Friday, January 1, 2016

White Hat Auxiliaries Update - Fact Check #129 - January 1, 2015 Restatement Of Purpose For 2016

Hello and Happy New Year!

The following are my words alone.

After some thought, I decided to close our last thread for the year, and will stay on this one until December 31, 2016, or there is some news of great importance to announce. I thank you all for your blog contributions, your support of the White Hats and your hard work and dedication to set good examples as citizens of your respective nations.

I had not intended to write this, but after some recent observations on this blog and other places, I thought it best to offer a recapitulation as to why WHA exists and also offer some opinions.

The mission statement is simple.

To Unite In Support of The White Hats and Accurately Inform About The Mission to Release The World Global Settlements/Global Currency Reset

The key points are to “unite in support”, and “accurately inform”. The former is simply done by gathering here at the blog. The latter is accomplished by simply bringing forward any information about the relevant activities germane to our mission statement, from DIRECT contact with involved parties, and not broker-dreamers, NESARA high priestesses, or dinar pitchmen who use cleverly worded pablum that taps into the emotions of people who are easily lead to believe that “Donations Macht Frie”.

You have often heard us convey that “what can be told to us, will be, at the right time”. This arrangement remains in place and we have some good people to thank for this. For their hard work, they ask nothing but being the best person you can be, and to plan for anything so that you can assist others in what may come. In the meantime, take comfort that we won’t have to guess if any news that comes from our contact is legitimate or not.

For all of 2015, many bloggers and self appointed “intel providers” and NESARA salesmen continued their shtick to the predictable and inevitable false conclusions that they specialize in. This is no surprise. It creates, among many, a complacency that falsely conveys that personal effort is not needed to increase ones personal fortunes. Sadly, many have been lulled into this dangerous frame of mind to their detriment, and the bulk of the “intel call” audiences are languishing in total peonage from the induced lethargy created by injections of such unsubstantiated predictions. Many have remained stultified for literally decades by this. Jim Jones had nothing on these actors.

Nothing comes without a price. As stated in the movie, Magnificent Obsession, “…but I warn you, the investment of one’s life in others, and the alignment of one’s self to the forces that lead up and on….this does not come cheap!“

This is very true for many reasons.  With this in mind, I wish to briefly share an opinion on something that I feel is important to consider so that you can attain an effective footing in a world that is arranged to trap and ensnare those who do not think things through to the possible outcome if certain paths are taken. You may disagree. That’s fine. But I beg you to consider the forces that are waiting for the naive and those who rashly court disaster, or insist that you do as a matter of “honor”.

The Internet is awash with many ideas that outline a clandestine system of management of people as economic chattel via a “strawman”. These systems are ostensibly used by powerful people who “own you”. You are then farmed as an asset over your lifetime and your “account” is the commodity they trade to maintain their position. Enormous time, effort and resources are diverted into spreading this information, and further, some bring these ideas framed as legal arguments to get out of traffic tickets, taxes, criminal charges, asset seizures and the like. Most, if not all who do, fail, and pay a heavy price in terms of civil seizure, criminal charges and prison time.

Remember, in any tactical position you have to consider your opponent and know him better than you know yourself. If you fail to do so, you risk defeat. If you charge across a field, you better have the benefit of knowing what you are charging into. To bring down upon you and your family, something so onerous and formidable as a judicial system, with endless funding behind it, is potentially a life altering event that you may come to regret. I know of many who tried and paid heavy prices. And in the end, they did not accomplish anything but personal ruin.

The moral of the story is simple. Let the big dogs, like the White Hats, do the heavy lifting and take the risks of their tasks. They are equipped for such. They have performed reconnaissance and know the ground. They are in their respective positions for a good reason.

If change is to come that is akin to being free of your “strawman”, it will not come from mass public organizing. History shows us that changes of this nature are rarely accomplished in such ways. Our job is to stay strong as individuals and communities so we can take whatever benefits we are lucky enough to have, post GCR, to advance into new horizons that leave the present systems, including any monetary slave management by banking cartels, behind.

You cannot be effective in this if you are languishing in jail or fighting off tax cruds or legal problems, no matter what kind of “article court” you are in.

It’s fine to understand about these things and know they exist, but don’t then walk into a hornet’s nest while trying to fight a battle on your own. By all means, stand up for your rights in all things. But, don’t saddle yourself with impediments that prevent you from being free to maneuver once anticipated changes are upon us. You are of no value to anyone in that position. Not to yourself, your family, your fellow man, or anyone that you could be helping otherwise. Consider the practical nature of anything you undertake as a personal way of conducting your affairs, and don’t buy a bill of goods that has no beneficial use.

If such systems of control do exist, and are crimes against us, then let the big dogs perform the duty of disclosing it at the right time, via mass communication of an appropriate nature, with the consent of those who are duty bound and empowered to act on it. That, by in large, is not you or I as individuals, or bloggers who wish to argue how right they are, while accomplishing nothing.

The situation we find ourselves in as a culture, and the incredibly incompetent way we manage our planet’s resources, will not be remedied by placing yourself at odds with a leviathan. It will be solved by moving forward and away from the very systems that have now grown obsolete and no longer relevant vis-à-vis the technology we now possess. That’s simply a fact that future generations will come to find as more and more jobs are lost to technology.

The gateway to the future is being worked on by good people who are trying very hard to wrest control from the very few who have had too much power for too long. Once done, if successful, then resources will be placed into the hands of those who are intelligent and gifted at engineering the way forward for all of us, based on new paths that the development of new technologies will allow. We cannot turn our backs on this. To do so is to willfully agree that we are incapable of forward progress, yet it is demonstrated all too often that the opposite is the case.

Be active, be productive, be prepared. But please, don’t work so hard at becoming a target. By trying to fight against the idea of being an “economic slave”, you will in turn become one by attracting the force of legal action against you. What you resist, you become.

So, again, if you wish to spend time reading about such, by all means, do so if you feel your time is of a premium for such things. But, I suggest you be very, very careful in applying it to open warfare with a formidable system that is well-funded, well entrenched and means to hold their ground at all cost.

Many thanks again to our WH contact, his staff, and their colleagues the world over. Without them, the path would be dark.

We saw some major changes in international financial power in 2015. From the AIIB to the inclusion of the Yuan in the SDR basket, it was one for the books. Also, it was established that a lot of what is now going on cannot be discussed in broad detail by our fine contacts. We can assume this is for good reasons and underscores the magnitude of their work.

Let’s see what 2016 brings. Be ready for anything.

With sincere appreciation and thanks to all of you,