Thursday, October 15, 2015

Increasing Appearance of UFOs In The ISS Creates Speculation Of Secret NASA Tests


Mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFOs), said to have captured on video by NASA live cameras on ISS, have brought a lot of views and comments, especially in YouTube and paranormal websites. The ISS has been in orbit 250 miles above Earth and housed six astronauts.

The so-called UFOs have increased in numbers so much that leads conspiracists to speculate that they may be evidence of secret tests performed by NASA.

The latest of this kind has been recorded on October 1 and featured a glowing object moving towards the space station, but at a distance below its orbit.

Conspiracists think the object could be an alien UFO or a top secret project of NASA. The slow movement baffles them so much.

An earlier video posted to YouTube on 17th of September seems to show another glowing object moving alongside the ISS. Three days earlier, YouTube username White Horse USA uploaded a video to the video sharing site showing an orb UFO, which the ISS seemed to pass under.

On September 13, on the day before White Horse USA posted his video, Streetcap1 posted another one titled “ISS Camera Spots 3 satellites/UFOs/sprites.” According to Streetcap1, he’s hesitant to call them aliens because it’s possible they are part of a secret space tests or projects in the upper atmosphere.

On September 11, a UFO appeared to be caught when the light flashes hit it just right. It looks to be around 125-175 cm away from the station, so it is not too far away. Some conspiracists speculated that this UFO has an orb drone to collect data for it.