Monday, November 23, 2015

Lucifer Is The Prince Of Darkness And The Bringer Of Light

Lucifer Is The Prince Of Darkness And The Bringer Of Light

I decided to write about Lucifer after a great question on a post I made was deleted, and my answers were then gone.  Since I feel everything happens for a reason, I took this as a sign that I need to share my 2 cents.

This will most likely be a controversial article, and that is OK, as I like to shake things up a bit.  I can not prove what I feel from my inner knowing is true.  It does goes against most spiritual teachings on the planet.  I am not someone that just accepts what I am told, or taught in the traditional methods.  I go within to dig deeper.

Lucifer in Christianity and in the majority of current spiritual teachings, is a fallen Angel, and as told in the story of the Lucifer Rebellion.  This subject has always been near and dear to my heart, simply because something did not “feel” right to me.  So, for years I have “tuned” into this energy, and just this week, I got my first big energetic AHA moment.

I am not going into the history of Lucifer, because you can google that yourselves.  This is not a research paper teaching what is already published.  I have already done a ton of book research on all the mythology and stories about Lucifer.  At the end of my paper I will include 2 excellent links to articles that have already done this.


I decided to go deep within for unwritten information, that we all have access to.  So, I will get right to the premise of my paper and then go into why I feel my inner knowing is correct.  In my humble intuitiveness, Lucifer is not, and never was an entity.  It is simply energy, neither male nor female, but a representation of the Rebis.  And here is where I will lose people….But I strongly “feel” the name of “Lucifer” was hijacked/stolen way back in the dark history of this planet.  In a time when the unseen Dark Archons ruled the world in the “As Above, and in the As Below”.  I am referring to the time of the Astral war, the war in the heavens.  These Archons turned the energy of Lucifer into a scary fallen angel, a being that physical people could connect to, making the teachings 1% correct and 99% false.

The 1% correct is that Lucifer is The Prince or Princess of Darkness.  “Out of Darkness and into the Light.”  All of creation comes from the darkness of the void, the Black Genesis, Dark Matter, and my favorite word for this is the Aether.  Aether is mostly black with a bit of purple swirled in, and it is the 5th element where all the other 4 elements come from.   All life originates from here.  The dark is not evil, it is not scary, as we have been taught from birth.   It is the beginning of creation.  This energy is the Prince or Princess (rebis) of creation.

lucifer matches

When you google and study Lucifer you learn that it is the bringer of light, the flame of Prometheus.  In greek it means Phosphorous, which is used to start fires.  This fire is the light and energy of consciousness.  So, Lucifer is the bringer of the light of awareness to humanity in the form of fire!  Which is none other than AZOTH!  Aether and Azoth are what the majority of my articles are about due to the important of these energies right now in our history.

Lucifer is the energy of the Dark in the form of Aether and is the energy of the Light in the form of Azoth.  But instead, we are taught that Lucifer was a bright angel, which is light, and it fell FROM darkness.  Which is wrong.  Darkness came first, as it created all that we are.  It was humanity and its abuse of knowledge and greed that fell, and it was FROM the light that we fell in consciousness.

Yes, this was supposed to happen, but we were pushed farther in our fall than we were supposed to go, and then told it was Lucifer’s fault, which it was not.    As in, the devil made me do it.  I have no idea, which group of Dark Archons pushed us to the brink, but the name Lucifer is not correct.  The rebellion was not caused by Lucifer, but it was the work of a group of Dark Archons or Negative ET’s, that wanted to hijack our natural Ascension process here, and the amazing name of Lucifer was the scape goat.   They tried to permanently screw up our amazing Earth school, but failed.  Now that we are in the correct energy the truth will be felt, and the energy of the name will be restored.

lakeof fire

I was taught in my very conservative Southern Baptist upbringing that if you were bad you would be tossed and burn for eternity in the “lake of fire”.  Well, this scared the pants off me as a kid, so now, as a clairvoyant adult, I wanted answers.  The lake of fire is the cauldron of Azoth, which is fire water.  Lake=water, fire=azoth, a true teaching turned evil by the Dark Archons that were controlling the beginnings of Christianity, and possibly even before.  It is so obvious that “they” did not want humanity to know that Lucifer is not the name of a good angel turned evil, but it is the energy of creation and represented in the fire-water of Azoth, which is the  source of energetic transformation.
I happily threw myself into the lake of fire, and on purpose.  I have burned myself on the stake of my existence for the purpose of self transformation, and I rose from it’s ashes just as the Phoenix taught us.

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Love To All,
Lisa Rising Berry