Friday, January 1, 2016

James Gilliland Update - January 1, 2015


ECETI New Years Letter
James Gilliland

I am presently in Australia so I already experienced New Years Eve by the time you read this letter. Its funny I can procrastinate and still be on time, which is pretty much my nature. Time never really worked for me, I like the Aussie expression when they ask what time is it they say summer. Over here it is summer, 105 degrees while back at home in Washington State the doors are covered with snow with lots of digging. The herd of Yaks are loving it. While contemplating what I want to do the next year I think it is best to contemplate the previous year and how we can do things better. Forgive the past, ourselves, others, gain the wisdom from the experiences and start creating a better tomorrow. Do a ceremony around releasing people, places and events. Be grateful for the things that serve you and release the things that don’t. It is time to be brutally honest with our selves and others. We don’t have the luxury of suppressing our true feelings or denial.

2016 is going to be a fast and furious year with lots of changes. It is imperative to shift into creative mind and out of reactionary mind. The struggles for power and control will come to a climax. The tyrants will continue to war upon each other and try to carry out their agenda. Unfortunately for those who remain in denial and ignorant of these agendas will suffer the reactions to the actions of tyrants. Those who continue to serve the beast will fall with the beast. The source itself, the Earth or Sophia Gaia has a plan. The Ultradimensionals, Ascended Masters, Saints and Sages are all aligned with this plan. Even the Nature Kingdom is aware of and will be participating in this plan. There are forces unimaginable gathering together to implement this plan. It has everything to do with the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. What some call ascension or a frequency shift.

Those who are not in alignment with the new frequencies will not fare well in this process. If you are not frequency specific or rising to the occasion your world will come to an end. There are two paths and the gap is increasing exponentially. Like many of the prophecies foretold one path will end in complete collapse or demise, the other will continue. Those who choose universal law, which is best expressed as Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All, “ Unity Consciousness” will fare well in the days to come. Those who choose power and wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth will not. The real wealth is living a life in alignment with soul and spirit. It is empowering others, serving the higher good.

What so many do not factor in is divine intervention. Most do not know the higher order or workings of the cosmos. In the UFO community many have their necks cranked back into the past. Some are still trying to prove the ships are real while others are making them demons or angels. There are those who proclaim all ETs are good, some proclaim all are evil. We cannot pigeon hole this phenomena. While most of the Omniverse is benevolent there are still some groups that are extremely self serving even malevolent. Those who teach a one sided truth are doing a major disservice to others. One promotes fear the other promotes ignorance and exposes people often to unseen negative influences. The real path to self-mastery and maintaining ones self-authority is to teach how to use discernment and heal unseen negative influences which includes malevolent ETs.

Another disservice is to ignore the inner work making everything external. Many focus only on nuts and bolts, back engineering, etc. What is sad is those who cannot grasp the multidimensionality of UFOs are extremely jealous of those who can to the point of being threatened. When you add the shills and disinformation agents the whole field gets convoluted. I have been censored redundantly for bringing out a more unlimited or higher perspective in the field of ufology. Is there any question why they have not contacted the major UFO groups? One group wants to worship them, another wants to fight them, while still another wants to ignore them. Where is the unity? Is there any cooperation? Which group would the ETs choose? Any enlightened or benevolent ET would take the high road and wait for some common ground or agreement. It would be awesome for everyone to stop, take a deep breath this new years, allow a little flexibility in your be lie fs and choose to side with truth over ulterior motives. Apply universal law in every aspect of your life. I can say with conviction I don’t know everything, my truth is flexible, and I am open to new information and knowledge. I don’t need to wear the suits and ties, act as the ultimate authority, or strut around as if I am superior. Its time to be authentic.

Happy New Year, Buckle Up
James Gilliland