Tuesday, November 10, 2015

U.S. Navy launches second nuclear missile off Southern California coast

FYI: These UGM-133A Trident II missiles cost $37,320,070 per unit. That means that these two "test" missiles cost tax payers 74.6 million dollars.   Instead of giving war profiteers like (Lockheed Martin Space Systems), it  is suggested that this tax money go to feed the hungry children or invest in free energy technologies. ~enerchi

Navy test fire

The U.S. Navy said it launched a second -- and final -- missile in a planned exercise Monday afternoon from a submarine off the Southern California coast.

The second test launch of the Trident II (D5) missile from a ballistic submarine in the Pacific Ocean took place Monday afternoon, the Navy said. The blast-off took place to far less fanfare than Saturday night’s launch, which provoked residents from San Francisco to Mexico to take to social media, posting photos of an eerie-looking bluish-green plume smeared above the Pacific.

Speculations were wide-ranging, including rumors of an otherworldly alien UFO visit. In fact, the streak was generated from the Trident missile’s rocket motor.

The Navy later confirmed a ballistic submarine launched an unarmed Trident II (D5) missile in a test flight, but would not define the window of time available for conducting additional launches, nor would it disclose where the exercise was actually taking place.