Thursday, November 5, 2015

Quantum Energy Generator & How RBC Bank Stopped a Donation of $120,000 To Fund Free Energy

QEG chronicles part 1

It’s time to share our story. While we have indeed reported many things throughout the years on our blog, there is a lot more in-depth and more personal information that has occurred around the creation of our Free Energy device. Some of these stories are so diabolical that there are times I think they only happened to us because they were meant to become a book one day. Well that day has arrived.
I would like to introduce you to a dear friend of ours, Wilhelmina, a 75 year old widow from Canada who wanted to play a role in helping bring Free Energy to the world. She came across the story of our family and our QEG through watching our Youtube videos. She then made a sizeable donation to our project and the conversation moved into a place we could only have dreamed about.

This beautiful soul had $120,000 USD she wanted to give our organization to fund free energy. This is the moment that every inventor / project manager dreams of; real funding that can finally make this happen!

What happened next was mind-blowing to say the least: the bank froze her funds and refused to let her give her money to fund a free energy project. Crazy things like bank freezes happen a lot in this field, however, our friend Wilhelmina is quite the firecracker! She went up head first against the bank, visiting the character she calls “The Rough,” several times, and was told in no uncertain terms that the bank will not let her spend her money on any free energy project, and that they will be watching her transactions very carefully from here on.

She decided to publish all of our letters, telling the story in a book. She herself states: “…and to the RBC, you may have won this battle but I know how to write!” One has to wonder if the bank knew she would be documenting and publishing what they put her through.

The friendship between Wilhelmina and our family has been blossoming, and more letters are being composed on a regular basis. This is how we will tell our story for the entire world to see. Thank you Wilhelmina! We love you!

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing all the juicy details about what has occurred over the last 2 years of our journey to bring free energy to the people. We’re going to talk about ALL OF IT.

The supporters, the scandals, the agents, trolls, all of our build trips and the different groups, individuals and cultures we were involved with.

While we are going to do our best to ‘keep it clean,’ THIS IS IT: No-holds-barred full disclosure of all the events and experiences that happened during the last couple of years. You, our reader and supporter, need to know some of the experiences we’ve been through have been pretty rough (and we have also seen miracles that we’ll continue to share). Since we don’t want to gossip, we’ll be switching names around to respect privacy, but the shocking story line will remain in-tact.

Our aim is to tell the story from the most level-headed point of view. You will hear about the events as they unfolded, and about how we handled them. Since there is so much to tell and we cannot possibly do this all at once, the stories will be released in a series of posts over the next few weeks.

The format will take place in the style of a novel through our letters to Wilhelmina so that you can follow along as Hope does her best to transport you all there in your minds through her writing style.

The letters through September have been published in a book by Wilhelmina that you can buy on Amazon for $2.99. The book is being continuously updated with new installments as the letters roll out, and all of the proceeds will go to help us fund our fight for free energy released to humanity. We think Wilhelmina is very clever
We want to thank our creator, our family, and all of those that have supported us and helped us get this far on this incredible journey. But especially, we want to thank our dear friend Wilhelmina who we believe has a large breakthrough role in our quest for the end of free energy suppression.

Although we do not have access to the funds she wanted to contribute, we are working every day toward touching others who want to help in the fight for free energy. We believe that Wilhelmina’s efforts will be a callout for others who may wish to help. We are especially concerned about the loss of a fundamental freedom, to spend our own money, but if we all start speaking up in ways that are appropriate for the cause, and support each other, we will win the war.

-Hope and the QEG Family

If you would like to purchase the book on Amazon, you can do so here:

We will start the story here, with the first installment of letters between our families originally found on Wilhelmina’s blog found here: which are all re-blogged here.

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