Monday, December 28, 2015

Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 14: The Threat from Artificial Intelligence - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

In a special series of four episodes, David and Corey discuss the AI threat facing the universe, how it has influenced the secret space program (SSP) and life seemingly all throughout the cosmos. 

Smart Glass Pads are iPad like devices provided to SSP personnel containing a treasure trove of information. In many instances, Corey Goode is recounting information from these pads. Of course, one cannot conclude that the data contained therein is 100% accurate, but in many instances, it appears to be highly valid. 

The AI threat is apparently a very ancient and prolific drama that has unfolded throughout the universe. According to Goode, it has already conquered entire galaxies in its efforts to control and dominate all things not like itself. The method for achieving these ends is fairly consistent, wherein it slowly offers advanced technology to an evolving society in an effort to mislead that people into ever increasing dependency on the AI.

The term AI prophets, coined by SSP personnel refers to those individuals within society that have willingly accepted the plan of a technological paradise proffered by the AI. In our word, we know this as the transhumanist agenda, which presumes humanity is nothing more than an outdated biological machine, destined to become a cybernetically enhanced race. 

Once a planet consciously chooses to delegate life and social functions to the AI, it creates a measure of paradise for a time. It asks the now willing population to create all manner of advanced technology to facilitate the it, including android bodies that the AI signal can inhabit. Because biological life has the potential for deviating from the dictates of the AI, it will eventually suggest that in order to preserve the society, all biological life must be destroyed. Once that phase is complete, the AI then uses the technology left to broadcast its signal further out into the cosmos, repeating the process again on another world. Of course, this narrative strongly resembles many science fiction works, such as The Matrix Trilogy, Terminator Series, Star Trek, Star Gate, and more. 

The AI signal also has the capacity to infect technology and bioelectric fields, which it uses to slowly offer dependency to an individual via direct mental influence. It appears, that depending how strong of character an individual is, how well they have gained attainment as a result of divining the truth within, they will either be very susceptible to AI infection or more immune to its influences. 

According to Goode, this infection has already begun on our little blue world, as the Cabal foolishly use anything they can get their hands on to further their agenda, including the use of AI technology for various purposes. The SSP Alliance has attempted to show members of the Cabal the error of their ways, bringing AI infected persons to SSP facilities, clearing them of the infection. Then they reveal some of the historical accounts of AI take over gathered from the annals of history, but in each case, these near-sighted and selfish individuals dismiss the notion, and go back to Earth only to be reinfected by the AI signal.

This suggests that the primary factor for determining if one is susceptible to infection is how self-mastered they are. If they can personally know the truth, discern fact from fiction, and chose right from wrong. The more compartmentalized and externally dependent an individual, the more likely they will be open to being infected because it is ultimately a function of choice. 

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