Sunday, December 13, 2015

NWO Company Exposed: "Genie Energy" - Members Include former Vice President, Former CIA Director, Former Head of US Treasury, & Jacob Rothschild

Genie Energy. The most important company you’ve never heard of. Members of the Board include: Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, James Woolsey (former CIA director), Larry Summers (former head of the US Treasury), and Jacob Rothschild. Currently drilling on the contested border between Syria and Israel.

Genie Energy logo.pngCIA, Media Mogul, Vice President, US Treasury, Rothschilds central banking family… all pooling money to drill for oil on one of the most contested pieces of land in the world, the Golan Heights region between Israel and Syria. While an active war is going on in Syria.

Wiki about Genie Energy.
Recent oil find in the Golan Heights.
Intention to take over the region and drill.

And we found out recently that Israel ends up with most of the oil ISIS is selling. The $1.5 million a day that funds ISIS. First link on this page has lots of information about this.

So what is the purpose of Genie Energy? Is it really 100% about the oil, or is it about the desire to expand Israel to create “Greater Israel” from the Euphrates to the Nile, just as the Torah/Bible promised the Zionists? (Zionists are people who want Mount Zion in Jerusalem back, aka they want Palestine gone. People of this belief largely run the governments of Israel and the US.) Or is this just another pressure point on Syria to destabilize it so they can set up their own government and banking system? Is it all of these things combined?

In September it added some influential new members to an advisory board that already included a former vice-president, Dick Cheney, and a media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch. One was Larry Summers, who was treasury secretary in the Clinton administration and director of the National Economic Council under Barack Obama. Also added were two other Clinton-era appointees: Bill Richardson, an ex-ambassador to the United Nations and energy secretary, and James Woolsey, a former CIA director.

True it doesn’t seem like they’re company officers after some research… here’s a list of the major shareholders:

Not those guys.

But as you see at the bottom there are a lot of hedge funds that have major holding positions, like Vanguard which I think is owned by Rothschild. So while they have an advisory position, it’s also possible they have voting rights on the actual board of directors, via these mutual funds and investment companies.

Source for Rothschild being in it.

Does that guy seriously have nothing better to do than help out this oil company with geopolitical advice? I can’t imagine they’d pay him enough to make it worth his time. Unless it was pushing Zionist goals, which he’s a big fan of.