I came across this compelling, (and deeply disturbing), documentary several months ago. It is called: Programmed to Kill/Satanic Cover-Up. Many will already be familiar with it.

It is a wide-ranging, multi-part series of clips, some 80+, as I recall. It takes several hours to view in its entirety.

The documentary attempts to make the following case: that there is a very real link between many famous serial and mass murderers with military, covert intelligence, and 'cult/satanic' organisations.

The film gives evidence for its claims, and provides a great deal of history and context.

It presents 'new' information many will not have seen, and sheds 'new' light on 'old' information many will already be familiar with. For both of these reasons, and many more, it's worth watching.

The documentary is breathtaking in its scope- covering so much territory that I wouldn't attempt to view it in single sitting- or even three.

To be honest, I'm not sure I even finished it. The gist can be gotten simply by viewing even the first dozen clips, imo.

The topic is so unrelentingly dark that, for many people, it's probably not worth watching.

And like a lot of online documentaries, the soundtrack is pointlessly dark and works to amplify feelings of gloom and despair.

But the information presented is fascinating- and in light of recent events, perhaps- this 'doc' may be 'timely' once again to watch.

Here is the first clip. The rest can be found via a standard video search.