Monday, June 27, 2016

Leo Zagami and Chris Everard Expose the Black Pope


AIRED: 06-26-2016

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(This is the most comprehensive expose on the Black Pope and the links between black magic and Freemasonry every broadcast – this is two hours of fast-paced, action packed broadcasting with a whistleblower who is a former 33rd degree freemason and member of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis – we discuss the summoning of demonic entities, the Baphomet, the Yazidi ethos who believe that Satan is the brother of Jesus, the Trilateral Commission meeting in Rome on the same day that Bernie Sanders flies in to meet the Pope and the Pope air lifts Yazidi children out of refugee camps in Greece to be living with the Pope in the Vatican. We also discuss a satanic ritual attended by top politicians – LEO ZAGAMI’s “Confessions” series of books are available from Amazon and are absolutely amazing. You can see Leo presenting a new TV show on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL called THE OCCULT WORLD – this is the first broadcast ever which shows that the OTO are joining forces with Baba mystics in India who eat every meal from a human skull, they eat the flesh of corpses and eat excrement – and it is the OTO which has manoeuvred itself into a commanding position over world freemasonry – Leo exposed all these scandals and was then spelled from Freemasonry!)