Friday, November 20, 2015

Hieroglyphs and Rock Carvings Found on Mars Surface?

MARTIAN hunters are toasting their "biggest find of the year" amid claims they have stumbled across ancient rock carvings on the surface of Mars.

UFO spotters have highlighted the NASA•YouTube
UFO spotters have highlighted the "hieroglyphs" shown top and below right next to real Egyptian carvings.
Alien buffs spent hundreds of hours looking for evidence of alien life by scouring through pictures taken by the NASA Curiosity Rover then placed them online claiming to have unearthed a carving showing a UFO and a humanoid being in hieroglyphic-like etchings on a rock.

In a double whammy, ET chasers claim to have proved Mars once had a sentient alien population and that UFOs are real, in the same stroke.

Scott C Waring, editor of, could not contain his excitement and suggested the "writing was on the wall" for non-believers.

He posted: "History is being made here folks...this is something special.

"This particular NASA photo has a lot in it, but the crown jewel is its hieroglyphs on a large broken wall.

"The video shows writing on Mars. The writing itself is actually protruding from the wall, instead of carved deeply within it.

"There are a lot of similarities between this and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
"I went through the photo and found dozens of ancient artefacts, but picked only the best and posted them below.

"The writing is finally the absolute proof that we needed to prove that these beings were intelligent enough to have a written language."

He also posted a number of other so-called anomalies - including a Planet of the Apes-type head.
But one reader of Mr Waring's site urged for caution, suggesting a perfectly natural explanation.
He said: "The rocks in the original photo all have the same geologic pattern which look like ridges caused by ice or heat or other natural phenomenon."

Mr Waring did not seem too interested, replying: "There is so much more than meets the eye.
"It takes time to let your eyes and perspective to adjust.
Could they be on to something?NASA•YouTube
Could they be on to something?
"Especially if you have never done this before.

"Take it slowly, when you get the time."

The rover, a four-wheel-drive droid, is exploring the planet taking images and analysing surface samples before the data is beamed back to NASA.

So far the US space agency says it has found no evidence of even microscopic life ever being on Mars, but the rover is telling us more and more about the planet, including that it once had vast oceans, and water may have recently run across the surface.

But alien researchers like Mr Waring claim NASA is ignoring a "wealth of evidence" that there was once an advanced civilisation on Mars - which only they seem able to see in the pictures like these.
He has even coloured it in to help youNASA•UFOSIGHTINGS•YouTube
He has even coloured it in to help you
The Martian conspiracists seem convinced a race, like the ancient civilisations on Earth, built huge monuments and structures like the pyramids on Mars, but the planet and its atmosphere were wiped out during some sort of intergalactic nuclear war billions of years ago.

However, NASA, who will not comment on such wild suggestions, slightly dented the theory last month when it revealed it had worked out how Mars did lose its atmosphere, which would have allowed it to hang on to its oceans, and it unsurprisingly was not the result of nuclear war.
So how do sceptics explain the array of strange findings by UFO hunters in the pictures?

They say they are simply odd-shaped rocks and the "researchers" are suffering a severe case of pareidolia - an optical illusion when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar shapes or objects, such as faces, in patterns and textures like a rocky surface.

That couple with a good imagination and a will to believe appears to be a powerful force, it seems.
Stretching it? Scott C Waring says there are three statue heads in hereNASA•UFOSIGHTINGSDAILY•YoiuTube

Stretching it? Scott C Waring says there are three statue heads in here