Wednesday, June 29, 2016

OP-ED - Walk of Shame - June 29, 2016

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Honestly, it's amazing to see the children of the cabal being helplessly marched out of power after over a dozen millennia of controlling just about every aspect of human civilization.

I know for many reading this, the mere thought of world domination is too much to fathom, let alone process and rationally work through a pre-existing control mechanism already in place governing our lives.  Yet with current geopolitical and global financial events rapidly unfolding now, perhaps it's wise to revisit this wild notion and consider one simple fact… those with the gold, make the golden rules.

The above cabal leaders and their secrete families, as well as the nations they claim to love and govern benevolently, simply do not own the vast majority of the world's gold reserves.  That title goes to the Hun Race located across nations in Southeast Asia, with a healthy contribution coming from old sovereign European families.  Together, they are the real power of the world, as they control the vast majority of the world's tangible hard assets, gold included… thus they make and enforce the golden rules.

In fact, none of the above leaders pictured have any gold to speak of themselves, rather they each represent individual factions of one larger cabal  family, that works in secrete to congeal power and convince the world of their omnipotence through treachery, manipulation and propaganda... financially, militarily and diplomatically.  

Historically, they date back to once very powerful global emperors, but are now just naked replicas of times long gone, and their commitment to darkness is being fully brought into the light… even right in the manicured compounds scattered across Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, North, Latin and Central America.  

Long ago, these dark nobility families learned it was far safer and much easier to appoint trained stage actors to represent the illusion of a sovereign leader then actually groom them for shadow world government duty.  So they plotted and panned, then attempted to implement the dismantling all human freedoms, beyond a point of no return, that would permanently enslave the meek of the earth via constant barrage of fear based fiat religious and cultural wars, usury debt financial central banks, military industrial complexes, geo-enginereed seed manipulations, mass media propaganda campaigns, inaccurate historical education and an endless series of false flag events meant to weaken our will and mold our minds into submissive trans-humans, begging for their self-appointed authority figureheads to regulate and govern every aspect of our lives… without offer the individual citizen any significant means by which to defend himself or family should we suddenly have a free-thinking moment and change our mind.  

Wow, that's a lot to consider.  Perhaps.  But consider this… the above picture represents several world leaders taking a collective "walk of shame" after one of their pre-coordinated false flag events in Paris last year (Je Suis Charlie).  Now Barack Obama, Joe Biden and the US Congress are not pictured above, but by all means consider them all a part of this grand political cabal.  Together, they attempted one final grand show of solidarity and strength, with scripted optics that attempted to re-assert their power as omnipotent cabal leaders over the masses on every continent.  

Clearly, that kite did not fly.  So here we are today, unraveling our way through their insane lust for absolute power and ultimate control.  Because in reality, everyone in geopolitical and sovereign circles already knew that the cabal's power base had dictated beyond the point of no return, without any real hope of ever  regaining emotional or vibrational control over humanity.  And all power they believed they once had was already gone before they marched in solidarity, in fact, their ability to convince their own nations had already completely reversed by the time Je Suis Charlie (aka Charlie Hebdo) was staged.  

It's actually sad watching these once proud puppets walk without their dark nobility handler's strings.  As each of them are now just pathetic, formless, soulless individuals drifting off to slaughter.  Soon all of them will be without any personal relevance or public attention.  What then?  Will Angela Merkel turn to Uber driving?  Will BiBi Netanyahu wait tables at the Tel Aviv Applebees?   Maybe Barry Soreto will do an Off-Broadway quirky Vaudeville Show called, "The Impeachable Dreams of My Father."    

No matter what these relics of past power structures do post RV, know that their significance in human affairs has eroded beyond unrecognizable levels, making staged political events like Brexit just fancy a well publicized temper tantrum.  Even financially in London, it's had little to no long-term effect on the FSTE--UK stock market--as it closed higher today then just after the Brexit announcement Friday morning. 

Pourqoi? Because the cabal has no gold.  And those who have a vast, vast majority of all in-ground hard assets are once again enforcing the golden rules, which have created a an irreversible momentum that these trained stage actors / world leaders simply cannot overcome in a court of public opinion no matter how many publicity stunts they pull or elegant speeches they give.  

Remember, the Hun Elders have been mining, vaulting and leveraging their own golden assets for over five millennia.  Making the once seemingly invincible yet invisible Dark Nobility families of Eastern Europe common folk, neutered and outed as thieves and liars, including their fiat money / usury debt scam. 

Folks, it's truly all over but the shouting and the release of our toll free numbers for currency redemptions.  

So what are we now bearing witness to?  The storm's chaos or calm?  Is this a dangerous time in human history or just the benevolent start of infinite possibility?  Are we headed for economic collapse or witnessing the strategic elimination and permanent eradication of a secrete banking cabal family?  

Because if in fact Brexit was nothing more than an elaborate temper tantrum meant to distract the world's attention away from the cabals rapid demise, as well as one last fiscal 9/11 to sink the world's financial markets and remain in control of Europe at the very least, it didn't work… and won't again.  Meaning, the cabal truly has nothing left… no bullets left in the holster, no Viagra left in the pill box… rendering their remaining public minions defenseless. humiliated and utterly vanquished.  

Lord, can a brother get a hhallelujah!?  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!

What's funny about the whole "remain" versus "leave" campaign referendum in Great Britain, is the fact that the cabal choose "leave" as their exit strategy.  Genius actually, but none-the-less ironic given that all of these hate filled and demonic leaders are now being forced to "leave" their thrones of power.  

Ironic too that UK Prime Minister David Cameron was ceremoniously first to take the Hara-Kiri sword in the stomach on "Downing Street."  Naturally, this purging is certain to continue, and Sir David will soon be followed by all cabal puppet leaders across Europe, for none of which can "remain" in power after intentionally deceiving their nation's citizenry   

What's also interesting is that the Brexit stunt may accelerate the elimination of the City of London as the leading financial swap center in Europe for both the Chinese Renimbi/Yuan and European Union's Euro.  Turns out, the Chinese weren't so pleased about having their June - 2nd Quarter / July - 3rd Quarter transition scheduled interrupted.  Because when the UK abruptly left town before the European Union's mutually negotiated transition plan could be properly executed, consequences had to come and come quickly they have--as the long-time Rothschild headquarters known worldwide as "The City," is at this hour being dismantled and made irrelevant in financial circles.  Oops.      

So if all these world leaders are now made to walk away in shameful retreat, the question curious minds want answered next is… "Who will be replacing them?  And what's their collective agenda?"  Perhaps maybe those leaders are already in place, and maybe, just maybe, there's already a better way laid out of us to move forward:

God is with us.