Wednesday, November 4, 2015

EXOGEN Update - November 4, 2015 reality is this:

1. The currency of China is making major moves in reference to SDR basket and IMF


3. The world now knows ISIS has been funded and supported by select parties, groups and entities the USA

4. No Guru, Banker, or Intel Provider will get advance notification of pending currency changes

5. There is a septillion or more IQD in circulation globally

6. The global financial architecture is a HUGE MESS and modifications and adjustments are inevitable which is what many call the GCR, although GCR is not a banking term and is not used by the IMF or the BIS facilitators in financial journals

7. Major progress is being made with ISIS due to Russian intervention

8. There is 1 group of people who want to keep Middle East Divided for financial GAINS.

9. Next week should be interesting in reference to Iraq budget and results of China and the SDR and the projected 2016 date that was put out a few months ago.

10. There have been currency exchanges taking place in somewhat of a scattered format WITH NO PATTERN, and some were just accidents and others were NOT just accidents.