Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The New Treasury Reserve Notes Are Physically at 4000 Bank Locations In The United States - Intel Report from Bruce - December 15, 2015

This is a snippet of two transcribers notes below from a call that took place on December 15, 2015 call the "The Big Call".  Intel provider is named Bruce.  Calls are on Tuesday and Thursdays.  Bruce's website is a Christian Ministry oriented group.


Ploganea: Bruce: Exchanges taking place for specialty groups. Banks received TRNs some weeks ago. Some months ago. Banks sent it back. The TRNs were sent back to the banks.

PinkRoses: Bruce: the banks had received their trns, some weeks ago, maybe over month ago. but because this not occur yet, some banks sent them back. because so close, they needed to be sent back to the banks. that has happened last couple of days.

PinkRoses: Bruce: banks have received them. as of today all 4000 banks had receive their currency and all exchange locations included in that number. the banks are flooded with the currency we needed for our exchanges. they are set up and ready.
Southcomfort: Bruce says banks are flushed with the new actual TRN's. Talk about we get different viewpoints in Dinarland

Ploganea: Bruce: Mid afternoon today. Banks have received their funding including exchange locations. This currency was needed for our exchange. Banks are now ready. Within an hour of that, specialty groups for humanitarian projects started. These groups are small.

PinkRoses: Bruce: this afternoon, within an hour the vip groups tied in with projects. small groups, 29 of these started to be funded this afternoon. i don’t know how long it take, small groups, mega funds for each one. funded for humanitarian projects. you know some of the names.

PinkRoses: Bruce: who is next. we believe we are next. hope to have celeb ration call tonight. but we believe our turn next. believe get notification maybe late tonight. hate to call it, but we believe hours or couple of days. I am encouraged what we are hearing.

Ploganea: Bruce: Who is next? We believe we are next. Not quite there yet but we believe our turn is next. May get notifications tonight or tomorrow. Any time now. Hours to a couple of days away. Can't say everything he hears. But very encouraged. They do want us to have this for Christmas.

PinkRoses: Bruce: they want us to have this so we can take advantage of this in time for Christmas. they have time frame to get it done before our holiday.

PinkRoses: Bruce: we are just in position to receive and make this come through. Have nothing new on rates, rates are higher.

Ploganea: Bruce: There is a time frame for us to have this done before our holiday. We are in a position to receive and have this come thru. Rate are good, higher.

PinkRoses: Bruce: couple days ago everything was set up for 1st basket, last night set up for UN rates. all currencies are there. i don't know if reveal yet, but lock and loaded. all currency lock and loaded. that is all you need to know. our turn coming shortly.

Ploganea: Bruce: A couple of days ago everything set up for 1st basket. UN rates were locked and loaded. Our currencies are locked and loaded. We are in great shape. Our turn shortly.

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