Sunday, June 26, 2016

RV/GCR Intel Report - "Dow Futures - Monday - June 27, 2016"
Dow Futures - Monday - June 27, 2016 

 Dow-718.00  /  -4.00%
Data as of Jun 24
The above negative sell pre-order number means that US equities are to be sold off at a record pace tomorrow morning. 

US markets are currently set to begin the trading day (9:00am EST) down over -700 points at the opening bell--and possibly much more depending on how London, Germany, France and Spain markets open hours earlier (3:00am EST).

Yes, this negative trend could spiral out of control, causing an automatic shutoff mechanism to trigger (7% loss) forcing the NYSE to trading in its tracks.  

But no matter where our markets begin or end, know that  malevolent Western Market Makers are fully aware their Eastern Market Makers have taken command of the global economy by subtle but overt force, and China/BRICS have officially flipped the RV switch as of yesterday night at 12:01am.

This means the new, benevolent, digital, transparent and gold backed  financial system is functioning starting your banking/business day Monday morning.  And no longer will this new system leaders even recognize the existence of past cabal banks, currencies or financial instruments associated with the old system.  
Any asset or account that went unsettled before the RV switch was  flipped, now will simply die on the vine.  That said, over 203 countries rushed into final settlement Saturday morning at 11:30am.  This included all remaining or outstanding sovereign debts and final opening currency rates on the new system.

Translated this means the globe has accepted a level, fair and balanced reconciliation understanding for all financial assets and future trading procedures, and the world has achieved fiscal parity.

As a direct result, any shadow government politician or banker still attaching himself to the old system (cabal) is at this very moment being purged from positions of power by sheer ideological default.  Countries are scrambling to avoid another horrific financial day in their markets.  But sadly, Europe is the cabals stronghold, and thus those nations are simply to entrenched on the old system to move fast enough.

Similar sovereign "Brexits" will turn out to be the only pathway available to separate a nation from the cabal and it's internally created European Union stranglehold.  

Ironically, another horrific financial day anywhere in the world (US, Europe or otherwise) puts even more insurmountable pressure on both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama/Joe Biden to resign from their perceived positions of power--as all of them aggressively stumped for David Cameron to keep Great Britain under EU control.  

So if we see another bloody day of losses on world markets tonight and tomorrow, and/or you lose a healthy percentage of personal wealth, do not panic.  As everyone with a clean criminal record and redeemable currency in hand is comfortably in prime position to benefit (or be digitally credited) on the new financial system taking effect Monday morning 8am CST in China (8pm EST USA).  

The cabal has been defeated.  The unwinding process has begun in full public view.  Humanity is free.  All is well.

God is with us.