Monday, January 11, 2016

Global Currency Reset (Intel/Rumors) - January 10, 2016


  • ​600 western bankers working in China were fired attempting to launder cash drug monies into new CIPS system.​
  • RV exchange process delayed one week due to ​laundering activities and final ​Middle East peace negotiations.
  • Currently expecting ​800# notification tonight
  • ​1/10 ​(Sunday) or tomorrow
  • ​1/11 ​(Monday).
  • Anticipate as very early ​Monday
  • ​1/11 ​or Tuesday
  • ​1/12 ​bank exchanges.
  • We will be allowed to convert into Chinese Yuan.
  • There be no limitations or caps for exchanged amounts.
  • Both Chinese markets (Hang Seng and Shanghai Composite), down big, early to start Monday ​morning/ Sunday evening ​trading.  ​​
  • ​​No 7% stop-loss mechanism no longer in place for Chinese market ​s​as of Friday of last week. DJIA futures ​are ​down big, early​ before market open on Monday 9:30AM​.
  • Crude and Brent oil price​s ​expected to dip below $32 per barrel today.
  • This week is where the proverbial rubber hits the public road in what has been
  • ​an all out 70 year global financial war​, fought primarily in the shadows between ancient sovereign families and their government proxies​​.
  • Global margin call has officially begun beginning with Chinese markets (meaning, all debts paid in full or settled in physical gold bullion).
  • Only ​available ​solution for all nations to restore their bottom lines is to accept the Chinese Elder gold backed system known unofficially ​as the GCR/RV.
  • ​Cabal/Western World is out of military options, diplomatic pivots. and chaotic events to stall the inevitable.
  • Global authority change is a mathematical certainty for first quarter 2016.




  • Yuan replaced USD as global reserve currency.
  • Got IMF code reforms passed by US congress.
  • Yuan became part of IMF basket of currencies.
  • Created and implemented CIPS technology which ultimately replaces SWIFT system.
  • Got 210+ nations to sign up for a gold backed monetary system.
  • Established Yuan swap hubs on every continent, in dozens of countries.
  • Created and implemented AIIB replacing the World Bank.
  • Secured long term oil and gas redundancy with nations of Iran, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.
  • Secured long term gold and mineral redundancy with nations of Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Afghanistan.
  • PROC officially suspending or throwing out all Zionist bankers.
  • Quietly replaced corporate USG and restored US Republic.
  • Quietly negotiating two state solution--pre-1967 boarders--between Israel and Palestine.
  • Quietly establishing a Kurdish nation-state in parts Turkey, Syria and Iraq.
  • Quietly re-establishing pre WW1 Armenian sovereignty and territory.
  • Quietly rehydrating the world via AIIB loans in Beijing this week.


  • Exerted global military leadership and technological superiority by entering the Middle East conflict in Syria
  • ​Dismantled​ ISIS operations in less than 1/4th a year.
  • Closed a 30 year, 500 billion dollar mega oil deal with China, securing national operational expenses for 50 years.
  • Absorbed sacred religious territory of a Crimea back into Russian Federation.
  • Fended off western sanction attacks against rubble, economy and corporations.
  • Neutralized and isolated Ukraine militarily and economically (even bankrupted Kiev).
  • Neutralized and isolated Israel military.
  • Neutralized and isolated Turkey military.
  • Neutralized and isolated ISIS military (with help from Iran, US Republic, China).
  • Neutralized and isolated US Navy from both the Black & South China Seas.
  • Minimized illegal drug trafficking with US Republic, China, Pakistan and Iran forces.
  • Cut head off of ISIS militarily and economically via interruption of oil pipeline out of Syria.
  • Singlehandedly reversed radical Islam's callphilate momentum in the Middle East.
  • Threw out all Rothschild bankers from Russia.


  • Achieved nuclear truce with all 5 major nuclear powers.
  • Western sanctions were lifted.
  • International investment again poring into the country for infrastructure projects.
  • Iranian Rial revaluing reinstated on international trading markets.
  • Oil allowed to be sold and shipped globally, including to USA.


  • Completed international economic reforms per the IMF rules.
  • Regained military presence in all major cities including Mosul.
  • Pushed back Daash towards Syrian and Turkish boarders.
  • Receiving international corporate investment partners openly.
  • Kicked USD and US military out of country.
  • Partnered with Chinese Yuan and BRICS nations economically.
  • Partnered with Iran and US Republic militarily.
  • Selling oil worldwide again.
  • Settled hydro carbon dispute with Northern Iraq Kurdish faction.


  • Partnered with Russia militarily after 4 year war wit ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israeli and secrete US Pentagon.
  • Took back all but two major cities from ISIS.
  • Eliminated stolen oil pipeline across Turkish boarder.
  • Forced US to diplomatically reverse "replacing Assad" position.
  • Got humanitarian relief for their hemorrhaging migration issues.


  • De-​pegged f​rom USD and went to international float for VND.
  • ​Revalued their currency against their own in and above ground gold holdings.​
  • Signed long term oil, gas, gold and mineral contracts with China securing national economic stability for 100 years.
  • ​Signed multibillion dollar oil and gas infrasturce agreements with Russia​n companies.
  • Restored dignity within the Asian regional community as a worldwide financial and manufacturing hub.


  • De-pegged from western currencies and converted to with Chinese Yuan.
  • Revalued currency back to
  • ​acceptable ​pre-1980 international
  • ​gold ​standard.
  • Issued gold backed currency via coins.
  • ​Leveraged in-ground rare earth mineral and precious metals reserves to rebuild infrastructure and restore financial system.
  • Established long term military relationships with China and Russia for all of African Union.​
  • Opened first Chinese Yuan swap hub in Africa.
  • Hosted both Chinese and Russian leaders, signed multiple billions of investments.