Saturday, November 28, 2015

CERN: Did the Large Hadron Collider Blow Up or Is it Still Functional?

From : Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen : CERN collides heavy nuclei at new record high energy

[25 November 2015]

The world’s most powerful accelerator, the 27 km long Large Hadron Collider (LHC) operating at CERN in Geneva established collisions between lead nuclei, this morning, at the highest energies ever. The LHC has been colliding protons at record high energy since the summer, but now the time has now come to collide large nuclei (nuclei of lead, Pb, consist of 208 neutrons and protons). The experiments aim at understanding and studying the properties of strongly interacting systems at high densities and thus the state of matter of the Universe shortly after the Big Bang

Image Description : One of the very first collisions recorded between two lead ions at the LHC’s top energy. The energy in the center-of-mass system is approximately1000 TeV. Todays events bring collisions physics into a new energy scale, that of PeV (Peta-electron-volts). The ALICE detector registered tens of thousands of particles. In this live display the tracks of the particles from the collision point and through the detector are shown in colours corresponding to their mass and type.

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Reported CERN Meltdown: Ten Years to Repair

Simon Parkes writes about the CERN shut down in November newsletter:

No sacrifice is a good thing, the sacrifice in Paris from a magical perspective was tainted with evil intent.  The crime was so great that source itself entered the hadron collider and a ‘pushing contest’ ensued with unbelievable amounts of energy being expended.  Source manifested itself within the colliding tubes of the device, the operators of the device ramped up the power in an effort to expel what they perceive to be a foreign body.  Source matched this energy output until finally extensive damage was caused to the whole installation.  American security services who are not part of the Cabal estimate that it will take 10 years to repair the collider, my own information is it’s more like 5 years.  The Cabal can either pretend that nothing has occurred or that they will mothball the device because in their words it has achieved what they set out to achieve.  We know these will be lies for why else would the Chinese have just announced that they themselves will build a collider larger than Cern.