Thursday, June 30, 2016

Peter Kirby’s History of Chemtrails and The New Manhattan Project Details

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Chemtrails 2016

Peter A. Kirby recently put together a short video which gives a rough overview of the history of today’s New Manhattan Project.

Author and researcher Peter Kirby confirms many of the chemtrail activists suspicions in his book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.  Peter presents readers with documentation regarding global weather modification projects involving unmanned aircraft that disperse a variety of metal particles into the atmosphere, in turn creating a charged electromagnetic energy field. He suggests that the NMP is possibly headed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The author lays out some fairly convincing historical information regarding weather modification programs that date back to the 1940’s as well as the work of Nikola Tesla, who he feels may be the actual inventor of The New Manhattan Project (NMP). He claims that America has led the clandestine project’s early development to the present day deployment.

In the article ‘Chemtrails Exposed: New Manhattan Project Conclusions’ Peter Kirby  covers Tesla’s research and says that “According to his latest biographer (Carlson), Tesla’s confiscated papers amounted to, “two truckloads of materials” along with “eighty barrels and bundles” of other stuff. If you have not read “Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age,” it is highly recommended. In my opinion, it is the best Tesla biography.”
“This video covers the inception and roll-out of the project, early experiments, the development of ionospheric heaters, and the evolution of this project’s command and control apparatus.  I hope you find it entertaining and informative.” Peter Kirby
Here is an excerpt from Peter’s latest video to the public:

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