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David Crayford Responds To Wolfgang Struck - Global Debt Facility, Karen Hudes, M1, Crayford responds to Wolfgang Struck in a thorough letter...A MUST READ

Original article posted for Mr. Struck:

Below is Mr. Crayford's response. Due to RMN limitations, we cannot add italics and bolding, my apologies. Perhaps when Hobie is feeling better we can work on this?


Dear Mr Struck,

I have noted your comments within the aforesaid article and respond as follows, with each and every paragraph written by you, in Block Italic print, followed by my response written in Black print.

1. Let me begin by apologizing for an unfortunate choice of language in our last exchange. I admit that I acted emotionally and in haste, and genuinely regret a lapse so out of character. Particularly so, as a business as serious as the Global Debt Facility is deserving of sound, well balanced dialogue.

Your apologies are accepted, so please let’s all try to be civil on these matters because the subject matter is of immense importance to the whole world and the people of the world.

2. My grievance in dialogue with you to date has two aspects :-
You lay claim that Office of the International Treasury Controller has control and oversight of the Global Debt facility, yet offer no substance to support that claim, other than reference to claimed Treaty documents all housed within extensive Secrecy Agreements. In order to wholesomely accept that claim, I, - and I am sure others - need to observe a certain substance, which is not forthcoming.

If I may quote your own words to answer, in part, your points here. You once stated to Ms Hudes that the subject of the Global Debt Facility was “Cloaked in Secrecy”, which is totally correct. For that reason I, in any article posted, have only issued information that can be publicly revealed until such time as the International Treasury Controller establishes a way to de-classify specific documents. This is not so easy as it sounds.

We are fully aware that Ferdinand Marcos, as M1, held that power whereby he did classify many, but not all documents. We are further aware that the TTTGC (1945 – 1995) extended that power and classified all documents, probably unlawfully, when they were Administrators of the Global Debt Facility under the proviso that Ferdinand Marcos held the final authority, by Signature and Seal, of any acts or actions by the TTTGC, which was totally ignored and usurped by the TTTGC. The act of extending the power to classify documents was carefully, but ambiguously, written into the side Treaty that created the TTTGC in conjunction with the Bretton Woods Treaty. That side Treaty was immediately classified “Cloaked in Secrecy” by those who had authored it which is namely the Allied Powers (USA, France and the UK) who at the same time were appointing themselves as the participants of the TTTGC; which was assented to by the Nations and Royal Families of the World to allow the Global Debt Facility to be utilised to finance the rebuilding and restructuring of Nations throughout the world that had been destroyed by WW II.

We are all aware that with substantial assistance of the CIA, in 1986 Ferdinand Marcos was deposed as President of the Philippines, and subsequently arrested by the USA, eventually dying in hospital in Hawaii in September 1989.
However, Ferdinand Marcos legally transferred the M1 position and all matters relating to the Global Debt Facility, including the Alpha – Omega Ring, to another person of on December 20th 1988, who is, contrary to what a few have stated and imply should be eliminated, one of the most revered and respected persons in the world.
That person was the one who Ferdinand Marcos consulted with whilst he was M1, on the serious misappropriation and fraud continuously undertaken by the TTTGC from day one in 1945.

What should be appreciated here is that what is referred to as the Global Debt Facility, is actually referred to by Ferdinand Marcos as “The Holy Wealth of our Holiest Father in Heaven” in other words, “God’s Wealth”, as written into Ferdinand Marcos’s Last Will and Testament. In addition to that fact, all Treaties and Treaty Agreements reference to the Global Debt Facility, excluding any Treaties or Treaty Agreements involving the Nations of the World are “Private Treaties” not “ International Public Treaties” wherein lies an extremely detailed and substantial legal difference.
The principle of “Private Treaties” is no different to any one person / party having an agreement with another person / party. It is private to those persons / parties, unless of course it is Notarised in which case it is “Public” knowledge

Such “Private Treaties” in conjunction with classified “Above Top Secret International Treaties” is where the problem of “Substance”, as you state, becomes publicly impossible which the ITC / OITC are legally bound by at all times.
It is this, in our opinion, what has led to the greatest fraud and deception in history as “Secrecy” in all its forms has allowed the TTTGC (Allied Nations) to do as it pleases with the Global Debt Facility which is contrary to the directives of the current M1, and the committee of persons that surround same, and also detrimental to the Nations and people of the world.

3. I have tendered copies of documents for your perusal, which documents, on their face, provide compelling challenge to that claim of the Office of the International Treasury Controller, but I have received no response.
Not even a curt reply stating that you have no interest to pursue credibility of the tendered documents. What could possibly promote such a discourtesy ?

I have seen, and responded to your / Ms Hudes article concerning the “Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement”, which in my opinion, based upon the certified copy of the original we hold safe and secure, has been sanitised / altered to make it appear something different to what the original documents infers.

As for other documents, there are two points here. One is that you should not be exposing these documents, whether sanitised or otherwise, on the internet.
The Second point is that I have not had the time to respond to these as I do have far important matters to attend to for the ITC which are all related to clearing up the mess that surrounds the Global Debt Facility that was created by the TTTGC during their Fifty (50) year term. Unfortunately, I cannot do both at the same time and therefore the lesser important matters have to be side-lined in favour of the ultra important issues.
I am running close to 80 years of age and have, in the past few years suffered from cancerous growths, now cured, which has curtailed my previous working routine, so my time is better spent attending to Official matters of ultra importance.

There is another issue which also concerns the ITC and I, which is that the more information I release publicly, the more information people such as yourself, Hudes, Keenan and others gather and use without realising that such information is only a small part of a very large jigsaw puzzle and should not be misconstrued as being a larger part than what it really is.

Dialogue referencing myself began when you chose to enter an exchange between myself and Ms Hudes, Acting General Counsel of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

I have to politely dispute what you say here reference to Ms Hudes as the “Acting General Counsel of the IBRD.” According to the World Bank, they have a completely different opinion re Ms Hudes.

The World Bank state in a statement on their website, quote -------
Statement on Former Staff Member Karen Hudes
July 8th 2014

The following disclaimer appeared below the July 8, 2014 headline:

"An individual named Karen Hudes has been issuing correspondence and arranging meetings in the name of the World Bank. In some communications, Ms. Hudes has presented herself as the World Bank's Acting General Counsel.

“Karen Hudes has not been employed by the World Bank since 2007 and is in no capacity authorized to represent any arm of the World Bank Group. Any claims or otherwise by Ms. Hudes or her proxies are false and should not be viewed as credible."

At the same time Ms Hudes claims that she is the “General Counsel” for the Global Debt Facility, yet despite my public request, Ms Hudes has not provided any documents to substantiate her statements, yet she still to this day unlawfully purports to be that which she unlawfully claims.

We have undertaken some serious investigations on this issue, and although we do not like to admit it because there is substantial fraud being committed by the World Bank Group, the World Bank are absolutely correct in what they have stated about Ms Hudes.

It has become clearly apparent that Ms Hudes was requested to act as Acting General Counsel for a group of Governors (Finance Ministers of various countries) of the IBRD, not the whole Board of Governors and certainly not in an Official position for the IBRD. Furthermore, it is apparent that those very same Governors appointed, without them holding the power or authority to do so; Ms Hudes as General Counsel for the Global Debt Facility.

As you are closely connected / associated with Ms Hudes we have no option but to treat you as an accomplice of Ms Hudes in her unlawful activities, until proven otherwise.

4. I believe we can both agree, that the announced primary goal of Ms Hudes was to expose and correct what she conceived as corruption within the institution she served. As she warmed to her subject, her interest rapidly broadened through such issues as Gold Backwardation, The Network of Global Corporate Control, and a computer modeling of power transition, which led to her appreciation that a “currency war” was imminent.

I / we agree that there is substantial corruption / fraud / deception within the institution that Ms Hudes served and also within the IMF. However, Ms Hudes sought to expose same in a manner that brought her into the subject of the Global Debt Facility which she has continually used as her leverage to expose the corruption / fraud / deception, without knowing all the facts on same.

When Ms Hudes first came onto the scene we sent to her by Registered Mail a package that contained specific and pertinent information to assist her. She rejected the package and returned it unopened as she claimed she would never be involved in “Top Secret” matters. The package was returned to us unopened. She would have been very wise to have opened that package as it definitely would have assisted her and we would have had more faith in her actions. However, as time as proceeded, Ms Hudes has become involved in “Top Secret” matters without holding any clearance level whatsoever, contrary to what she stated to us about her not wanting to be involved in “Top Secret” matters. All contradictory by Ms Hudes, don’t you think? The main point here is that you are publicly associated and have being actively working with Ms Hudes and therefore must, as far as we are concerned, be treated in the same manner as Ms Hudes within her unlawful activities.

As a graduate economist, she perceived that threat as potentially more dangerous to the nation in a geopolitical sense, than the corruption she addressed in her original platform. Thus, her interest in the Global Debt Facility, which was the catalyst that brought we three into contact.

Whether she is a graduate economist or not, it must be stated that there are many Internationally renowned Economist, Financiers, Professors, Finance Ministers, World Bank and IMF Officials, Committee of 300, and others who know little or nothing about the Global Debt Facility and as I have stated many times before, the Top Secret information concerning the Global Debt Facility is only accessible by a very small number of persons around the world, mainly Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers, the ITC, the upper most heads of the International Intelligence Agencies and Police (Such as Interpol) and of course those, many of whom are now deceased, who have been, or were involved with same following WW II (1944/5).

Here I should state that I found it astonishing that Ms Hudes, in a senior legal position within the World Bank, could not immediately access such documents as would acquaint her with the most sensitive details of the Global Debt Facility, since that institution claims, as you do, that they, the World Bank, hold sway over application of that facility.

We do not, and never have claimed that the World Bank hold sway over application over that facility, so your statement here is totally incorrect.

It does not surprise me that Ms Hudes cannot access such documents relative to the Global Debt Facility. That factor also applies to the World Bank and IMF because not one of the Governors, Senior Official, Directors, or otherwise hold or carry one of the highest security clearances in the world.

The only way any of them can gather information regarding the Global Debt Facility is basically by hearsay or “Top Secret” documents being passed to them unlawfully. This, to a very small degree, excluded the World Bank who, and in conjunction with the Federal Reserve and the US Government; after pressurising Ferdinand Marcos were assigned the rights by Ferdinand Marcos to monitor and record all Accounts of the Global Debt Facility within a “Private Treaty” dated 1976. That “Private Treaty” was superseded by the 1995 International Treaty appointing the first International Treasury Controller (Dr. Ray C. Dam – a descendant of the Cambodian Royal Family).
Not one of the parties referred to herein or hereafter, being the World Bank, the IMF, The USA Government or their Authorities / Agencies, or any other organisation, Government, Government Authority, Persons or Parties, hold any legal authority or power over the Global Debt Facility based upon the 1995 Treaty appointing the first International Treasury Controller.

These organisations / Bodies like to believe they hold authority and power over the Global Debt Facility, but it is only what they have unlawfully taken and not by legal deed, right or title in accordance and compliance with the respective International Treaties, both “Private” and “International”.

It should be noted here that the parties as mentioned above executed all of these Treaties, either individually or by representation, and then immediately discarded same, usurping the Powers and Authorities of M1 and the assigned / appointed M1 (1995), being the International Treasury Controller, whereby The Global Settlements Agreement is a typical example of the discarding and usurping of the powers and authorities of M1 is clearly evident.

An attempt was made by the aforesaid bodies to unlawfully link the Global Settlements Agreement to the Mitterand Protocols (President Mitterand of France, President Ronald Reagan of the US and Margaret Thatcher of the UK ------ Note: again the Allied Nations) with many countries executing the Mitterand Protocols believing that their country was ultimately going to receive what was allocated by Ferdinand Marcos within the 1980 Agreement. Unfortunately for them, this was not the case as the funds, or a large part of those funds generated to support the Mitterand Protocols derived from the illegal use of stolen Global Debt Facility Assets, which were then used by the Allied Nations to destroy communism / the Wall (1989).

The dialogue was not always harmonious, and we journeyed through several “rough patches” as each sought to assert their own viewpoint.

I agree basically to this comment but point out that we did not attempt to assert our own viewpoint, why should we as the ITC is the legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter. Our objective was to publicly bring out some of the real truth, especially as we had gathered a lot more official information regarding the past unlawfully activities surrounding the Global Debt Facility, which was not only an absolute disgrace, but immoral and abhorrent, and totally against the principles of the Global Debt facility and detrimental to all Nations and People of the World.

In fact, there are many persons, both past and present, who could be legally tried for Treason against their own countries if the real truth was known around the world. Three of them would be Tony Blair, George Bush Jnr, and a Deputy Governor of the Bank of England who unlawfully, without any authority or power, moved thousands of MT of Gold from the Bank of England Vaults to America on the instructions of George Bush Jnr. That Gold has never been recovered. The fact of the matter is that the gold is part of the Global Debt Facility, held within the Vaults of the Bank of England under the Custodianship of H.M. The Queen of England.

Another one is Angela Merkel, who did receive official confirmation of the ITC and then immediately instructed her Minister of Foreign Affairs to disregard the ITC and place every possible obstacle / barrier in our way to prevent the ITC from assisting Germany as a Nation and its people (Note: Unbeknown to most German Citizens / Nationals, Germany is still an occupied country by the Allied Nations and is under the control of the Americans, as no Peace Treaty has ever been executed between Germany and the Allied Nations following WW II).

Perhaps you should be focusing on that fact with the purpose to correct same for the benefit of your own country, rather than on the Global Debt Facility, leaving the latter to the ITC as Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of same.

5. For the record, let me make quite clear that I have never claimed to be the accredited signatory for the Global Debt Facility. That accolade was coined by Ms Hudes, after due consideration of documents I tendered for her review.

And you should have publicly repudiated her statement at the time, and publicly stated that you had never claimed, nor were you claiming to be the accredited signatory for the Global Debt Facility. You didn’t and therefore you are tarred with the same brush as Ms Hudes. You probably thought at the time that it might enhance your own position and claims, but it actually achieved the opposite.

She was actually using you to substantiate her own position and her unlawful claims regarding her position with the IBRD and the Global Debt Facility, and you did nothing about it.

We all make mistakes as we are all human. Most of us rectify such mistakes as quickly as we can, or certainly insure that we do not make the same mistakes again, but you didn’t. You absorbed it and never denied it.

6. Again for the record, I want to stress that my objective was born of a perception that the Philippine people had been deprived of a legacy carefully set for their benefit by their former President Ferdinand Marcos.

And they are still being deprived of that legacy initiated by their former President Ferdinand Marcos, by the World Bank, the Committee of 300, or part thereof, America and it Allied Nations, the IMF, and others including the Central Banks and many Commercial Banks of the World.

I am by training a lawyer, though my business career was as an international banker. Upon my retirement, I became interested in the various tales, both fact and fiction that surrounded the larger than life figure of Ferdinand Marcos, and I began to research his activities. He was, without doubt, an enigmatic and colorful person, brilliant lawyer, and steadfast supporter of everything “Filipino”. His professed “dream” was to make his beloved Philippines the “Pearl of the Orient”.

I agree unreservedly with the comments of your last two (2) sentences of this paragraph. However, like many others. Past and present, he had a lot of traitors and crooks around him whose positions have been enhanced since 1986 by the succeeding Presidents who were financially supported, and installed via devious means by America

7. I have spent many years at my research, and as my document library expanded, it became abundantly clear that the plans carefully laid by Ferdinand Marcos had been surreptitiously infiltrated by forces intent on depriving the Philippine people of their legacy. That knowledge set my objective - I would do all within my power to restore that legacy, and in so doing, assure sound recognition of Ferdinand Marcos both as a patriot, and as a man of vision cruelly treated by those he considered allies, and vilified by an entrenched hierarchy which coveted his wealth.

Thus, I place myself on the record, for all to see, to investigate, make inquiry, pursue any avenue of choice, and I will not be found wanting, as I have never varied from that objective. My life is an open book.

Why do I make lengthy explanation ? Simply for the sake of transparency.
I have nothing to hide, no latent or covert agenda, and will pursue my stated objective as long as robust health permits.

That maybe so Mr Struck, but in doing so you have assisted to muddy the waters, and you are certainly in breach of International Official Secrets Acts.

How you research is entirely up to you, but you will never find any official and accurate information on the subject of the Global Debt Facility anywhere publicly, nor will you get the full story or the real truth unless you start believing the truth. All you will achieve will be third hand distorted information passed verbally by persons who have either a limited knowledge or copies of documents (Not Official Certified copies) that third party persons have obtained in one way or another.

Even books written by known authors only focused on what one or two people stated, or on limited documents provided to the authors. All of these books can be regarded as fictional because any information provided to the authors cannot, and never will be, officially recognised or certified as genuine.

Even copies of Certificates as displayed / printed within the content of some books, will never be acknowledged or verified by the Banks whom these Certificates were printed by and issued through, whether they are legal of just plain forgeries. It is more than likely, whether legal and genuine, or just forgeries, the banks and the appropriate authority will declare them illegal and forgeries just so the truth remains hidden.

As for the Filipinos, meaning many but not all of those involved in this subject matter; most are some of the best liars in the world. We’ve met many of them, talked to them, viewed the documents they hold, and discarded them without any hesitation or reservation. Alberto Marcos Marcos, claimed legitimate son of Ferdinand Marcos is a total fake and spent 12 years in prison trying to unlawfully use / sell Gold Bullion Certificates in his possession. Senator Bongo Bongo Marcos, claimed legitimate son of Ferdinand Marcos is a total fake, as the real son, or one of them, of Ferdinand Marcos known as Bongo Marcos died many years earlier. Imee Marcos and Irene Marcos, daughters of Ferdinand Marcos are not the real daughters of Ferdinand Marcos at all. They are the result of extra marital affairs by Imelda Marcos with the likes of Couangco and others, all disowned and abolished by Ferdinand Marcos.

You may be aware that the FRN’s, FRB’s, Wells Fargo Certificates, the American Dream Certificates, and others were actually printed in the Philippines. The Americans organised this because they could not gain the approval of Congress for the issuance of same (Congressman McFadden 1934). The Printing Presses, Paper, Boxes, Inks, Plates, etc were all provided by the Federal Reserve. On completion of the print, the Americans left the Printing Presses, any remaining security Paper, Security Boxes, Inks, Plates, etc, in the place where the printing was undertaken.

At a later date the Filipinos found all of this and started to print and box thousands of additional FRN’s, FRB;s, Wells Fargo Notes, American Dream Certificates, only to use the wrong security paper for the specific denomination of Note / Certificate they were printing. Many of these Notes / Certificates / Bonds have ended up in the commercial financial world from the hands of third parties, causing untold damage to the commercial financial world, resulting in many perpetrators being incarcerated for substantial periods of time.

Some of your documents I have no doubt, carry the same or similar characteristics as those referred to above and we hold a low number of thousands of such documents held in a separate archive, all of which are fake, forgeries, or documents that have been sanitized or altered in a manner to give a different context, in other words to distort the real truth for the expected, but never achieved, financial enhancement of those involved.

Even the History surrounding the Global Debt Facility is never published and certainly not a subject, although very worthy of being a subject; within Universities around the world.

Even the daughter of one of my most loyal now deceased friends, is a Senior Economist at an international bank in the UK, and a Member of the Institute of Bankers, doesn’t know a thing about the Global Debt Facility yet she authors, or part authors, reports for the bank and for the Government. How can any report hold a value to anyone when such reports do not take into consideration the Global Debt Facility and the advantageous facilities available to all Governments of the World? Such reports can be discarded as useless and biased based upon facts known but not facts that are essential within the composition of such reports.

8. I am well aware that you personally are not the International Treasury Controller, and that you act in consultancy capacity to that office, but you are a passionate supporter of the O.I.T.C., if I may use that term. From your advent as “Whistleblower”, through disclosure of your given name, and to the present, you remain the active voice of O.I.T.C., it’s constant promoter, defender, and champion.

Strictly under the delegated authority of the Special Global Envoy to Dr. Ray C. Dam, and the new International Treasury Controller as appointed May 2012.

I have no precise knowledge of you, but assume you to be a lawyer, and with that assumption, further believe that you have made appropriate professional due diligence enquiry as to the station, legality and sound governance of the office you serve as consultant.

You can be assured that I made all the appropriate due diligence as to the station, legality, and sound governance of the office / official I serve, before I agreed to the position, I will agree, it wasn’t easy to get the information / verification / documents at first, but ultimately, I was successful and was 100% satisfied by additional verification that the information / documents I had been given were 100% accurate and genuine. To further that, I was shown (no copies) of Official documentation at a slightly later date that substantiated my slightly earlier findings.

I will not reveal my sources to anyone at any time, as all the information was passed to me in total confidence and based upon the Official Secrets Acts which I agreed to be bound by and executed some time earlier when I was involved with aspects of a highly confidential Government issue in respect of a high profile client.

9. Strangely, the Office of the International Treasury Controller, if it has the substance you claim, has attracted a very negative press.

Please ask yourself WHY when we have been in existence for 21 years (16 years under Dr. Ray C. Dam, 1½ years approximately in a transitional period, and 3½ years under the new International Treasury Controller) and not one of the OITC has been officially charged or committed with / of any crime during that period.
Dr Dam was arrested once in London and released after less than 12 hours. The Officer who made the arrest was subsequently cautioned for his action and transferred. No charges were ever brought against Dr. Dam, because the police followed protocols and verified that Dr Dam was who he claimed to be, The International Treasury Controller with full International Immunity and Protectorate, and an International Protected Person.
Keith Scott was arrested in London after opening an account at a branch of Barclays in London and then immediately tried to deposit a Gold Bullion Certificate to that account. Barclays called in the Police and Scott was arrested. Again he was released in a short space of time and no changes were brought against him, because Keith Scott was verified as being who he claimed to be with full International Immunity and Protectorate, and an International Protected Person.
Barclays Bank were never charged with wasting police time or undertaking acts that led to the wrongful arrest. They should have been, but considering Barclays Bank have been abusing assets / accounts of the Global Debt Facility for a considerable time, there are surely questions to be asked and answered uncovered here.

No other person, employee, associate, or otherwise of the OITC has ever been arrested or charged with any alleged crimes or activities of Fraud conducted by them, or unlawful activities of the OITC, or even being connected or associated with a fraudulent organisation, or otherwise.

All of our people travel frequently, pass through Diplomatic channels at airports and the like, discuss matters with Monarchs, Governments and Government Ministers (all who have the opportunity to call the police and have any of our people arrested but never have), WHY – because they know who we are and have officially verified us.

10. “Wikipedia suggests that O.I.T.C. is a fraudulent entity.”

Stated respectfully, as a Graduate Lawyer you should know better than to believe everything on the Internet / www.
There are official channels that Lawyers and the Police can go through for accurate information. Of course these have to be paid for by the inquirer, but at least they give you up to date and accurate information, rather than referring to an unofficial source such as Wikipedia.

There are two issues here that are highly relevant.

The first issue is that we have, on several occasions attempted to correct the Wikipedia situation, only to be confronted by comments, quote “When we can verify you and your statements as to who you are, then, and only then will we consider removing the entries against the OITC. Until then we will not take any action”.
Now, let’s consider that answer based upon fact. Wikipedia is not in a position to verify the ITC / OITC because it does not have access to “Top Secret” information. Therefore how on earth can Wikipedia undertake a verification of the ITC / OITC based upon their comments. If Wikipedia attempted to verify us through the UN, whether a National Office or the Headquarters in New York or Geneva, they would not receive a response, or at the least an incorrect response because they do not hold the relevant security level clearance nor are they aware of the protocols that must be adhered to for the purpose of obtaining such a verification.
Yes we know of persons / parties who have attempted to verify us only for those persons / parties to be told that the UN does not have such Control Numbers. In one case, undertaken through a sub-office of the UN situated in one country, the inquirer was informed that the OITC is a fraudulent organisation and that they should refer to Wikipedia on this matter and take it up with the local Law Enforcement Agency. Why didn’t they state something like the following:- We advise you to contact our Head Office in New York or Geneva because we have no knowledge of such an organisation. At the same time it does just show the low quality of persons working within sub-offices of the UN when they also refer to Wikipedia. Absolutely disgraceful considering that you, me, and all other Tax Payers are paying the salaries of these inept persons.

We are now taking a different approach on this issue o hopefully resolve it.

The second issue is one I wrote an article about dated April 23rd 2015. I quote from that article:-
Below are the findings of the aforesaid experts / specialist, and my own findings which support the findings of the experts / specialists. Most of these are quite simple as they are stated within "Wikipedia's" own Terms and Conditions (Something that the majority of people, including the U.K. Police and Lawyers tend to ignore):-

Findings and Statement of the Expert / Specialist

I, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hereby reiterate my earlier expert statement herein, quote "SO AS TO THE QUESTION CAN "WIKIPEDIA" BE USED AS A RELIABLE SOURCE OF FACTUAL INFORMATION? IN MY EXPERT OPINION I WOULD SAY DEFINITELY NO IT CANNOT", and further add, BY "WIKIPEDIA'S OWN ADMITTANCE, AS STATED BELOW IN ITALIC UNDERLINED TYPE, quote "The structure of the project allows anyone with an Internet connection to alter its content. Please be advised that nothing found here has necessarily been reviewed by people with the expertise required to provide you with complete, accurate or reliable information".

My expert opinion is further supported by the fact that the word "Encyclopaedia" ensues that the source of information is provided by verifiable experts ...............(Official quote from, the subject heading is "Reference Information you can Trust" has more than 100 trusted sources, including encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and thesauruses with facts, definitions, biographies, synonyms, pronunciation keys, word origins, and abbreviations).

"Wikipedia" actually uses the word "Encyclopaedia" within its Website, quote "WELCOME TO WIKIPEDIA, THE FREE ENCYCLOPEDIA THAT ANYONE CAN EDIT", implying to the public that it is an Encyclopaedia, when in reality the content of "Wikipedia" is written, or provided by the public using pseudonym names, as well as some self proclaimed experts without any means of verifying either said experts or public contributors, or in some cases the content of what is written. There is a further questionable point, being that there are never any dates stated within articles to determine whether an article is historic or current.

Findings of the Expert / Specialist and myself.

I further make comment regarding "Wikipedia's" own Source: Wikipedia : General disclaimer which states:-


"The structure of the project allows anyone with an Internet connection to alter its content. Please be advised that nothing found here has necessarily been reviewed by people with the expertise required to provide you with complete, accurate or reliable information".



Publication of information found in Wikipedia may be in violation of the laws of the country or jurisdiction from where you are viewing this information. The Wikipedia database is stored on servers in the United States of America, and is maintained in reference to the protections afforded under local and federal law. Laws in your country or jurisdiction may not protect or allow the same kinds of speech or distribution. Wikipedia does not encourage the violation of any laws, and cannot be responsible for any violations of such laws, should you link to this domain or use, reproduce or republish the information contained herein".



If you need specific advice (for example, medical, legal, financial or risk management) please seek a professional who is licensed or knowledgeable in the area".
I hope that clarifies the situation re Wikipedia for you and trust that you, along with others, do not regurgitate such comments made by readers / visitors to these unofficial channels which pose as a respectable Encyclopaedia, and as such are misrepresenting themselves.

11. The Cambodian press report similarly. The Fijian press are less than enthusiastic about O.I.T.C.

Oh Dear Mr Struck. Once again you should know better than believe the MSM who only sensationalise a story for the purpose of selling newspapers.

The situation in Cambodia with Dr Dam was not in the slightest legally connected to the OITC. It was in fact connected to a commercial problem that involved Dr Dam in his capacity as a private individual.
He was persuaded to become involved with his Nephew in a Property Realty business. The business started its operations in a 4 story building (from memory only in respect of the building) which did not have the requisite licences for commercial use, so he and his nephew were arrested under a law that had only been enacted 2 weeks earlier (which was highly suspicious). Dr Dam attempted to use his position as International Treasury Controller, and Internationally Protected Person, which was not applicable to the situation as it was a private matter and not an OITC matter. The attempt to use his statement to protect himself added further confusion to the whole situation until it became “Out of Hand” and totally unmanageable by the local police.
However, we are fully aware of the external interference in this matter and the involvement of Prime Minister Hun Sen and some of the people that surrounded Dr Dam. In fact it was Hun Sen who gave the order to arrest Dr Dam, which in itself is highly questionable considering the real reason for Dr. Dam’s arrest --- Don’t you think Mr Struck.

It is our opinion that Dr Dam was “Set Up” by the people who surrounded him, who we now know to have been officially working for the CIA. Hun Sen was cooperating with the CIA and the Americans, and probably receiving some funds for his cooperation. Finally, Dr Dam was deliberately poisoned whilst in prison and ended up in the prison hospital. In respect of the latter, one has to ask why a person was imprisoned and poisoned for such a minor commercial offence??????

The real purpose of all the above was to “Take down” Dr Dam and render the OITC impotent. This is also confirmed by Neil Keenan who openly admitted in one of his articles that he had destroyed the OITC. He later confirmed, but altered his initial statement at a slightly later date, saying that he had destroyed what was the OITC at the time. Keenan was working with Keith Scott at the time who is confirmed, by M1 and the committee surrounding M1, as a CIA operative from the Australian Field Office.
It should also be noted that all those who surrounded Dr Dam left Cambodia within 3 – 4 days of Dr Dam’s arrest (20th December 2010), most of them stating that there was nothing left for them so there was no point in staying in Cambodia.

What a shock they all had when a new International Treasury Controller took over and immediately started to rattle some cages and put the situation to right.

12. The Fijian press are less than enthusiastic about O.I.T.C.

In respect of Fiji, this was another situation in which the press were guilty of misrepresentation and sensationalising a story. Admittedly, they had some unsolicited assistance from Keith Scott who handled the issue in the wrong manner (Like a Bull in a China Shop), giving them for their story, just what they wanted by his actions.

Speaking openly, There were several of us at the time who believed that Scott deliberately acted in the manner that he did for the purpose of assisting the opposition to “Take down the OITC”, after all he was a confirmed operative from the CIA Australian Field Office, and internally he destroyed everything that came in, much to the disappointment of Dr. Dam. That is one of the reasons why at one Cabinet meeting, Dr Dam told Scott (4 times) that he could leave if he wanted and that Dr Dam wouldn’t be concerned if he did leave. Scott left some 5 months later much to the relief of several persons.

We tried to assist Fiji and it failed because the Prime Minister of Fiji was not the first line of approach and therefore no verification of the OITC was ever undertaken. They had no clue as to whom they were dealing and had Scott gone about matters in the right way, none of what happened could have happened. I understand that you know Scott from past activities with him. Is that correct Mr Struck?

A mistake and one that will be detrimental to the Fijian people until a full written public apology is received.

13. The above references are not examples specifically chosen to cast O.I.T.C. in a bad light, as similar reports abound, but will suffice for press reports, as there are far more interesting questions that deserve to be answered definitively, if the claimed substance is to attain plausible credibility. For instance :-
Dr. Ray C. Dam is identified on the O.I.T.C. web-site as a sovereign, a protected person, free from suit, with powers plenipotentiary to control the Global Debt Facility.

Which is absolutely correct. This is also officially recorded in the United Nations File, and within the secured files of three other Official Bodies. The US Presidential Office of Budget and Management is one of them.

Why then was he arrested in his native Cambodia, allegedly tortured while incarcerated, and only released at the point of near death?
How could that be possible for such an important person ? Who is responsible for the unforgivable lapse in his personal security ?
Granted that nothing is impossible these torturous days, vide the arrest of another sovereign, Manuel Noriega, in his native Panama, rendition to America and trial in an American court.
Similarly, the murder of a further sovereign, Muammar Qaddafi in his native Libya.
But the O.I.T.C. web-site continues to insist that the person who occupies the post as International Treasury Controller is protected against such an eventuality.

I am bewildered and really cannot understand or believe how naive you are in respect of International Politics and related matters.

All Sovereigns, Head of State – whether Constitutional Monarchies or Presidential, carry the same or similar International Security Clearance, as a sovereign, a protected person, free from suit. Noriega (Panama), Gadaffi (Lybia), Hussein (Iraq), Assad (Syria), Yanukovich (Ukraine), Kaczynski (Poland), Marcos (Philippines), Soekarno (Indonesia), just to name a few.
When you have such situations and where such Presidents and their Government are not being paid to be friendly towards America, or a Government is not acting in the interests of the Allied powers, there are only three ways to remove Heads of State. The first is by electoral means and fixing elections is very common practice. The second is by a coup d’├ętat or internal revolution. The third is by assassination (JFK comes to mind here), which is usually some unexpected fatal crash, or, direct assassination by sniper bullet.

Dr. Dam was in no different position to any Head of State. He was gaining strength and going against the Allied Powers, and not unlike Marcos, America decided he had to go.

You will not be aware of this fact but I have a certified copy of a communication on file from M1 to the new International Treasury Controller which within there is a statement, quote “They achieved what they wanted by destroying Dr Dam, now they are coming after you (meaning the new International Treasury Controller) so be careful, be diligent, and be determined. Do not drop the ball”.

I will not divulge who “They” are but you should be able to figure that out for yourself. Politics is a very dirty world, especially International Politics. Governments, especially in the West, will disregard the law, Treaties, Agreements, and Security classifications if there is a need for them to do so. One only has to look at the illegal war in Iraq which was not authorised or mandated by the members of the UN, but the West still went in and destroyed Iraq. The UN regulations on membership strictly state, quote “No Sovereign Nation shall at any time enter the boundaries of any other Sovereign Nation without a UN Mandate approved by the UN Security Council. There was “No Mandate for the West to create a war with Iraq” especially as the false claim of WMD was fabricated and the evidence behind such a claim was far too weak to allow the Security Council to issue such a Mandate. Libya is another example where there was a Mandate for a “No Fly Zone” which was then abused by the West to create a war with Libya, and the list goes on and on.

Dr. Dam was in no different position as a “Sovereign” as any of the others referred to above. He was going against the West for the purpose of bringing the Global Debt Facility into order and away from the unlawful control of the Allied Nations, World Bank, IMF, BIS, Federal Reserve, and others. Like many others he did not survive the attacks against him.

Please be assured that the name of Dr. Dam was on a special Diplomatic List from the UN which is available to ALL Governments, the Heads of each and every National Intelligence organisation, and such organisations as Interpol, etc. The same applies to the new International Treasury Controller, for which we have seen the entry and know it exists, and know what is stated against the entry.

The web-site claims recognition and endorsement by the United Nations under Charter Control Number 10-60847. but the United Nations claims that there is no such authority as a Charter Control Number issued by that august body.

This is the type of answer anyone will receive from the United Nations if they do not have the requisite Security Level Clearance and do not apply the correct protocols. Please remember the fact that you stated to Ms Hudes that everything connected to the Global Debt Facility is “Cloaked in Secrecy”. Would you honestly expect the UN to allow anyone and everyone access to such “Cloaked in Secrecy” information ---- Not a chance and that is why whenever someone inquires, they are immediately checked to see if they have the applicable security level clearance. If not, they are given false or incorrect answers.

You should also be aware that the Website of the OITC was hijacked by the CIA during the evening of the 20th December 2010 (The same day that Dr.Dam was arrested). Since then we have a completely new Website which is totally under our control, and which can only be accessed by use of a code supplied by us.
Furthermore, the server which hosted the old Website was immediately moved from Washington to a small Island off the cost of Venezuela which is inhabited mainly by CIA agents. - reporting on enquiries made by the United Nations representative in Fiji.

Furthermore, I can without any doubt or reservation state that not one Official Representative of any UN Representative Office in the world hold or carry or has been bestowed with a Full Jacket Level 3 – 5 security Level Clearance and they are not able to verify the ITC / OITC at any time.
We have even heard of such UN Representative Offices, on two occasions, refer the caller to Wikipedia and advised them to contact their local Law Enforcement Officers. Wikipedia believe they have the right to seek verification of the ITC / OITC ---- Not a hope in hell to put it bluntly.
You should be aware they we do not believe that such information should be limited to just a mere few in the world, but until we can establish a route to declassify some of the documents, we have to put up with all the injustices that are committed as a result of such secrecy.
I do not propose to labor the point of a less than appreciative press, but the Telegraph newspaper of London reports that the telephone number on letterhead of the O.I.T.C. does not exist, and that the given address is a false address.

That is something that I do not believe and can only put it down to severe misrepresentation and deception, and yet another attempt to discredit us by the Daily Telegraph. The number you are referring to is (66) 081 426 0909. It is a 24 hour number and always on, so what the Daily Telegraph state is totally incorrect and unjustified. Has the Daily Telegraph ever considered the fact that if ALL International lines are busy they will receive an “Unable to connect” message which does not indicate that the number does not exist. They did not try hard enough, if they tried at all, because had they continued trying they would have connected and received a response. The address was also genuine and had they checked it properly they would have found that out quite easily.

In my opinion, a very weak explanation from the Daily Telegraph and totally unsubstantiated, but that is the way in which the MSM work these days. It is not News, it is derogatory speculation / supposition.

14. How does one justify your claim of United Nations endorsement or empowerment of your claimed activity when that same major global institution denies a principal tenet upon which the credibility of O.I.T.C. hinges?It is pointless protesting that the empowerment is “secret”, when the named institution publicly denies existence of the quoted reference.

There are two major issues here which I will explain for you:-

a) The United Nations are compelled by their own regulations and International Law to apply specific protocols and procedures when the International Treasury Controller was appointed, the same protocols and procedures apply in the case of the new International Treasury Controller. Those protocols and procedures revolve around the fact that the United Nations are legally bound to notify, in writing and officially, of such appointment, to all Heads of State and Prime Ministers of each and every country, as well as the Upper most Head of the Intelligence Services and Police Forces of every country around the World, even if and when there are changes with the Head of State or Prime Minister such protocols and procedures must always be followed.
Unfortunately, the United Nations in New York and Geneva have failed miserably to undertake said protocols and procedures and there are nefarious reasons for same, some of which are explained in section b). below.
b). I have spent an awful long time investigating the UN and why they fail to apply protocols and procedures where applicable. Fortunately, our people in the field and certain Officials of various Governments around the world have assisted me in this research. The UN has been for many years, in fact decades, beneficiaries of the fraudulent activities against the Global Debt Facility. In some cases they have been directly involved with fraud against the Global Debt Facility. I did ask myself WHY and analysed the whole situation. Eventually I came down to one primary issue. If you total the amount of income to the UN by its member Nations and add in its assets factor plus all the donations (Yes, the UN regularly puts out calls to its Member Nations and the Public for aid donations, etc), you will find that the expenditure of the UN far outweighs the income / assets. Legally, the UN is a bankrupt operation that relies mainly on the annual subscriptions of its Member Nations and its assets, but it expenditure is far greater than said income assets, so how are they surviving and able to operate.

There are two ways in which they survive whereby those two ways are only known to a few of the wealthier Member States.

One is that they are allowed to enter the “Highly Secret” world of “Trading” undertaken by the Federal Reserve. They actually have their own “Trading” platform. This is something that I have no objection to at any time. However, I do, and must object, when we are fully aware, from official documents in our possession, that they are unlawfully allowed to utilise assets of the Global Debt Facility to achieve this. This is fraud against the Global Debt Facility and the UN are actively involved.
The second point is that on occasions they are allowed a small percentage of the returns on “Special Trades” undertaken by the Federal Reserve, usually through some of the major banks involved in the system such as the likes of HSBC, Barclays, J.P.Morgan, Citibank, UBS, Credit Suisse.
In most cases the Investor whose money is being utilised for these “Trades” never know that a small percentage is allocated to the UN, which is illegal in itself. Additionally, we are aware that some of these “Special Trades” involve the unlawful use of Global Debt Facility Assets, and we have documents to prove it.

In fact, since the demise of Dr. Dam serious investigations are being undertaken into the “Trading” undertaken by the Federal Reserve because of situations that I have mentioned previously herein, being the Mitterand Protocols and the unlawful attachment to same of the Global Settlements Treaty. What was left over from that unlawful “Trade” which was approximately $62 trillion USD was recovered and returned to the Global Debt Facility. What was used, which was approximately $595 trillion was used to line the pockets of people who were primary instigators of the fall of Communism and the Wall. However, I will not go deeper into that situation as investigations are still ongoing.

The second issue regarding the UN is that it is effectively and in reality controlled by the major players, the US and UK who both have permanent seats on the Security Council and have majority voting control, wherein it is no different to the World Bank or IMF (both of whom are, and have been, unlawfully using assets of the Global Debt Facility for their own purposes), and which are arms of the American Government and are controlled as such.

There is no democracy in these organisations. They are disguised dictatorships under the control of primarily the Americans and then the City of London. They work contrary to what America is always preaching ------ Democracy, Liberty and Freedom.

Within the UN, there are differing factions all of whom are manipulated by the Americans, whereas, when they are told not to apply, and comply with their own regulations and protocols, they then do as they are told. Hence why after the appointment of Dr Dam, very few countries were officially informed, with the same situation being applied upon the appointment of the new International Treasury Controller.

Former President Bill Clinton was a major player in these frauds against the Global Debt Facility. He used assets of the Global Debt Facility in “Trade” and was eventually caught “Red Handed” and was informed that it all had to paid back. Instead of committing the US Government to repay the debt incurred from the unlawful use of assets of the Global Debt Facility, whereby it would have been officially recorded as a debt of the US Government on Government Accounts, Clinton arranged for “Freddie Mac” to issue “Freddie Mac Certificates” to cover the debt which then went on “Freddie Mac” accounts. From that we all know what happen in 2007 / 8 when “Freddie Mac” was legally insolvent, along with “Fannie Mae” and Jennie Mae” and could not cover the “Calls” on the “Freddie Mac Certificates” or those issued by “Fannie Mae” and “Jennie Mae”.

Yes, Mr Struck, we own 99% of all “Freddie Macs, Jennie Mae’s, and Fannie Mae’s ever issued, for which. If you have ever seen a “Freddie Mac Certificate”, or for that matter a “Jennie Mae” or “Fannie Mae” Certificate you will see right at the top of the Certificate under the heading words of “Freddie Mac” you will see the words clearly written “GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY”.

All the evidence of what I have stated above is on hand and on file and will be used in due course against these crooks in a proper Court of Jurisdiction. For the moment I will say no more on the issue because of its legal implications, other than state what is stated above is the “Tip of the Iceberg”, there are many other unlawful situations by the Allied Powers and sooner or later the “Chickens will come home to roost”.

You see Mr Struck, and without being derogatory or sarcastic to you, there is a lot more to the Global Debt Facility than the few documents you have in your possession. Albeit what you may refer to as a substantial amount of documents.

If it was truly a “secret”, the more appropriate response would have been –
“The subject document falls within ambit of a series of Treaties and Agreements, which are restricted for public viewing, but readily accessible by Finance Ministers and like authorities”.
Such a response is not exactly a totally satisfactory explanation, but sufficient to grant “the benefit of the doubt” in favor of O.I.T.C., but that was NOT the response. The response was entirely negative in that it unequivocally stated that NO such authority existed.

I agree on this point, but would you expect crooks to give the slightest indication of the genuine legal facts to give credibility to the party they are attempting to destroy. They didn’t give it to Ferdinand Marcos who was M1 and they did destroy him in the same way as they destroyed many others, some named herein, some not.

Remember Mr Struck in your own words for Ferdinand Marcos was, quote “Ferdinand Marcos both as a patriot, and as a man of vision cruelly treated by those he considered allies, and vilified by an entrenched hierarchy which coveted his wealth.” and “Ferdinand Marcos, and I began to research his activities. He was, without doubt, an enigmatic and colorful person, brilliant lawyer, and steadfast supporter of everything “Filipino”. His professed “dream” was to make his beloved Philippines the “Pearl of the Orient”.

15. I present these factors in a public forum, as they are all drawn from readily accessible public sources. You and I had the opportunity to debate such issues privately, but your apparent reluctance to address the matter of documentation provided to you in good faith for critical review, denied that possibility.

Your comments “Readily accessible public sources” is totally contradictory to what you have previous stated Mr Struck, being, quote “Everything regarding the Global Debt Facility is “Cloaked in Secrecy”, yet you continually refer to public sources. Let’s get it straight Mr Struck because you either work in, and believe in the “Cloaked in Secrecy” and “Top Secret” arenas, or you work in the “Public” arena. You can’t work in both unless you want to end up in prison.

Mr Struck, and I say this respectfully. What a total contradiction from a Graduate Lawyer. I would have thought that you would know better.

Public sources have no access to “Cloaked in Secrecy” or “Top Secret” information, so it can only be supposition, speculation, and sensationalised information at the time by the MSM and / or others for specific purposes, that being discrediting of the ITC / OITC and / or to report stories that sell newspapers.

Start seeing the wood from the trees Mr Struck for your own benefit.

16. As a non-practicing, yet graduate lawyer, I hold to the opinion that the documentation at my disposal is compelling evidence of an interest to benefit of the Philippine people, in those composite financial assets now known under the title “Global Debt Facility”, and in pursuit of my objective to secure that legacy to their benefit, I will probe, inquire, and pursue all legal avenues to reach that goal.

Irrespective of your personal opinions, you are interfering within a “Cloaked in Secrecy” arena, handling copies of “Cloaked in Secrecy” and “Top Secret” documents passed to you by unknown third parties, for which you have no authority to handle, no security classification, and certainly no power to do anything about.
You are in fact acting contrary to International Official Secrets Acts and Fraudulently for the purpose of unlawfully utilising Global Debt Facility Assets or Accounts to achieve your objectives.

I would strong advise you Mr Struck, without appearing to be threatening but merely advising you to Cease what you are doing and leave it up to the legally appointed International Treasury Controller as Legal Heir, Owner and Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility, who will achieve all that needs to be achieved in due course for ALL Nations and People of the World.

We do not want people, such s yourself, with snippets of information, or little knowledge of the subject matter, involving themselves illegally and remember Mr Struck, “Ignorance of the law, whether secret or public, is no excuse in the eyes of the law”

Remember Mr Struck, the “Sovereign Decrees” issued in June 2012, enacted 1st July 2012, as below, all of them issued and enacted to warn people against breaking the law, and to enable that those responsible for illegal acts are eventually brought to justice for Fraudulent activities and Treason against the Global Debt Facility and the International Treasury Control as a “Sovereign”:-

Decree No: 12/ITC/1060847-001 (Dated June 2012)
……………………….. In support of, and to clarify and re-enforce the International Treaties of 1976, 1980, 1988, 1995, 2012, ALL Treaties that are in force, together with all Treaty Agreements, and Agreements of any description relating to the Combined International Collateral Accounts, irrespective of dates of same, excluding the aforementioned Treaties; are hereby legally suspended or legally rescinded by virtue of this Decree.
Any Treaty, irrespective of date, that is considered necessary to the World and its people, will be restructured and re-introduced as a new International Treaty in due course.
Any Treaty Agreement or General Agreement will remain rescinded for all times and all purposes. Any Treaty Agreement or General Agreement that is legally considered part of the aforesaid Treaties and considered relevant will be restructured in line with the restructuring of aforesaid Treaties.
The only Treaties, Treaty Agreements, and Agreements of any description relating to the Combined International Collateral Accounts, remaining in full force and effect are those previously referred to, being dated 1976, 1980, 1988, 1995, 2012.

Decree No: 12/ITC/1060847-002 (dated June 2012)
…………………………. Any unauthorised person or party in possession of “Top Secret”, “Secret”, or “Confidential” documents, or documents such as Gold Bullion Certificates, Bonds, Financial Instruments of any description that are legally owned by the Collateral Accounts; or Documents revealing the various accounts of the Collateral Accounts, concerning, or related to the Combined International Collateral Accounts, whether historic documents or present day documents, or, conducting fraud by illegally downloading from the Federal Reserve Blue, Grey, or Black Screens, whether by Bank to Bank transactions, Swift Wire transactions, or Server to Server transactions, or similar, will, as of the date of this Decree be legally considered and construed as
a) Being in unauthorised possession of stolen documents / property with the intent to commit fraud, AND / OR,
b) Being in unauthorised possession of “Classified” documents contrary to both National and International Official Secrets Acts, AND / OR,
c) Committing Fraud, or attempting to commit fraud, or, complicit in such illegal and fraudulent activities that will be officially classed as “Fraudulent activities against the Collateral Accounts”, AND / OR
d) Any person or party involved, whether innocently, coerced, or otherwise, will not be considered and construed as “Innocent victims” and will legally be considered and construed as complicit, instigators, or willing participants of such Illegal and Fraudulent activities and such additional crimes against the Collateral Accounts.

Decree No: 12/ITC/1060847-004 (dated June 2012)
……………………….. Whistleblowers.

i) Persons who have been involved with illegal activities, or, abuse or misuse against the Collateral Accounts in the past (Post January 1st 1995) or present, who decide to cooperate fully and be honest in all matters, and which leads to convictions of others and the confiscation or sequestration of assets owned by the Collateral Accounts, or, which leads to the confiscation or sequestration of personal or corporate bank accounts holding ill-gotten gains from any illegal activities against the Collateral Accounts; will be treated fairly depending upon their provable evidence and the results obtained from their evidence.

ii) Persons who have not been involved in illegal activities against the Collateral Accounts, but who have access to relevant information, names and addresses of persons or companies involved, documents, or otherwise, regarding illegal activities against the Collateral Accounts (Post January 1st 1995) which can be proven beyond all reasonable doubt, shall receive the necessary international protection from The International Treasury Controller, and subject to any convictions, confiscation or sequestration, as referred to above, and as a result of their evidence, will be financially rewarded sufficiently to enable them to start a new life.

iii) Persons who deliberately mislead, or give false evidence at any time, will be considered and construed as “Collaborators” of those who have committed illegal activities or abuse against the Collateral Accounts, and be subjected to criminal action for same.

Decree No: 12/ITC/1060847-005 (dated June 2012)

…………………………………… Treason against a “Sovereign” with its own Jurisdiction and Treason against the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

A Law will be enacted as soon as possible, covering Treason by any person, party, Government, Government Authority, Organisation, Company or Corporation, Society, Association, or otherwise; against a “Sovereign” with its own Jurisdiction and Treason against the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

i). Any such crimes against the “Sovereign” (The International Treasury Controller) or the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, will be handled by the aforementioned Court (Refer Decree No: 12/ITC/1060847-003 (dated June 2012) Section iv).)

ii). Crimes, as referred to in i). above will be heard in the aforesaid Court and adjudicated upon whether the Plaintiff is present in Court or not. If the Plaintiff is not present and the Court issues a “Guilty” verdict, an Arrest, Detain, and Extraction Order will be issued by the Court and implemented by our new Police Force and Intelligence Unit, using covert operations if necessary.

iii). The above will apply whether “Extradition Treaties” with any country are in force or not. No person, party, Government, Government Authority, Organisation, Company or Corporation, Society, Association, or otherwise, will be allowed to escape any adjudicated justice which has been issued against them.

Any person, party, Government, Government Authority, Organisation, Company or Corporation, Society, Association, or otherwise, that deliberately interferes with, obstructs in any form, placing barriers of any description in front of “ensuring justice is done, and be seen to be done”, will be considered and construed as being complicit in the Crime of Treason and will be subject to criminal action under the “Law of Treason” as referred to within this Decree.

Decree No: 12/ITC/1060847-006 (dated June 2012)
…………………………………….. Account Access Codes
i). All Codes, whether Account Access Codes or Individual Codes issued to Custodians, Trustees, or Foundation Managers, previously organised and issued by Ferdinand E. Marcos, the defunct TTTGC or the Federal Reserve, or any other group, organisation, institution, are, as of the Ist July 2012, legally declared Revoked, Nullified and unenforceable.
This is to prevent continuous fraudulent activities against the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, by any person, party, company or corporation, Government, Government Authority, Trust, Foundation, Trustees, Foundation Managers, or otherwise.
New Codes will be issued ONLY by The International Treasury Controller as Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. No other person, party, Bank (Central Bank or otherwise), Government, Government Authority, Custodian, Trustee, Foundation Manager, Organisation, or otherwise hold any legal right or power in International Law, or under any of the International Treaties, to issue any Codes whatsoever.

ii). Any person, party, Bank (Central Bank or otherwise), Government, Government Authority, Custodian, Trustee, Foundation Manager, Organisation, or otherwise, attempting to access any Account / Asset of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility by using the now legally Revoked and Nullified Codes, or issuing any new Codes in conjunction with others, no matter whom those others may be, will be considered and construed as acting unlawfully with the intent to commit criminal activities of Fraud against the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, whereby actions will be undertaken by The International Treasury Controller to bring such persons, parties, Bank (Central Bank or otherwise), Government, Government Authority, Custodian, Trustee, Foundation Manager, Organisation, or otherwise, to justice via the new “Sovereign” Court under “Common Law Jurisdiction” as referred to above (Refer Decree No: 12/ITC/1060847-003 (dated June 2012) Section iv).)
iii). Any person, party, Bank (Central Bank or otherwise), Government, Government Authority, Custodian, Trustee, Foundation Manager, Organisation, or otherwise, knowingly aids or abets any of the above in the perpetration of fraud against the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, without reporting same to The International Treasury Control, will be legally considered and construed as being complicit in such fraud and will face the same penalties as those actually committing such fraud.

17. Observe the following offer made by Ms Hudes, who, in her capacity as Acting General Counsel for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, was presumably authorized by her Board of Governors to tender the following offer :-
On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 6:26 PM, Karen Hudes <> wrote:
Please let the Board of Governors know when you have finished insisting that you are the sole authorized signatory, and when you are prepared to accept one-fourth of one percent as the Redeemer under Article 7 of the Monetary Agreements
As I have mentioned before several times, the Board of Governors is authenticating each and every transaction in the Global Debt Facility using different persons that Marcos assigned his signature rights under the Global Debt Facility.
Karen Hudes.

Acting General Counsel
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Legal Counsel Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

As for Ms Hudes, who is also an impostor, and certainly not “Legal Counsel Global Debt Facility”; is acting fraudulently and contrary to International Official Secrets, we will deal with her, the World Bank and the IBRD separately.

18. It is public record, Mr. Crayford. One quarter of one percent simply to surrender my documentation, and possibly deliver an attendant Quit Claim. One quarter of one percent of fabulous wealth is not simply a “King’s Ransom”, Mr. Crayford, it is the equivalent of several such ransoms, and my acceptance would have established my personal wealth as superior in value to that of many countries.

For your information and for PUBLIC NOTICE, no person or party holds the right or authority, other than the International Treasury Controller, to offer any such rewards for information of any form regarding the Global Debt Facility which is legally owned by The International Treasury Controller, so the offer made to you by / through Ms Hudes is totally illegal and not worth the paper it is written on. They just want your documents which they anticipate will give them more substance in their unlawful claims / status relative to the Global Debt Facility.

It doesn’t take a blind man to see what is really going on with these crooks, and we have tabs on most of them.


I will not say anymore Mr Struck because I believe I have explained matters openly and definitely for you and other readers, based on legal facts and reality.

Both you and Ms Hudes are trying to publicly justify you unlawful actions by your constant articles of misrepresentation and misinformation.

We do not need to do that Mr Struck. We are clean, clear, accurate, legal, and open in all that we say, do, based upon real legal facts and the constraints of International Official Secrets Acts. We have an enormous task to undertake to clear up the mess created by the TTTGC and continued by such organisations as the World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve, and others, as well as the mess that You and Ms Hudes, along with others are creating by your unlawful meddling and interference, which causes more confusion to an already confusing situation.

Be prepared for the final day of reckoning Mr Struck because, unlike the crooked bankers who have escaped justice in the past we will pursue everyone who has committed unlawful acts against the Global Debt Facility ------ That is not a dream, or a threat, it is a promise / commitment to all who have suffered in the past and at present through the various unlawful, fraudulent, and nefarious activities committed by those persons or parties.

Now you have been publicly warned to leave it alone, or face the consequences Mr Struck. Your choice, should you ignore the warning and continue in your quest, then be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions / decisions.


David P. Crayford.