Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Discovering Your Organic Design by Rise Multiversity (1HR Video)

Rise’s newest mentor Bood Hickson takes Sienna Lea on a journey into her divine cosmology. Starting with her birthdate numerology, then through her astrological harmonics, and finishing with her Human Design. The influences over the coming year are put in perspective to Sienna’s design and life journey.

2016 is our year to intend then create our empowerment as sovereign and authentic infinite beings. Do you have the potential to be a World Servant Leader, big or small? If you are called to birth a New Paradigm of humane creativity we offer this podcast and subsequent webinars workshopsand support groups to foster new growth, networking and expanded skills.

Rise Multiversity is a blossoming community of awakening souls supporting one another to step into a new manifestation. We cannot create a new reality for ourselves using the old templates. Let’s gather and discover how our organic templates work and how we can bring new incubators gatherings of grass root teams into meaningful engagement. Let’s find the joy and courage to dance the weaving of our hearts desire, birthing a new reality-full of fun, flowing and grounded connection.

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