Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FBI Shot First and Murdered LaVoy Finicum Says Eye Witness

Live Broadcast and Intel During Drake's Radio Broadcast

Listen to the live report at 2:20:38 mark of the show.

"Right at the end of the show the "Militia" called out on a special transmission, breaking into the live show. First, to say what you know, that the FBI had stormed in. Then, a second transmission - the official call for all 50 States Militias to Stand Up!" ~DEB

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The Arrest and War Of Patriots Has Begun and It Kicked Off In Oregon—A Big Psyop Underway! We’re On Dangerous Ground!

January 27, 2016

By Lisa Haven

Alert! Things have just gone down in Oregon where Ammon Bundy, militia men and others, were holding up the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in order to protest the persistent government corruption that has spread like wildfire in the area as BLM repeatedly steals land from farmers in the community.

It’s been reported that shots were fired and one person, LaVoy Finicum, is now dead. While the mainstream media is reporting that the first shot came from the opposition, quite the opposite is being leaked by Victoria Sharp, a women who experienced the event first hand and reports that the FBI and police shot the first shots and shot multiple times (her entire report can be heard in the video below).

Thus far eight people have been arrested including: Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Bian Cavalier, Shawna Cox, Ryan W. Payne, Joseph O-Shaughnessy, Jon Ritzheimer, and talk show host Peter Santili.

I believe this event is a psyop and the Bundy’s (and others) have been setup in order to accomplish the elites agenda to put a “target” on the backs of patriots and to disarm the country as well as the militia. Here’s more on this breaking report….

Here is Victoria Sharp’s interview in its entierty about the events that transpired in the vehicle she was in:

Here is Mark McConnell’s, the driver of the other vehicle, description of what happened to them:

The two accounts actually line up. If the accounts were 100% accurate with each other I’d be concerned. But the fact that they vary some prove they are legit stories. Each told from their point of view. That said, both accounts tell of the one car hitting the snow bank, both accounts say the car kept moving (Victoria’s account gives us the reason why it moved), both accounts say LaVoy got out of the car, and both accounts say he went towards the cops. Now lets focus on LaVoy, considering both accounts say he went towards the cops, we can assume that is what LaVoy did. That said, Victoria tells us when he went towards the cops that he went with his hands up and yelling “if your going to shoot me, then shoot me.” Therefore the accounts do indeed line up, to give us an overall picture of what happened.


5:41 pm EST
Local Burns resident on HAM radio is furious at murder of LaVoy Finicum. He says that the town is virtually on lock down. He says that he cannot leave the town because all the roads leading out of town are closed and that what is being reported in the media is absolutely false.
5:53 pm EST
Local resident reports that the FBI in town no longer look like civilian agents. All of them are “militarized” and look like a gestapo.
5:58 pm EST
Militia member reporting that a convoy appears to be approaching.
5:59 pm EST
Militia members pray together before moving off to positions.
6:02 pm EST
Militia members are calling for “all hands on deck”. They believe an attack is imminent. Guns being prepped for action.
6:11 pm EST
It sounds as though some people at the refuge chose to leave and have passed through the roadblock. Others are preparing to defend themselves against the coming onslaught.
6:17 pm EST
Militia continue to scan the horizon and various incoming routes for movement. If the FBI comes in, there will be bloodshed and death. That is guaranteed. These militia are determined to not be taken alive.
BREAKING… An attorney claiming to represent Ammon Bundy has just given a public statement to media that Ammon has called for the remaining militia members to stand down and go home.
UPDATE… Confirmed… Ammon Bundy has called for the militia to STAND DOWN.…/through-attorney-ammon-bundy-tells-remain…
UPDATE... Confirmed… Ammon Bundy has called for the militia to STAND DOWN.

“ALERT! From Ammon’s wife, Lisa: Ammon would not have called for the patriots to leave. We have lost a life but we are not backing down. He didn’t spill his blood in vain! Hold your ground… Ranchers come and stand! Committee of Safety come and stand! Militia come and stand!”