Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Druidic Medicine by Dr. Philip Savage, Ph.D. - Remote Healing


Druidic Medicine is a very advanced scientific field that is currently undergoing thorough scientific investigations. It can be taught and experienced in the laboratory. Above all, Druidic Medicine has already been implemented with unprecedented success on thousands of people in Europe and America....

The theoretical bases of Druidic Medicine relate to a spiritual and scientific paradigm absolutely unique. This alone distinguishes Druidic cares from any sort of "therapeutic" or "spiritual" healing practice. In the Druidic paradigm, there is no such thing as a well- defined single form of reality. Very much like in the most advanced theories of physics, there are actually many levels of variable realities. In fact, unlimited layers of parallel realities.

Our cultural conditioning and the anatomic limitation of our remaining five senses tend to keep us from approaching the real makeup of our surrounding universe. In its processional mode, Druidic Medicine connects a higher level of human superconscious that escapes our usual limitations. In this specific mode, where space and time, for instance, no longer have the same degree of separation, it is possible to travel from one reality into another. Then our factual and existential universe becomes much less rigid or unalterable. The boundaries between what we think possible and impossible soon vanish and, accordingly, shifts of extremely high magnitude may happen, for those who know how to ride the whirlwind of the new "transdimensional surreality," the very essence of Druidic praxis, that is.

Dr. Philip Savage, Ph.D. Druidic Medicine