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Preston James Update - Shadow Government, E.T. Agenda, False Flags, & More - January 28, 2016

A Complete Disconnect

The American people have become completely disconnected from their own government which is supposed to be "Of the People By the People". The visible government comprised of Congress, the Administration and the Judiciary are merely ceremonial and are used as tools to keep the masses in line by those who give them orders and set policy. The real government that runs everything from behind closed doors in abject secrecy is the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

by Preston James

[ Note: This article builds on past articles on this subject. For those who haven’t read those, reading this article is likely a waste of time and it will be difficult to fit this information into their heads.

This is a long article and is written as a two-tiered piece. Those short of time can read the bold print and pass over the rest, and then finish with the conclusion. Many thanks to my sources, some still living but most passed. None of the novel information included is associated with Veterans Today in any way. I do not enjoy writing this type of article for a number of reasons not appropriate to be discussed here. But I do feel an obligation to get this information out. ]

When you stop and ask what the average American man or woman what they think about their government, the typical answer you get is that it is not responsive to their needs.

And many will also state further that they believe that instead of serving the needs of the common man the government appears to be more concerned with serving its own needs, that is the needs of the elected politicians themselves and wealthy, powerful, elite special interests they represent.

alien-midway (2)You will also often hear resentment expressed about the USG continuing to embark on expensive foreign wars and its doling out billions of dollars to the leaders of foreign nations as foreign aid while not adequately providing for the American taxpayers who provide the funds used in the first place.

Politicians are elected by social contract, a sacred trust that is best summarized as this: “If we entrust you with power to rule over us and lead us, we expect you to represent our interests and obey your Oath to the Constitution. You need to make laws which represent our interests as We The People and not on the behalf of special interest groups or the wealthy elites.”

Right now if you ask, most middle-aged Americans will respond that their government is failing them at all levels and has not fulfilled this basic social contract they have been entrusted with when they are elected and allowed to assume political office.

And you will frequently be told that there seems to be no more Rule of Law in America for the wealthy, powerful elites but only to restrict and keep the common man down and take away his basic freedoms which are supposed to be guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Many will tell you that there appears no way for the common man to adequately address grievances to the government at any level, nor any reason to believe that government officials even give a damn about the common man at all.

Roman God Janus which symbolized skillful political lying and manipulation and the ability to be secretly two-faced

Many view most elected officials as blatant two-faced liars and sociopaths that have become more concerned with feathering their own beds.

Some political researchers will tell you that many Members of Congress are very motivated to play to special interests in order to obtain “outside income” from lucrative corporate director appointments, fat honorariums, and revolving door jobs including the typical fat K-Street lobbying positions they can get upon leaving office.

Once they are elected, take their Oath of Office, and are sworn and seated, they abandon We The People that elected them.

The course they take after being seated is best described a “Complete Disconnect” from We The People who elected them that they are obligated to represent.

What happens instead of keeping their social contract with We The People, is that they proceed to serve the wealthy, powerful special interest groups that provided vast sums of money for their campaigns and who pulled strings to get them elected. Often these strings pulled involve expensive covert operations, smear jobs, fake news, and electronic vote fraud.

What would have to be changed to prevent this disconnect that has gripped the American Political process ever since 1913 when the foreign City of London KM private Central Banksters hijacked the American money creation and distribution system?

First, large political contributions from special interest groups and PACs would have to be made illegal. Donations would have to be limited to small amounts and allowed only by individual citizens.

Second, outside income for elected officials would have to be severely restricted as well as revolving door jobs after leaving office at least for an extended period of time..

Third, Major TV networks would have to be required to provide at no charge blocks of time for all of the candidates who reach a certain threshold in local political party caucuses. This would be fair too because the airwaves are licensed to the Major Mass Media as a privilege. And this licensing is good because the airways give enormous power to these media because of the access it provides to the American mass-mind. Certain standards of behavior must be met.

But the current standards required are insufficient, especially for the network news because the FCC allows all kinds of purchased corporate and government propaganda and outright lies, false-narratives and deceptions which are used to mind-kontrol We The People and keep them satiated as the USG steals them blind and fattens their own pockets and and the wealthy powerful elite special interest groups they really represent.

Fourth, those running the Major Mass Media must be sanctioned and prevented from used it to mind-kontrol the American Masses anymore. The Major Mass Media is a powerful force in

6corps-320x316American Society and must be carefully regulated and forced to accurately present the major news stories in a balanced and honest fashion. Normally competition between various media would attract users to the most honest and the one promoting big lies, false-narratives and propaganda would be discredited, ignored and marginalized.

But this normal market process has been disrupted because the Major Mass Media in America has been hijacked by the same entity that hijacked our monetary creation and distribution system in 1913, the Khazarian Mafia (KM) private central Banksters from the City of London.

Let’s take a quick snapshot of what this Complete Disconnect between the American people and their Government has allowed to evolve, some describe as an evil secret hierarchy, but best described as the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

1-We have an unresponsive USG and Congress that generally ignores the interests of the American common man. During their election process they “play” to the public and seem oh so concerned about their needs, but this abruptly ends after the get elected and seated (unless you are rich, powerful or represent a large special interest group).

This sad reality is made clear with the fact that all sitting Members of Congress except one signed the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to place Israel’s interest first even before America’s own interests. This “American betrayal” technically constitutes Treason because when Israel attacked America on 9-11-01 to manipulate Americans into fighting more Mideast wars for Israel this was an act of war. Therefore Israel is now America’s secret enemy and a secret state of war exists between Israel and its “owned” members of Congress and versus We The People.

2-We have a Congress which uses secret “Executive Sessions” when handling any sensitive committee matters and this process is claimed to be necessary to protect “National Security” when the real reason it is to protect the illegal acts of our elected officials on behalf of special interest groups who they serve as puppets for.

Key leaders of Congressional Committees become vetted and “read in” on national security matters after receiving proper clearances, which means that they can be trusted to keep serious USG, Banking, Intel, military and corporate crimes covered up. What do you think is wrong with the minds of the folks behind FEMA and DHS? Could they prove they have souls and are still human?

3-We have an out of control Military Industrial Complex and foreign espionage groups allowed to operate inside America that provide large hidden bribes to Members of Congress for what is called “sweetheart special defense contracts. But extremely lucrative revolving door positions await the Members of Congress who play this game well. Loopholes, vacuous regulations and lack of proper enforcement allows these incredibly large bribes which are often made to foreign numbered accounts as “set-aside allocations”. And the KM and its various Intel factions and espionage fronts inside America like AIPAC have crafty ways to human compromise elected politicians and coerce them to conform to their wishes if the usual incentives and bribes don’t work.

4-We have the use of factions within Intel Agencies that use custom-engineered terror consisting of Gladio-style, inside-job False-flag attacks initiated to create enemies from which the USG must defends Americans from. This could mean a major foreign war to get these terrorists there before they come here, or to oppress and abuse American dissidents and patriots after labeling them as domestic Terrorists. It’s hard work and expensive to create a faux enemy that Americans will believe in order to start wars and manipulate the American people to support them. Staged, synthetic terror works great to attain this end.

64f3785a (2)Once the shooting starts, the folks the US Military attacks will certainly fight back and then it becomes “kill or be killed”. This is so for foreign wars and will be true here if the USG is dumb enough or criminally insane enough to deploy DHS against the American gun owners, dissidents and patriots. And of course we now know for certain that DHS is nothing more than a secret KM/Zio/Israeli run police state army inside America.
Another well guarded secret are the special agreements that allow foreign Intel agencies to operate inside each others turf, obtain stand-downs from the federal type LE agencies and local police in order to conduct operations to protect their own national security. Sometimes these stand-downs are used for sanctions with extreme prejudice, aka terminations. Most local police are trained by the ADL and are so impressed by the feds and DHS officers that they would jump out the window from an upper floor on their heads if told to do so in order to help protect US National Security.

56785-The US Department of Justice has become the US Department of Just-Us and has been transformed into a cover up mechanism which serves the needs of the Secret Shadow Government. Instead of prosecuting the most corrupt government officials, it ignores them (under National Security” of course) and occasionally goes after the “little ones” as token symbols of good enforcement. The FBI has become known as the Federal Blackmail Agency thanks to the patterns of behavior started by J. Edgar Hoover, a known pedophile who victims were supplied by notorious attorney Roy Cohn. One investigator filed a secret police Intel report that these little boys who were pedophiled at parties by J. Edgar were murdered afterwards and buried on Cohn’s personal upstate farm to keep things covered up. It is unknown if Hoover knew these little boys were murdered after his encounters with them.

Unfortunately after Hoover was assassinated by two well-known CIA men with shellfish toxin in his toothpaste, the FBI has never been cleaned up. It still serves as a cover up agency for KM and RICO USG crimes. And the FBI has now morphed into a new role, that of creating, arming and entrapping “domestic terrorists” in America using retarded/and or mentally ill patsies. Their favorite trick lately is to advertise to new Somali immigrants for a free round trip ticket for jihad training to become a man.

When the mentally deficient ones respond they are arrested, charged with terrorism under the Patriot Act, and manipulated into horrid plea bargains by compromised attorneys and given exceedingly long prison sentences. This is all part of the Terror Theater started by former DHS Director Mr. Janet Napolitano and her infamous paranoid wet-dream which was rolled out first at Walmart, “If You See Something Say Something”.

True to J. Edgar’s ways, she allowed a culture of perversion and sexual abuse of her male DHS managers to evolve. Some of the male managers had their offices moved into the men’s lavatory. Lawsuits for sexual abuse resulted and are likely still being litigated.

Richard Dolan, well known and highly respected researcher, speaker and writer on UFOs.

6-We have a Secret Space War Program that has evolved so far that the essence of it is best described as a “breakaway society”. The private researcher and author that probably knows the most about this is Richard Dolan who is highly respected for his balanced fact based approach to this whole issue. His books and presentations are excellent and the best available on this subject. One of his videotaped death bed confessions is staggering in its implications.

The Disclosure Project of Steven Greer, M.D. is an interesting source of good documentation about the USG’s handling of real Alien ET, crashed and recovered UFOs. And another source of information is the very interesting web site run by former academic Michael Salla, Ph.D. who has a record of rational and balanced presentations of these matters (I like the way he approaches these controversial issues).

Michael Salla, Ph.D. of is a respected researcher with impeccable academic credentials. He is no lightweight in the field of exopolitics and has done some very excellent, balanced work.

The average American has no clue of just how much information has been withheld about crashed, recovered and back engineered anti-gravity craft (AGCs). Everyone must examine the facts, testimonies and information available and then consider their sources for credibility and support of the facts. Very strong evidence that this Secret Space War Program exists are the numerous documented testimonies of well vetted witness with high security clearances who either worked for the US Military or a contractor in deep-black, special access or unacknowledged programs.

Other strong and convincing evidence this Secret Space War Program exists. Consider the frequent past use of “national security suppression units” set up around the Secret Space War Programs using private security contractors like Whackem’out World Services and the use of special Men in Black (MIBS). These national security suppression units are used to suppress reports, seize evidence and sometime assassinate those from the inside who have chosen to speak out despite threats against them.

Men like Philip Schneider was one such person murdered by MIBS. He was a man of great courage who showed significant evidence at his presentations before he was murdered that his story was real. You can access some of his presentations on

Some insiders have reported that MIBS have taken over parts of the Pentagon and the Administration and are actually soulless alien ET/human hybrids that occasionally murder those who leak USG and SSG secrets. Come to your own conclusions about this, but take time to do some detailed internet and searches before you just reject this out of hand. Are MIBS part of an evil Alien Agenda to seed Planet earth with a transitory hybrid race along the way to a new World completely depopulated by humans and repopulated by soulless, completely hived, predatory alien creations?

The existence of the Secret Space War Program has taken America down a sinister path. 
And this path has allowed a certain incredibly evil Alien ET group to assume control over the USG and manipulate it into deploying several nasty eugenics and terra-forming programs, including the most notorious one, one the atmospheric toxic chemical and biological spraying program, commonly referred to as “Chem-trails”. The old boy core of the SSG greatly fears the disclosure of the public ever finding out crashed, recovered, back engineered Alien ET anti-gravity craft (AGCs) and the presence of Alien ETs and treaties with them. They believe this would quickly erode the absolute power of the SSG because it requires abject secrecy to operate and keep the American masses suppressed and neutralized.

Despite this, the Aliens have told the top SSG leaders they must disclose and if they don’t it will be done for them after a certain time limit. And the younger MJs and those new ones who have been “read in” want  disclosure as soon as possible along with zero point aka free energy for the whole world and a quick end to the oil cartel. They know that most of the oil goes to plastics manufacturing and more necessary things.

Insider leaks suggest that the unenforced borders of the southern USA and Europe and the massive immigrations are part of a sinister NWO plan to Globalize the USA and Europe in order to breakdown national sovereignty is being enacted by KM Cutout who are being directed by Alien ET controllers according to their Alien Agenda.

The so-called Alien Agenda which is incredibly parasitical and evil requires globalizing the whole Earth and setting up one central police state government under the Alien top command by using a Hierarchy of Cutouts. This is necessary to be able to assert the degree of control necessary over the masses in order to thin the human herd by 90% and prevent any serious organized resistance, rebellion or revolution while doing so. Some top researchers believe that the top Alien ETs in charge of the City of London and the Select few who run the Khazarian mafia (KM) and the SSG are “insect types”, others claim praying mantis types, while others claim it is large dragon/lizard type Dracos.
Alien ET groups have their own websites and are required to use an identifying logo usually based on the head profile. In fact the official USAF logo is based on the group that runs it at the top, the same group running the BCC and has notably consistent Luciferian beliefs and practices.

Many believe that the Little greys and are the worker bee androids and large greys are the lieutenants and henchmen. All are soulless. The Tall White or Nordics seems to be peaceful and defense oriented only and have secret working arrangements with a small faction in “four corners” SW America with one American Defense Contractor and with a certain faction inside the Russian Federation.

chemtrail_planeThe emergence of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) as well as the Secret Space War Program could have never occurred without the gradual emergence of a complete disconnect between the American People and the USG.
And this was all forcefully and unjustifiably imposed on We The People by the imposition of so-called “National Security” as a false cloak for every kind of unimaginable USG and major defense contractor evil.

The USG’s power to create and enforce National Security was solidified and enhanced by the Pentagon’s war machine that emerged during WW2 and was solidified by winning the war. But it also gained major traction by the notorious Roswell Crash and recovery of an Alien ET anti-gravity craft with dead alien ETs and at least one surviving alien ET.

The most difficult part of the the Secret Space War Program narrative that we do have good evidence for are the “Exchange Treaties” that have been entered into independently between certain Alien ET groups and the leaders of certain nations of the World.

Under these treaties, certain Alien ET groups are allowed to abduct humans in exchange for access to Alien ET high technology including anti-gravity, zero point “free energy”, advanced psychotronic mind-kontrol systems, biological warfare to thin the human herd, and advanced weapon systems.
The treaty the USG made with a certain group referred to as “Tall Greys” supposedly required the Greys to return humans after they were abducted with their memories erased and no negative consequences. But soon several of Alien ET AGCs that crashed showed they were breaking this agreement by butchering humans.
ALIEN-FACE (2)One later treaty in particular has allegedly allowed a certain group of Alien ETs to work in an underground base with humans doing genetic experiments ranging from creating alien/human hybrids, to make androids, to blend electronic devices with human genetics, to clone, to make human/animal chimeras, and to attempt to synthesize the human soul.

It has been reported and I tend to believe it that some select defense contractor officials were so hungry for advanced alien technology that they became “parasitically infected” (taken over) by the alien mindset and now appear to be hived to the alien ETs and their master goal. And what is their master goal?

Apparently if leaked reports are accurate the Alien Agenda includes terra-forming the Earth, making it uninhabitable for humans, thus prepping it for Alien ET mining operations and for their colonization.

The Draco guarding over the City of London Financial District. Is the Draco a “Fallen One” and the secret ruler of the Khazarian Mafia and its world’s largest Organized crime Syndicate which includes all private Central Fiat Banking which lends counterfeit money out for use at pernicious usury to create worldwide debt-slavery?

This Alien Agenda appears to be an age-old one that has taken many centuries to roll out and follows a rigid plan of industrializing the World through war and then centralizing control through a process of Globalization.

Insiders have claimed that despite all the apparent Alien ET high technology and power that would allow them to just take over publicly and do whatever they want, they are constricted under “Cosmic Rules of Play” by a single Creator of all which many view as Almighty God.

Therefore as this narrative goes, these Alien ETs must gain the consent of humans one at a time.
Allegedly in the past on at least two occasions these Dracos which are male only descended (Nephilim) and bred with female humans to create hybrids. they were so evil that God Almighty destroyed them and forbade them to ever walk around freely above ground. Allegedly the Draco leaders believe that if they gain the consent of each human that is alive they can take over without God’s destruction. So the less humans left to gain consent with, the easier it is.

So they do it the most efficient way, they do whatever is necessary to gain the consent of the World’s leaders, the leaders of the largest and most powerful nations of the World.

And then these leaders who have become major Cutouts (aka the “Select Few”) then use advanced mind-kontrol technology provided by the Aliens to influence the public using the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and to gain mass consent to the various societal changes that erode the soul and make it much easier for folks to lose their very soul.

vril-8odinsAnd it is believed by some insiders that one must lose their soul before they will ever cooperate with the major parts of the Evil Alien Agenda which involves eugenics to thin the human herd by 90% and massive chem-trail spraying to terra-form the Earth and alter the climate according to the Draco’s needs.

It is strongly suspected that the Khazarian Mafia (KM) formed an secret alliance with an evil Alien ET group known as the Dracos and received the secret knowledge of Babylonian Talmudism to make money from nothing and create worldwide debt-slavery through the use of Fiat counterfeit money and pernicious usury for renting it out for use to the commoners.
So here is the situation We The People in America find ourselves in.

Without our continued consent to this criminal USG that has been hijacked by a foreign power in 1913, the Alien Agenda cannot continue. So each of us must withdraw consent in any reasonable way we can. 

And those on  the forefront of denying consent are labeled as Domestic Terrorists by DHS and placed on Terror Watch, No Work and No Fly lists and treated as Enemies of the State.

And we already see evidence that consent is now in the process of being withdrawn. What is that evidence?
enemy-of-the-state1 (2)It is the massive worldwide wave of nuggets of truth which are emerging all over the Internet and which the masses are connecting and coming to their own conclusions about reality and these view appears to now be quite populist and directly against the USG’s big lies, false-narratives and  propaganda dispensed by the CMMM. Yes, it is apparent that the CMMM’s spell of mind control is now being broken by the Internet, the World’s New Gutenberg Press.

And as the US economy worsens as more and more US jobs are exported under all the illegal, unConstitutional Free-Trade Agreements, coupled with the mass influx of millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, Americans are being squeezed financially as never before and are waking up by the millions.

How long do you think the average American middle class person who is now in the process of losing everything they ever worked for will sit back and do nothing?

And especially so once they figure out that the RICO criminals who hijacked the USG make their money by printing and issuing it, that is by distributing it or renting it out for pernicious usury in return, while the average American has to work for it at least five days a week?
When mass dissent reaches a certain critical mass, a tipping point will be reached and the ability of the criminal USG to maintain power will erode like snow melting on the first hot, sunny spring day.

Their RICO criminal system will crumble from all sides like a sand castle collapsing in a hard rain.
Yes the forces arrayed against us are foreboding, but do not get discouraged or give up hope. We are making serious progress every day. Never before has the truth emerged and been diffused to the degree it has the last year, thanks to the Worldwide Internet. New facts and important reports and testimonies are now communicated around the World at the speed of light instead of the speed of paper.

One of the biggest immediate threats to the USG’s system of big lies, false-narratives and propaganda dispensed by the CMMM right now is the truth about Sandy Hook that there were no dead kids.

You can download this banned book for free which documents how Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. Share this book with your family and friends and tell everyone that is interested in hearing the truth. How interesting that Wayne Carver M.D., the official coroner who spoke and appeared strangely at the Sandy Hook News Conference when he stated that he hoped this whole thing didn’t come down on their heads, referring to the residents of Sandy Hook.

An interesting development in the issue of disclosure of crashed, recovered and back-engineered UFO and exchange treaties with Alien ETs is the recent large number or programs on TV such as Hanger One, featuring MUFON recovered documents and the Ancient Aliens Series.

The recent production and broadcast of the X-files in a six episode series has many wondering if the official USG disclosure that has been predicted by insiders for many years is now approaching. And the X-files and other TV shows and movies have been disclosing more and more ideas illustrating staged false-flag terror operations. Stay tuned because this is likely to get very interesting soon.

Note: Special thanks and much gratitude to the Directors of VT who have allowed this type of disclosure article and all the various Intel Cowboys who are supportive of this kind of work. You know who you are.