Monday, January 18, 2016

Audio Replay: Let’s Talk RV/GCR and the Great Shift with Deb & Sean Show #8

Published on Jan 18, 2016 

But Not Liberation From the System Let’s Talk Sovereign Freedom! During this week’s show: As we usher in the New Year of 2016, we are also on the threshold of ushering in the final countdown to groups exchanging, the revealing of the dismantling of the Fiat System AND the SHIFTS necessary to “re-right” us on our trajectory of evolution. Don’t be surprised if you have emotional “stuff”, including fears and uncertainty be triggered, as the markets get shaken and the “facade” of rigging and manipulation begins to show its destabilized present condition. YOU are at Choice Point at this juncture…are you going to stand in your powerful I AM Presence knowing that most of these events must occur in order for the “up-righting” of this upsidedown ship / life on planet Earth comes into a level playing field…just for starters, OR are you going to be overcome by your fear or other’s fears?


RV/GCR Discussion with Sean (Awake-in-3D) Highlights for January 17, 2016


January 17, 2016 at 7:36am

With US not joining AIIB or Brics, how/who is our banking systems infrastructure is going to be "safe"? Also, with de-peg from Pertro dollar, it follows that we need also hav our gov 't infrastructure (as in Anna VR notes) already in place. Along with energy infrastructure, communications, transit...

Censored Username > Osana
January 17, 2016 at 2:35pm

U S will have joined by then. Here is something I received from a group I belong to. It is info on what to bring to the bank.

Procedures to follow after the RV.. unless there are policy changes. If so, you will be notified of the changes.

Below are suggested Exchange Procedures, of course, you can

use whatever you prefer.

Suggested EXCHANGE PROCEDURES After the RV release:

1. After the RV release, you can call one of the big four banks to get the banks 800 number to make the appointment for your exchange and find out what location you are to go... (Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citibank, BB&T] OR wait to get your email with the bank 800# from one of the groups to call to set up your appointment. 2. When you call the banks 800# they will ask you how much IQN or VNN you have and your zip code. They will then tell you the nearest location of the "bank site" doing the currency exchange and set up an appointment for you to come in. 3. Take your IQN / VNN with you along with 2 forms of ID. (Driver's license, passport, etc) and utility bill that identifies your address 4. When you enter you will be directed where to go and who to talk with for your currency exchange

transaction. 5. Say: "I'm here to do a CURRENCY EXCHANGE for my "IQN" and/or "VNN" currency" When with the person doing the exchange for you repeat:

"I'm here to do a CURRENCY EXCHANGE for my "IQN" and/or "VNN" currency" "I want $38.87, $36.86, $32.87 for my IQN currency / $6.57 for the VNN currency and NO bank spread fee."

(Note: $32 is current figure being stated, but it is below the China/US Contract Rate of $36 - $38) or just write it on a piece of paper and hand it to them

The current "high" rate" for

IQN = $ 38.87, VNN = $ 6.57 Note: this is not the ceiling rate established by the IMF world bank, which is closer to


(The banks will receive the difference between what you receive and their exchange rate with the US Treasury.) (eg., 50-38 = 12+ UST spread = $ bank)

- use the "new" currency codes to get a higher rate and lower IQN tax after the the new tax law. The bank will try to lowball you and give you the "floor" $3.44 rate, so be sure to use the CORRECT Terminology. REMEMBER: "DO NOT" USE THE WORDs IQD/dinar or VND /dong unless you "WANT" a "LOWER" rate. REMEMBER: TO ANYONE AT THE BANK OR DEALERS ….USE THE PHRASE “CURRENCY EXCHANGE” AT ALL TIMES. Always refer to your currency as IQN and VNN… 6. Let the person know that you don't want to pay any bank fees ($15) in making this deposit - NOR any currency exchange "spread fee" (approximately .47 cents or more per dinar) Every single Branch Manager is able to remove the spread fees up until the UST spread fees. You only need to ask. The bank person making the exchange will probably need to call the bank manager to confirm both the higher rate and elimination of bank spread fees.

If they say No.. GET UP and walk out letting them know you will go to a bank manager and bank who will. 7. If you don't yet have an account - set up a NIB (non-interest bearing) account for IQN to park your money. NIB account for the IQN is backed by UST and gold and cannot be used by the bank as it is also considered a temporary account.

The VNN/dong is not so could go into an interest-bearing account or into an Agency "Shelf" CUSTODIAL Trust Account [link to] Custodial -- Citizens Bank provides accounting, record keeping, account execution, bill paying, and safekeeping services, but does not provide investment management advice. It is a temporary measure and more suitable to some than others. It takes 15 minutes to set it up and it's free. Its not under the depositors SS# but the banks FEIN#, under custodial fiduciary care, you retain full control, funds are private and

safe from bank co-mingling, and there are reports it may defer tax assessment.. check with a pro - this is new information. Its a vehicle found on the private side of wealth management in the trust department. Its a "shelf trust" available to customers to accept incoming capital assets, its like a trust account.

Its in the bank, funds are and can be distributed...even to your other accounts. You own and control the direct your manager custodian as to what to do with those funds. - A NIB account should not trigger a taxable event or reporting due to no reportable interest being accrued possibly providing additional time to develop better tax strategies.

It is also the recommended or suggested method to provide a slightly higher level of privacy and security and.... maybe even insurance coverage for those deposits. 8. If you have both dinar and dong.. open up "two" initial NIB accounts and sweep to the 2 new "2nd" NIB accounts - a separate one for each currency for tax purposes as the dinar may have new tax laws put into place where it is taxed at a flat rate instead of

as Capital Gains. - keep the IQN in a separate account from all other foreign currencies, including the USD/FRN, at all times. 9. Then hand the person your list of cashier checks to be make out to pay off your bills and have some made out to yourself to put into your checking account. You may wish to get $10,000 in cash ($50 bills) to take home with you. 10. Get a printout of your deposit and transactions with all 4 accounts. 11. Obtain (20 - 30) CCC's [Clean, Clear Funds of Non-Criminal Origin Certificate] signed by the bank to take with you along with your cashier checks, so when you make your deposit into your personal checking account you can hand one of the certificates to the teller - bank manager so they know where the money is coming from and so that your account won't be frozen.

12. Add a P.O.D. (pay on death) clause to each account and signature card. You will need to name/designate a person that can access that

money if your dead without the state probate interference.

Always write the words "All Rights Reserved Without Prejudice" ABOVE your signature on everything you sign, no matter what it is.... for the rest of your life. Set up a secret verbal password that only you and your private banker know. You will use this password to do remote banking by phone when lifting a spending limit on debit cards or secure transfers of funds for purchases or investments. - Setup accounts with limits for your protection. Example: $5,000 debit card, $25,000 credit, etc. this too is a safety measure and can be modified at will. TIPS Recap: 1. Open a new NIB (non-interest bearing) Account #1, deposit your new money into that account. 2. Immediately have the bank open a second NIB account (Account #2) and have the bank “sweep” everything from Account #1 into NIB Account #2.

3. Have the bank close Account #1. The reason you are doing this is that the bank is required to report the opening of Account #1 to the federal government and that information can find its way into the public domain; however, the bank is NOT required to report intra-bank transfers between accounts. What this does is effectively eliminate your digital trail so that nobody outside of the bank knows how much money you have on deposit and, more importantly, whether or not you are a good target for computer hacking of your deposited funds. NOTE: IRAQI DINAR exchanged into UST -"MUST BE KEPT IN A SEPARATE CLEAN ACCOUNT" If even $1 of USD is "co-mingled" YOU LOSE THE "UST" INSURANCE - IT IS THEN INSURED under the "old" USD standards.... "defunct" FDIC INS. ALSO: YOU MAY BE TAXED UNDER THE HIGHER USD TAX RATE !! UST = United States Treasury backed by gold and insured

January 17, 2016 at 1:04pm

Hi Sean, could you give us a couple resources to explore to narrow down the off-shore acct field? I know with FACTA, FINCEN SAR, some countries are better than others to open accts and I would like to head in the right direction. Any hints would be appreciated. I saw the ibanknet link and have looked at it before. THX

Sean Michael > Lanalane
January 17, 2016 at 3:47pm

Look for offshore entities (Trusts, Corporation, Attorney Firms, etc.) that import international tax laws (Treaties) to your onshore asset base as opposed to exporting your assets offshore. :)

January 17, 2016 at 1:13pm

ALSO, latest from Elmer, very interesting he is thinking we will exchange fiat to fiat first, then asset-backed will come into play days later. "IF the YUAN GOES GOLD-BACKED and YOU STILL HAVE DINAR..... the yuan will UNDERMINE the USD. IF the dollar is torpedoed by a gold backed yuan, there will be "no value"."-Elmer. So, go Dinar to USD to Yuan or Swiss Franc within the first few days, asap. Then when Yuan goes asset-backed your holding will increase 5-6 times and then you can exchange into USN as needed.

Sean Michael > Lanalane
January 17, 2016 at 3:35pm

A gold-backed Yuan (CNH) will "underpin" the dollar as part of its (the new USN) gold-backed algorithm. I don't think the word "undermine" is accurate IMO.

Actually, let's just all sit back and contemplate Elmer's statement, "IF the dollar is torpedoed by a gold backed yuan, there will be 'no value'..." What will happen to China's economy if the USD has no value (seriously?) and the US economy collapses into 3rd world status? What would happen to all of the Emerging Market nations around the world if the US economy evaporates? Yep, the global economy of all nations will collapse quickly and completely.

Remember, the USA are not the Bad Guys... the US economy is not evil incarnate... the people of the USA are a creative, industrious, entrepreneurial engine in the global landscape. The Bad Guys are the global, Central Banksters and their imposed, fiat debt system.

There is no part of the Global Financial Reset plan that calls for destroying the US dollar or its economy and citizens. The goal of the GFR is the dismantling of the Fiat currency regime, the establishment of financial market transparency and a level, economic playing field for all Sovereign Nations.

Osana > Lanalane
January 17, 2016 at 1:42pm

If u go dinar to USD, will u be able to go USD to yuan (buy yuan) if they de-peg from us? How Abt dinar to yuan directly if the fiat exchange is correct. Maybe Sean can talk about this subject tonight

Lanalane > Osana
January 17, 2016 at 3:40pm

THEY won't allow dinar to yuan, must go usd to yuan, IMO

Censored Username > Osana
January 17, 2016 at 1:54pm

Yea now its getting confusing, we need a step by step word document on what to do in bullet points just as a guide

Sean Michael > 
Censored Username
January 17, 2016 at 3:31pm

This type of step-by-step "guide" does not exist unless one wants to create a complex flowchart in an attempt to list every possible scenario and contingency. The more one complicates the situation based on anecdotal variables that "may" happen, the further away from actuality one becomes (building one assumption on top of another assumption).

All of this speculation on exchange funds being fiat or gold-backed, or whether the Chinese Yuan will "crush" the US dollar makes for interesting debate and speculation, but the exchange process itself will be simple and straight forward within a secure, financial environment.

Bottom line, the exchanges will not go forward if there is a high probability for tampering by the Banksters. Additionally, the very reason for the GCR is to cure the ills created by the fraudulent Fiat system along with the economic catastrophes that the Fiat system environment enables. So, much of the concern about financial collapse, bail-ins, and massive dollar devaluation is unnecessary IMO.

Trust but verify, but we should not over complicate or create problems where none may exist. :)

Lanalane > Sean Michael
January 17, 2016 at 4:01pm

I appreciate hearing all the scenarios ahead of time as I feel like I can navigate the process better.

Censored Username > Kristie Daly
January 17, 2016 at 2:40pm

Yes, I put one on page 2, go see. It came from a group I belonged to. (As seen above ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Dr. Arden
January 17, 2016 at 4:44pm

The Central Bank of Iran just announced all sanctions have been released against the Central Bank.

An Iranian official says the country will reconnect to SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services, by the end of January.

Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce Mohsen Jalalpour told reporters in Tehran on Sunday that today Iran will re-apply to join the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

Jalalpour said the SWIFT committee will examine Iranian application in a matter of two weeks and it is expected that sanctioned Iranian banks will reconnect to the system by January 30 at the latest, IRNA reported.