Friday, July 22, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Anniversary Special

Season 5, Episode 9

David Wilcock: All right, it's great to see you. I'm David Wilcock, as I'm sure you already know. And what you're about to witness here is really cool. We have decided to give you a special treat, a life review, if you will, of the last year of “Cosmic Disclosure”, some of the highlights, some of the most impressive, most shocking, most amazing things that came out in the course of my discussions with Corey Goode over the last year.

I know you're going to love this. Check it out.


David: Tell us a little bit more about the LOC (Lunar Operations Command). I guess, first of all, what does it look like as you're flying into it?

Corey Goode: Well, you can tell it's been built and added onto quite a bit since the '50s. It's built into the craters and into the rocky area to where it blends in somewhat.

1 Moon LOC

Some part of it is built into the rock. Very little of it is above ground.

David: Oh, okay.

Corey: Most of it, I have not had access to. I have seen a diagram to where it somewhat goes into a bell shape further and further down you go. And I've only had access to the upper levels.

David: So even though it's a bell shape, you don't actually see the bell on the surface of the Moon?
Corey: No. It's like looking down at the top of the bell or the tip of a pyramid. You just see the smaller top, or the tip of the iceberg, I guess you would say. The rest is below and spreads out as it goes on.

David: If there are this many craft going to and from the LOC, and you say it's on the dark side of the Moon, how could it possibly have been kept secret from us? Couldn't people, with their telescopes, see all the ships coming and going from the Moon?

Corey: People do see that. There's actually another base on the backside of the Moon that belongs to human beings. It belongs to one of the Secret Space Programs called Dark Fleet that a lot of people see craft coming from.

I can give more of the location of that one. If you're looking at the Moon, it's at about the 10:00 position.

2 Position Of Dark Fleet On Moon

People have filmed and seen flurries and swarms of craft leaving and coming from that area quite a bit, amateur astronomers with video cameras hooked up to their telescopes.

3 Moon 3
This is something that has been seen.

David: When was the LOC actually built?

Corey: The LOC was built onto an existing Nazi facility that had been built in the latter parts of the '30s and '40s.

David: So it goes that far back?

Corey: That far back. Once the industrial might of the United States became involved, they really started putting a lot into it and built it out like crazy. They started really building in earnest in the late '50s on it.

The Moon is a very strict zone that is like a giant Switzerland.

David: It's strange that you would say that the Moon is this neutral Switzerland type of area because it's right next to the Earth. If it's our moon, shouldn't it be our property and we get to have control over the Moon?

Corey: No.

David: It doesn't work that way?

Corey: No. If you've seen the maps of Antarctica, how it's sliced up amongst all the nations, . . .

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