Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Republic Update from Winston Shrout - June 14, 2016

By Tad | youhavetheright.com


Here is an interview I did well over a month ago. It was basically up to
date for that time, but these matters are moving along at a rapid rate. As
of yesterday the Black Nobility has surrendered. The historic Black Nobility
have been in control of the finances on the planet for centuries in
conjunction with their galactic masters. Our galactic friends have
neutralized the dark interference from off world, and with ‘no way out’ (or
off as the earth has been quarantined … no one off and no one on).
With these blockages removed the reset of the financial matrix for the planet
can now be fully implemented.

With the final default of Puerto Rico at the first of May, the US Inc. has
finally come to an end having been in receivership for a couple of years for
failure to successfully negotiate their Chapter 11 bankruptcy as ‘debtor in
possession’. That means that all ‘fictions’ of government created by the US
Inc. are now dis-incorporated.

As the scripture says: he that eyes will see …

Why isn’t this on the nightly news? Well, if you are reading this then you
are probably one of the small minority whose ‘eyes’ have been opened. This
has been one of the goals of WSSIC. No, it has not been only about traffic
tickets and third party debt collectors, but about removing the scales of
darkness from our eyes so that we can see things as they truly are. Will the
vast majority of the people in the country come to that realization? Yes,
but the exposure will be over time. Cognitive dissonance would set in if a
person were exposed to too much too quickly. The scripture again indicates
line upon line, here a little and there a little.

This in no way prevents anyone from learning at their own speed, and you can
go as fast as you want.

Many have asked me about the federal indictment that I have been dealing
with. For the most part I have hesitated to openly comment on that. While I
appreciate people’s interest and best wishes, there were operations in
conjunction with that which I felt hesitant to open up. Soon I will write
that up when I think it wise.

In any event enjoy this YouTube presentation which someone has put together
from an interview which I did. By the time you get this and open it, it will
be ‘historical’ … things running in high gear at this time. -Winston


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