Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tory Smith Update "Andrew D Basiago raped and killed milab children"

By: Wyrmspleen

Tory Smith is making video statements that are VERY full on, including milab facilities and locations, child trafficking, child sacrifice and child rape in detail including the names of presidents, senators, ceos, secret service, military generals and so on, he says human meat is recycled and that 99% of Americans have consumed it believing it otherwise, he states Andrew D Basiago the runner up for Vice President and Project Pegasus time travel whistleblower has raped and killed milab children and also talks on the cloning facilities and technology, he has been in contact with reptilian and other non humans including the blue avians, of which it has been suggested through the information of Shane the Ruiner are only the result of Corey Goode's milab involvement - can anyone comment further this material and Tory's information

Published on Jan 18, 2016
Kim Jong IL traded 326 children for a diamond necklace for one of his girlfriends. Xi Jinping gave the children to the Air Force who delivered them to Nellis AFB in Nevada. Jeb Bush clone selected for next president and Andrew D Basiago selected for VP.


Why are we always presented with movies showing the children being taken - Golden Compass, The Labyrinth, Childhood's End, Pan, etc. Tory's information corroborates others experiences and other information puzzle pieces can find placement. Posting for interest.