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The Sirius Report by Financial Insider Paul - January 24, 2016

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This blog post is about ongoing developments in Europe and some historical perspective about why Europe has been an integral part of the Cabal plan, which is now collapsing rapidly.

Europe has always been the key battleground for the Cabal as we saw in two world wars and in the creation of the EU which was a Washington initiative brought about as a condition for German reunification. The EU’s very existence depended on stolen Chinese Gold acting as collateral and the fudging of nations entry criteria including currency swaps to hide their true debt, otherwise they would never have been allowed entry under the conditions imposed by the Maastricht treaty. The real purpose of this union has absolutely nothing to do with economic union for the benefit of nations by allowing free trade and movement throughout the member nations. It was another attempt by the cabal to instigate the very aims the Nazi’s wished to achieve in establishing governance and control over Europe and beyond. What is frequently overlooked is that Hitler was bankrolled into power by the Union Banking Corporation in the US, which enabled a nation still labouring under the economic malaise of the Weimar republic to be rebuilt literally overnight and to become a nation capable of fighting a world war within a matter of years. 
The infiltration of Germany, since its very inception as a nation in 187, by the cabal was to ensure their worst possible nightmare of a Berlin - Moscow economic and political axis would never come to pass. If you add Beijing into that equation then that nightmare would become a living demolition of all that the cabal aspired and dreamt of leading to the resurrection of the new Silk Road which would then extend right across Europe in a new economic, social and political paradigm which was about everything US Hegemony was not, namely mutual cooperation between all nations to achieve desired goals which would benefit everyone instead of a chosen elite and their unholy trinity of death, destruction and grand larceny.

So we fast forward to 2016 and we can look at what is unfolding across Europe as another example of how the influence of the cabal is very weak now and member nations of the EU or the cabal league of European nations as I like to refer to them, are beginning to rebel against their masters and seek to develop stronger ties with this new Silk Road initiative via China and Russia.

It is now my understanding that Germany and France have privately struck deals with Russia with respect to this new paradigm, which may in part explain why France recently suffered terrorist attacks and why Germany has been sucked into the mass immigration issue which is engulfing Europe and deeply damaging to Merkel.

The Ukraine western backed coup and subsequent civil war was a pivotal moment when the acceleration to remove the cabal began in earnest via China and Russia, not least because this was a clear attempt to drag Russia into a protracted military conflict and via economic sanctions to bankrupt Russia. This was a clear attempt at bringing down Putin and in the ensuing chaos look to promote positive regime change sympathetic to the cabal. This would have driven a wedge between Russia and China and in the process damage the new paradigm probably irreparably.  However this was always destined to fail as Putin was aware of this coup a year before it was implemented and therefore took the necessary steps to divest trade and bilateral partnerships as well as not being dragged into military action in Ukraine. When via the move to impose sanctions on Russia they were essentially saying that Russia could no longer trade with the dollar Russia duly obliged and said “fine” and in the process contributed to its demise as the global reserve currency. Today Ukraine is now suffering what happens to all nations caught up in conflicts engineered by the cabal, namely economic, political and social ruin coupled with divisions within that nation which can never be healed. As ever the divide and conquer agenda is paramount to the cabal to achieve their aims and sadly humanity continually falls for this with devastating consequences for nations, their people and beyond.

So let us look at a small number of the recent developments which shows what is happening now within Europe which very much illustrates that their design and roadmap for Europe is derailing rapidly, none more so than in early 2016.

Despite its position of prominence within the EU, Germany has paid a huge price given it remains a vassal state of Washington. Merkel is now deeply unpopular with both commerce and lawmakers, not least given that Germany has thousands of companies with a presence in Russia who have been hit by the economic sanctions imposed by the EU. Furthermore it should be noted that Russia has a strong presence in Germany, which has equally been affected by these sanctions that were a dictat via Washington. In recent weeks we have seen evidence of a split within the political ranks with Germany via the announcement by the Bavarian State premier Horst Seehofer, a prominent ally of Merkel, who is threatening to take the German government to court over its deeply unpopular open door refugee policy. Furthermore we have seen the German foreign minister Steinmeier call for a return to institutionalised discussion for the reinstatement of the NATO –Russian council and that he was pleasantly surprised to see that there was significant support for such a move amongst members. In a another clear indication of a growing split with Washington, Germany’s main intelligence agency, the BND, announced it has renewed its intelligence sharing program with the Assad government in Syria and does not intend sharing this information with Washington. It is too early for obvious signs of economic integration with Russia and her allies to be seen, but there is no doubt that the secret talks between Russia and Germany are ongoing and the fruits of their labours will be seen soon enough as commerce is furious at the ongoing damaging subservience to Washington over what economic sanctions are doing economically and politically to Russia who is their natural ally despite the best efforts of the cabal to prevent that from occurring.

UK and Holland
The visit of Premier Xi to both the UK and Holland last autumn to discuss bilateral trade and political cooperation was a clear development that both nations recognise the need to embrace the new paradigm despite their obvious links to the cabal. Both nations had previously announced their intentions to join the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) as part of the 57-nation initiative. In addition, the UK had previously signed trade deals and set up currency swaps with China as further signals of these intentions. There is no doubt that the announcement of the Bank of China participating in the LMBA (London Bullion Market Association) gold benchmark electronic auction process and the China Construction Bank joining the LMBA silver benchmark-setting process was a clear indication that this was part of an ongoing move towards integration with the Shanghai Gold and Silver Exchanges, which intend to replace the paper markets with contracts backed by physical pressure metal leading to the announcement of the Yuan gold price fix which will destroy the grip the fraudulent paper market has had on the spot price of both Gold and Silver.

In a further development, a citizen’s campaign in the Netherlands spearheaded by three strongly Eurosceptic groups garnered more than 300,000 votes needed to trigger a non-binding referendum on the EU cooperation deal with the Ukraine, three months from now. This is seen as a wider indication that the Dutch people are growing ever more tired of EU integration and the damage it is doing also to its nation.

As reported at the head of this update France along with Germany have been in secret talks with Russia about making preparation for the new paradigm and this can now be seen publically as last week it was announced, by the French embassy in Moscow, that the French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron will arrive there on January 25th to discuss the implementation of joint projects and the prospects for cooperation in a wide range of areas with their Russian counterparts.

Italian Prime Minister Renzi is a frequent visitor to Moscow and has repeatedly called for common sense in terms of economic sanctions against Russia and a desire to promote closer ties between them and all EU nations. On his visits the agenda for discussion has included Libya, Ukraine, ISIS, energy issues and economic relations between Italy and Russia. As recent as early January, Putin and Renzi have discussed in detail a number of issues relating to Russian and Italian cooperation, including trade and economic ties, which the Italians initiated. Both sides reaffirmed the importance of continuing joint work for the benefit of the implementation of the mutually advantageous projects.

Much has been made as to why Greece did not leave the EU last year and seemingly Tsipras capitulated under pressure from obvious and yet unreported sources. Recently Varoufakis, the former finance minister, reported that China was ready to bail out Greece but Germany intervened, presumably at the behest of Washington, being the vassal state that they are, to prevent this from happening. However it should be known that despite this intervention Greece is still afforded protection by both China and Russia. This can be illustrated in part by the very recent announcement that China’s Cosco Group has acquired 67% of the Pireaus Port after the company submitted an improved offer of 368.5 million euros. We can expect to see many more such deals as Greece continues to move away from the cabal towards the New Silk Road. Furthermore in early January, the Greek parliament ratified an intergovernmental agreement with Russia on military-technical cooperation.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry, which is still controlled by the government of acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, released a document recently saying it shares the calls of Argentina’s new President Mauricio Macri for the UK to return the Falkland Islands. By supporting the newly elected government in Argentina, Madrid also reaffirmed its territorial dispute with the UK over the sovereignty of Gibraltar. In addition, the desire for Catalonia to seek independence from Spain rages on and we would expect this to happen in due course.

Supporters and opponents of Moldova's government appointed on January 20 are going to take to the streets in the capital Chisinau on Sunday in a joint show of protest.  Opponents do not recognise the new government under the leadership of Prime Minister Pavel Filip insisting that the country has been seized by oligarchs. Furthermore they do not recognise the new cabinet of ministers and are insisting on the dissolution of parliament and an early parliamentary election. It should come as no surprise that Moldova is seen by the cabal as strategically important in their drive to push the borders of NATO ever closer to that of Russia’s.

Hungary remains a nation infiltrated by Western cabal but is seeking measures to remove that control and influence via bilateral agreements with its natural ally Russia. President Orban is expected to visit Moscow on 17th February to meet Putin and other leaders to discuss cooperation within the nuclear energy sector but presumably about other trade deals as well. It has recently also been reported that Hungary plans to buy around 30 Russian helicopters with the value of the contract expected to reach $490 million.

An anti- NATO petition calling for a referendum on the country’s accession to the alliance has gathered enough signatures already, claim opposition leaders, to force the government to have to conduct a ballot. In ever growing numbers the people are deeply suspicious now of their nation’s involvement with NATO seeing themselves as pawns in a game against Russia which is deeply damaging for their own nation’s prosperity and wellbeing.

Recent Economic Indicators in 2016
In recent weeks we have seen Deutsche Bank post losses for the financial year end of $7bn citing litigation issues as the main reason.

Spain is about to experience its biggest corporate insolvency ever. Unlike Bankia and all of Spain’s other bankrupt savings banks, Abengoa, a Seville-based multinational specialized in renewable energy and “environmental services,” is unlikely to receive a taxpayer-funded bailout following the recent announcement that the company was seeking preliminary protection from creditors.

In Italy, a run has begun on Italian Banks with Depositors taking out money in a panic move fuelled by fears that banks are in serious trouble. Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena Spa’s recently shed 20% of its value as the bank scrambled to reassure investors its finances are solid, saying that it has suffered outflow of deposits as a result of stock market jitters.

In recent weeks we have seen a number of banks announce reductions in their workforce and in some cases ceasing operations in countries altogether. Some notable examples include Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Barclays. Expect to see many more layoffs within Europe and elsewhere.

However, as reported previously, expect to see the entire banking system implode when the inevitable collapse in the Western financial system happens and the much vaunted but misunderstood RESET happens which is expected in the early part of 2016. The acceleration in developments, in the first 3 weeks of 2016, detailed on this blog and on our Facebook page, suggest that this very much remains the case.

It should also be noted that the ECB is suggesting additional QE measures presumably in a futile attempt to shore up the markets against a backdrop of economic reality which leads us onto the next update in which I will look to illustrate some of the financial indicators which demonstrate precisely why the mainstream economic talking heads are deliberately misleading people about the current state of the global economy.

My name is Paul, I am a high level financial insider with a  background in physics and business/finance.

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