, why did they incarnate in Israel as Jews?
Jesus is the son of the two Elderer we are in contact with, and he also is incarnated at the moment and is currently two years old. He was not Jewish back then and never incarnated in Israel. The entire history of Jesus did not take place where it is believed to have happened today.

6. Can you explain please how the Archons were “taken out of the game”? . . why was it not done before they were able to do so much harm?
To capture the Archons was extremely difficult, because initially they had gathered a high number of black magicians and other beings they could hide behind. It took a long time until the Elderer could get hold of them because they didn’t only break the laws of God, they perverted them to a degree, that every step against the Archons immediately caused tremendous suffering to other beings, especially children, as well as pain within the collective fields. . . they
needed to dissolve all these cruel manipulative installations on the ethereal level from within first, to the point where the Archons had no measures left and could be captured. In reality they look like teenage angels with small wings. Due to their haughtiness and ignorance these fallen angels went completely mad. The beings known as Arc Angels actually are these Archons, as well as all the ascended masters, all Indian Gods, and all Egyptian Gods in reality were these Archons and other astral beings under their influence. The entire New Age movement was intentionally installed by the Archons and their servants, because they knew humanity would awake. New Age was about to become the new world religion.

7. What about the Reptilians? Do they have “guardians” or “Elderer” too, who can render them harmless as well?
The reptilians were archonic delusions. In the course of history the Archons manipulated the humans to work on genetic experimentation with humans. The beginnings of these experiments can be found in Egypt where they combined animal and human genes. In reality these hybrid forms which were masqueraded as “Gods” in the Egyptian mythology were genetic experiments. On one hand they were meant to help to manipulate the humans, on the other hand these were attempts to create bodies the Archons could physically access. However these hybrid bodies were not viable for long and had a very short lifetime. Finally the Archons found a way of genetic manipulation through which the bodies were of higher endurance. These beings are known as the illuminati bloodlines. From then on it became possible for the Archons to dock onto these bodies for a while and finally take them over. In this process the being who actually inhabits the body is forced to leave it. This is done by cruel (early childhood) torture and other methods.

8. . . . who will be the ones who will take care of the mess we have made, and how will they do it? Will it be the Starseeds who are incarnating here now, and if so, will they be using technology, and where will the technology come from?
There is no higher order of created beings than the Elderer. . . they have the knowledge how to create planets, how to create ecosystems and how to create living beings. The way how the Elderer heal is beyond the technology we know as humans. . . the destruction on this planet has reached a dimension that it needs the Elderer’s abilities to their full extent in order to repair what needs to be repaired.

9. Will humans be able to enlist to help? Once the damage has been repaired, will humans be capable of and be allowed to live without the overlordship of other beings? How long will it take to restore health and balance to Earth?
It was a significant test for the humans, who are the youngest race of creation, where they could show if they were ready to take care of a planet on their own. They have not passed this examination. On the contrary, we humans completely failed because we completely lost ourselves in our egos. Thus it will take some time until we won’t need the help of the guardians anymore. The big difference however is that these true guardians, the Elderer, are not dominating us but are leading us gently and lovingly, and this leadership is necessary. What many humans internally don’t want to accept and acknowledge is that there is something standing above them. This is the same disdainfulness that led to the fall from paradise and made the traumatic crack of Atlantis happen! Thus being grateful and humble is what we humans are lacking most for realizing how deep we fell and what we have done to ourselves and others, especially to Gaia. How long the healing process will take is not predictable, as here on Earth everything has completely run out of the rudder and there is very much to heal.