Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Cause of All Disease: A New Theory of Pathogenesis

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A molecule-eye view of water. Source:

I am not the first to see what you are about to read, but to my knowledge the following idea that we will cover has rarely been articulated. It has to do with pathogenesis: the true cause of diseases.
Real scientists have looked for, and in some cases, found “cures,” but have not really been clear on actual causes. In hindsight, it is easy to see why. If we knew the real causes, we’d immediately call a halt to a multitude of behaviors and institutional practices.

What I am about to offer is very simple.

Given my recent commentary on what appears to be an intentional and sustained psiops campaign against the people of the world, that pits group against group in escalating levels of mayhem, the evidence supports that disease causation is also an intentional component in the operation.
But how?

Through the virtually ubiquitous insinuation and use of chemicals throughout our society, in land, sea, and atmosphere, and in plants, animals, and humans, from first breath to last, and everywhere in-between. 

It’s that simple. Why is another story that we need not get into now, but due to their effect on living microbial systems, the wide-spread use of chemicals cause the metabolic dysfunctions that we generally classify as chronic and degenerative diseases.

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