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Why I'm Still a Lightworker (Op-Ed by 'The Unknown Lightwarrior')

Why I'm Still a Lightworker

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Due to the aggressive, strategic and multi-pronged attack on Lightworker relationships… most of which were beautiful relationships run by love, as an attempt by darkness to break-up, divide and conquer us… not to mention blow the wind out of the planetary liberation sails...

…coupled with the double whammy of trying to separate and cut-off physical Lightworkers from non-physical Lightworker/Beings (like Archangels, ascended masters, guides, etc)… by the subtle, yet pervasive manipulation of prominent authors, speakers and radio personalities in the alternative media world through the over-emphasis on the whole false-light meme...

... and the not-so-accurate article that went viral some time ago titled: Why I’m No Longer A Lightworker. The net effect of which increases the nightmare possibility of ending up on timelines where The Event occurs much later in time.

All this has necessitated the need to bring clarity, solidity and fundamental facts to bear on our planetary liberation efforts, and thus our soul purpose. Moreover …the quickening of the return of Love and the Divine Goddess as the ‘governing force’ (if you will) on the surface of this thoroughly pillaged planet.

I’ll keep it short and to the point as possible, so we can cut through the illusions quicker, (... not just because time is running ever faster and the hours continue to grow shorter as we approach zero point).

What Being a Lightworker is really all about, and why this planet needs YOU, as a Lightworker

Before we dissect and bring much needed clarity to the things the above mentioned article espouses… it’s important that you know that I state the following with the UTMOST respect to the author of the article, and other authors/speakers who espouse the same thing. They're comrades, we’re on the same side, and there’s nothing at all personal or disrespectful in what I’m about to say.

That said… it’s clarity time… (like the old saying goes: There’s power in clarity).

The first correction required, is that the article makes the presupposition that a Lightworker’s role is to fight for the Light. And thus, the Lightworker gets stuck on one side of an artificial Light vs. Dark paradigm set up by Darkness.

Not quite the case...

Firstly… A Lightworkers' role is not to fight for the Light.

It’s to fight for TRUTH…

... (and here’s the critical distinction)...

… regardless of what that truth is.

The truth of who & what we are… the truth of where we originate from… the truth about reality, the truth about ALL THAT IS… etc, etc.

A Lightworkers' job is to remove the MUCK… the black tar… the illusions… the lies & deceit… the back-to-frontness… noise and chaos… and GARBAGE, that sits on top of truth, and covers it up. And a Lightworker does this primarily by anchoring more Light in to this realm.

A Light-'warrior' is simply a more active & aggressive version of this. They tend to deal with darkness directly, because that’s what they’re built for.

Now… it just so happens that TRUTH, about who we are, all-that-is, etc… is:

... Light.

... or Love, if you prefer. Which as you know, is… Source. Hence the term Lightworker…

It is what unconditional freedom is based on. A ‘by-product’ of living and being in Truth/Light, that we’re all fighting for, in our own unique pre-ordained way.

The Great Dis-connector: 

The ‘False Light’ Meme.

So the story goes… according to this false light meme… all Archangels & every other sort of Light-being are almost certainly or at least generally dark beings posing as Light-beings, and are part of a false light polarity they control, and it’s one of their main mechanisms of control.

This is certainly true with the death-reincarnation cycle, whereby after physically dying you end up in front of ‘light’ beings telling you… “Ohhh well… you did this wrong and that wrong and you have to go back now and ‘repay’ that karma or this karma or uphold this or that vow because you left your child or failed your brother when they needed you…“ (...You know how all that goes). And off we go for more fun & games, STUCK in karmic loops.

Darkness posing as Light-beings is nothing new. And like its physical pawns… it sure tries to set up a Them vs. Us paradigm that it controls to keep us going around in circles forever.

There are many tricks in darkness’s toolbox… That’s only one of them… (and for the record, you should certainly have a simple but effective protocol for connecting with the authentic Light-beings you normally work with, to make sure it really is them).

However…small problem…

The over-emphasis (in proportion & relation to everything else) on the whole false Light meme in the alternative media and spiritual circles by certain authors/speakers, has more served to break-up physical Lightworkers from their non-physical brethren (and their SUPPORT), than it has to make Lightworkers more aware, cautious and vigilant with their discernment.

It’s made MANY think that every Light being is a dark being in disguise… and break off -or at least infect- their connection to their CRITICAL support base. That way… Lightworkers/Warriors become easy pickings for darkness, taking us -off- our soul path and purpose in this time & space.

THAT’S been the deliberate goal of darkness.

And this is extremely damaging to the invaluable teamwork… co-ordinated action… and cohesion required to liberate this planet… and ourselves with it!

It reached a point where even Cobra had to add a notification within a past post of his, informing everyone of an Archon campaign of very subtle but effective manipulation - making many believe and tow-the-line of… “you’re really dealing with false light beings, and the whole Light side is one end of a duality set up by darkness”. Therefore, you're unwittingly working for Darkness.

This is simply a more subtle form of the old tactic, “divide & conquer”. That’s the goal…

... and for us, that’s… NOT GOOD.

So the false Light meme continues with the advice of; having your own connection with source and withdraw completely from the false Light Vs Dark duality. So… on one hand you supposedly have:

1) YOU, and your own connection to source, and or your inner being/light/higher self.

2) And on the other hand, you have the false Light/Dark duality game that darkness controls.

Now imagine your two hands out in front, with each of those two on either hand...

Then notice what dawns on you…

That’s right…

Duality/polarity… once again.

... it's just the next level up.

Talk about going round in circles hey…

Oh… and the whole karma thing…
Being a Lightworker has nothing to do with karma, let alone ‘re-paying’ it. Karma is something you are NOT obligated to experience. If you did something “bad” it is completely of your own choosing to go heal it. You have complete sovereignty over this choice. My humble suggestion is to base such decisions on your own morals, ethics & 5D (higher) get clarity first. Not fulfil any expectations, demands, or obligations from anything outside of you, let alone be enslaved by them.

So fight for TRUTH… strive for TRUTH in all things… because the truth will set you (and the enslaved)… FREE.

Truth is a major aspect of pure Light/Love anyway. For Lightworkers… It’s all about the path to Light that truth takes humanity through… not just Light itself.

Light/Source/Love… let alone unconditional freedom… is merely where truth leads to.

If truth… of the kind that sets you FREE… sets humanity free, (and puts a final end to this completely screwed up situation)... is something you feel and know is what you’re all about…then pick up your shield & sword (… or wand) of truth. 

... and fight for Truth...

Thus …be a Lightworker…

... and be PROUD of it!

Ps. It’s important to mention, there are two types of Lightworkers & Lightwarriors. Those who are conscious of it, and those who are not, (… the later tend to be in the alphabet soup agencies, Pentagon, etc)…

Pps. Don’t wear the whole ‘Lightworker thing’ as an ego identity either, to satisfy the ego's need for a comfy identity within the matrix. That’s definitely not the message. It’s simply about why you’re here, and your purpose.

Ppps. And yes, unconditional freedom includes honouring & not infringing on the freedom of others.

Yours Truly
The Unknown Lightwarrior

The Unknown Lightwarrior is a member of a small but powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or by travel, clear & restore to the Light; natural or man-made landmarks, natural and man-made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, plasmatic planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to The Event. To support their current project, go to: