Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wall Street Markets Continues Death Spiral - Main Stream Media Hits Panic Button- January 13, 2016

Wall Street continues to crash today.  All markets are in the red as of January 13, 2016 at 4:00pm est.

-2.21% 16,151.28 / -364.94  - DOW
 -3.41% 4,526.07 / -159.85 - NASDAQ
 -2.50% 1,890.29 / -48.39 - S&P

Here are the financial headlines of main stream media and financial gurus!

Money Morning-4 hours ago
So what Edwards is forecasting is a full on stock market crash. ... possibly hitting a low of 550 in the event of a 2016 stock market crash.
The Guardian-Jan 12, 2016
Stock markets have already come under severe pressure in 2016, with the FTSE 100 down more than 5% in its worst start since 2000.
Gold Seek-5 hours ago
As stock markets all over the globe start the week with more cliff diving, following their worst opening week in history, I'd like to take this ...
The Sun-8 hours ago
Global stock markets could fall by up to 20% with the price of oil plumetting to $16 a barrel, according to RBS analysts. RBS. Fears grow that the ...


by azure on January 13, 2016

Ok, aside from Galactics and Guru’s. Lets look at the facts.

Oil prices are tumbling and predicted to go to even lower

10 dollars a barrel? That must have the Hedge fund managers and Big Bank’s futures trading division up in a tizzy. There is no way they can cover prices like that with the futures numbers they predicted. Their derivative exposure will be substantial.

Chinese markets continue to fall as their own credit bubble bursts.

Oh the various plunge protection teams in China and the US have swung into action but how long can they cover for this? The real economy has already collapse which is shown by the zero baltic dry index. No ships are transversing the Atlantic. The first time in history this has happened meaning there’s no international trade. Zero nada zilch.

Bottom line is that the bankers are exposed. There is no credit. China has instructed their banks not to accept US dollars. No T Bills, Bonds, Fed notes.

All of this to hasten and accelerate the financial collapse and put pressure on the Fed and the Cabal. There is no way out of this.

Victory of the Light!