Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Simon Parkes October Newsletter Update 2015


Welcome to the delayed October newsletter.  World events are moving at a speed that we have not seen for many years.  Most of my newsletter will be aimed at United Kingdom and America because this is where the future and the decisions will play out in a more public manner.

American readers doubtless will know that the Pope visited Capitol Hill and made his monumental speech.  Anyone with an ounce of sense would ask why would a religious man who does not speak for the Hindu’s, Muslims, Jews and indeed only speaks for one faction of Christianity; why would such a man be asked to speak on world topics and to do so not at the United Nations but at the seat of American government.  The answer of course is this was their new world order speech, they have fired the starting pistol and there is no going back.  What does this mean?  Well, it means that the negative elite are now debating which false flag to employ as a precursor to launching their version of the NWO.  I have been made aware of two of the possible false flags.  The first – the most dramatic; a low yield nuclear bomb in the ocean somewhere off the coast of mainland America with the intent of creating a 100 foot tidal wave to strike the eastern seaboard of the USA, remember this is not destined to happen it is what a small group of fanatics are considering.  In every other case they have been thwarted and there is no reason to believe that they would be successful.  Second debated option is the much vaunted false flag alien invasion.  This is their preferred option (I know many commentators have dismissed this but truly this is now back on the table).  This option offers a cheap alternative to obtaining individual sovereign government giving up their authority and accepting one world rule.  I would like to go into some detail here – if this option is chosen we can expect first generation triangle craft flying within small areas over the United States, programmed life forms P.L.F’s that will either be used in mock battles with mercenary soldiers dressed in American uniforms or one option that is being considered is a staged meeting between such P.L.F’s and the Pope.  Such option should not be discounted, this Pope, according to prophesy the last pope, has already you will remember offered to baptize aliens, I am sure this link is not lost on my readers.  Those of you who have seen my presentations will know I have shown photographs of British school children being conditioned to accept spacecraft crashing.  This is all part of the false flag agenda.

Now turning to the United Kingdom, the biggest threat facing our planet, you may be surprised to learn, is fracking and I wish to explain this.  We are familiar with ley lines but less are familiar with the underground water system.  This for the planet acts as a blood supply acts in our bodies, encoded information is carried in this underground water from one part of the planet to the next.  Fracking is solely designed to place chemicals into this water and to disrupt the planets internal communications.  The present government in the United Kingdom is only interested in motor cars, gasoline and fracking and as a consequence has transferred all subsidies that were designed to reduce emissions and support renewable energy towards more greedy projects.

Readers will have become aware of the situation with the VW motor company and their subsidiaries but very few people have been given the full truth which is this.  By the summer of next year it will be no longer viable, even at 70 dollars a barrel, to extract oil.  The multinational oil corporations have thus forced not so sovereign governments to prepare for a shift to electric motor cars in the next 8 years.  The industrial espionage that resulted in VW’s demise is a part of the greater game being played.  The reality is that even though there are large stocks of crude oil, the depth and situation means it is no longer a realistic source for stocks and bond holders who will see their dividends continually falling.  These same corporations will if unchecked simply move to electricity.  This is how it would work; an electric car can travel at over 100 mph but currently can only travel for a distance of between 100-250 miles on one charge.  Envisage the scene, you drive up to the ‘filling’ station, drive on to a ramp, your car is lifted up, the battery pack is removed from underneath your vehicle, a new battery is fitted and off you go!  The system has maintained its control, only the substance of fuelling has changed and thus the elite maintain their monopoly.

What we need to have happen is a complete change in the power structure, the way people are consulted and a complete openness where truth without fear is the order of the day.

A message from me to all of those who have a hand in propping up this corrupt elite system; You know very well that this regime is about to fall and I ask each and every one of you to search your conscience not just for you but your families and loved ones.  When the time comes which side of the fence will you be on?  You can help most, now!  This is the time to jump ship and break ranks before you are submerged and your soul is lost forever.  Because once the hands reach 12 o‘clock there will be no going back and that’s the end of that.

With this in mind it is worth reminding ourselves that there are two main factions at work at the very top of the elite tree.  The first faction which is the negative faction wishes to bring about an economic collapse suddenly and with no time to respond.  The other faction which is a positive group wishes the inevitable economic crash to be managed and to be played out over weeks rather than days.  The difference being a sudden crash would lead to shortages and civil unrest whereas a managed crash/handover is much more likely to be less disruptive to our everyday lives.  It is these two factions which now are seeking to dominate.

It has become apparent to me that my personal email is being interfered with and I am not receiving all of the messages that are sent to me.  If you wish to contact me and I have given you this email please now don’t use this and go through the ordinary admin email.  I am sorry this has occurred but the interference on my communications is such that I can no longer guarantee ongoing conversations.

I am really pleased to announce that after 10 months of continuous support and help Fran is ready to progress to her next stage which will partly encompass her picking back up on her healing sessions and working with me to produce short videos for people who are just awakening.  Very sadly this does mean she will no longer have time to play any role in our administration and therefore will not be a focal point between volunteers and clients and will not be able to be contacted to resolve administrative issues.  She will, through her own soon-to-be-created healing webpage (which will be incorporated into my website) be dealing with her own clients.  I don’t look on this as a loss, I look on this as a wonderful development of a very special person who will share her healing abilities with those that need it.  So Fran and I will continue to work together but the type of work Fran is doing is changing.  I know you will all join with me to thank Fran for the incredibly dedicated work/effort/time/love that she showed for my project and I feel sure that you will join with me to wish her all the best for the future.  I personally have witnessed the healing abilities that Fran possesses and would much rather have a session with her than a pharmaceutical doctor!

God bless you Fran.

Much love, much strength, much hope