Sunday, November 8, 2015

NWO KingPin & 9/11 False Flag Operations Director, Dick Cheney Is Going To Be Immortalized With Statue in the US Capitol



Cheney continues to echo his unabashed lack of remorse over his administration’s decision to intervene in the ancient land of Babylon — even to this day : “It was the right thing to do then. I believed it then and I believe it now,” he said in an interview with CNN in August of this year.

“No apologies,” he added.

And how does Congress choose to scold the actions and pomposity of Dick, the suit-and-necktie-clad barbarian? By honoring him with a bust inside the U.S. Capitol building, of course.

A concurrent resolution “authorizing the use of Emancipation Hall in the Capitol Visitor Center for the unveiling of the marble bust of Vice President Richard Cheney on December 3, 2015″ was passed by the U.S. Senate on November 5th.

The Senate resolution is sponsored by Roy Blunt [R-MO] and co-sponsored by Mitch McConnell [R-KY], Harry Reid [D-NV], and Chuck Schumer [D-NY].

And they say bipartisanship is a pipe dream.

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