Friday, June 17, 2016

RV & New Republic Master Plan Revealed - "What If..." RV Thesis - June 17, 2016

"What If…" - RV Thesis - Friday- June 17, 2016 (5)

What if…

What if… things are not as they appear?

What if… fantasy is now reality, and all the short-term chaos and suffering is really just a benevolently master plan set up for long-term peace and prosperity?

What if… the long standing dark financial, political, media and military cabal has long been removed from power and a benevolent master plan is right now playing out before our very eyes in real time?

What if… President Obama and Vice President Biden have long ago taped a duel resignation speech request by Pope Francis when he was in Washington back in September 2015?

What if… John Boehner also stepped down at the Pope's request so that Paul Ryan could be positioned as Speaker of the House and one day become the sitting US President prior to the Republican Convention in mid July?

What if… Paul Ryan knew of this benevolent master plan in advance, and was even allowed to witness Obama's resignation speech before making his decision to accept the Speaker position?

What if… Paul Ryan also had guarantees from ancient Chinese Elders and the BRICS nations that the following year he would be allowed to freely run for new Republic President as the sitting interim Republic President--after 8 years of a horrific Democratic Obama Presidency?

What if… Paul Ryan only accepted the Speaker's role because potentially he could be a legal and historically positive three term US President of the newly restored Republic of the United Sates, which not so coincidentally would also coincide with a massive financial fiscal hydration (plus no lingering debt)?

What if… Bernie Sanders was offered a similar deal on the other side of the political aisle, having pre-witnessed Hillary Clinton's resignation speech from public life due to severe health issues?

What if… this is why the 74 year old Bernie Sanders has stayed in a political race that statistically everyone knows he has no shot of winning?

What if… this is also why Bernie's recent national announcement last night was just part of a master plan roll out strategy the begins his Presidential run as the Democratic Presidential nominee just as Republican nominee Paul Ryan was allowed to the do the same earlier in the day?

What if… Obama's resignation speech is being held back to serve as a natural mass media cover event for the RV to quietly come and go beneath the certain global breaking news close that always over exposures such matters?

What if… Donald Trump is not radical at all, but rather a sly fox who intentionally played out a long scripted villain role that organically covalesques fringe voting support, which he ultimately plans to turn over to Paul Ryan before the Republican Convention next month?

What if… in return for peacefully ending his candidacy and endorsing newly sitting President Paul Ryan due to Obama's/Biden's resignation, Mr. Trump is awarded tremendous business & real estate contracts in mainland China and across Southeast Asia--expanding his ego driven Trump brand to unprecedented new international exposure heights?

What if… Hillary Clinton has agreed played the exact same "lost leader" role for Bernie Sanders, so that one day she can turn over her massive voting block to her closest Democratic competitor, in return for amnesty after a career of crimes intentionally committed against the Republic?

What if… the overly Jewish Bernie Sanders pre-accepted both the Democratic nomination and ultimately a losing role in the upcoming Presidential election this November because he knew his radical liberal platform could never win a national election in country is vastly conservative and Christian?

What if… Bernie Sanders is just playing the patsy for Paul Ryan to become President (because it's in the best interest of the country) in exchange for a healthy retirement package from the Chinese Elders / BRICS nations, as well as a nice cherry on top of his political career, which by the way demands a hefty corporate speaking engagement premium fee?

What if… the RV has been held back to globally to ensure financial and military compliance for all sovereign nations in agreement with this benevolently crafted master plan?

What if… the RV and Obama's taped speech are released at the exact same moment before the June's end, giving the nation just enough time to redeem, but not enough time to alter the November election and upset the political strategy from unfolding early in July?

What if… the defunct and seemingly less than worthless Zimbabwe Dollar really is the new reserve currency for the entire continent of Africa--and at least mathematically, has more than ten times more value than the new gold backed currency of Chinese (Yuan or Renminbi… aka the new global reserve currency)?

And what if… this is the first you're hearing about this benevolent master plan that allows humanity and planet earth to thrive without limitation?

What if…
What if…
What if…