Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fisher's GCR/RV Intel Update - July 22, 2016

 Real Truth Chatter 

The Finance Ministers and other attendees of the G20 mini-meeting are not at all happy that they arrived and nothing had happened as they were told to expect

That is putting it very mildly, but will give you an idea of how angry they all are

The people involved in that meeting have issued an ultimatum and have demanded that they be involved on resolving the problem, whatever that might be

There are some very intelligent, logical and experienced people now involved, and they are resolving minor technical issues and quickly hope to come to a combined resolution to the problems that have become public this week

NO attorneys are involved, and all attorneys were even told to stay out of it and let the financial experts deal with it without any input or arguments from the legal teams

You would recognize some of the names, and might even be able to guess who some are, that would be because some of you are smart

Anyway, the deal now is that the ministers are now working with the Elders and some other "visitors" to get this done by this evening. They fully realize the impact that the constant stalling and problems have put the planetary economy in a very serious situation and that that situation MUST be resolved, and quickly, to prevent a total and complete collapse of everything they have worked so long to see come to pass

If you get the idea that these are serious people dealing with a dire situation, with lives and futures at stake, you are correct

yet it appears they have done a fine job of protecting these assets for millennia.

Protecting assets they did well, now they have to finish what they started, imo
Yosef was obviously very frustrated, and probably had more to say, that is what happens when you get too emotionally involved in a "project"

Everything is "on hold" as far as the Republic, NESARA, the Galactics, etc, waiting on a few numbers is driving all of them nuts

There are some who questioned the logic of using a computer program to make a determination as to the "perfect" time

So you are saying we are on a random number generator for release

It was put in the "hands" of a super-computer. One that got input on the various financial aspects from all over the world. No one seems to know how it actually works its "magic", and maybe they've come to see that the magic just wasn't there for it to manifest, it might have gotten scared itself

China mom:
a computer does not have a heart this transition is ALL about heart

The "old" hearts might have needed new blood to pump correctly and in accordance with the needs of humanity

I think the new blood will make sure things happen in time, we need to pray for that

Sometimes when one has spent a great deal of time waiting and protecting, Actually moving forward becomes difficult. After a lifetime of protecting, finally going, may have its own set of obstacles.

good analysis, and quite correct from what we've been seeing….they typically plan things for hundreds of years, and are very patient, which, in this case, was itself a part of the problem

Imagine expecting for your plan, hundreds of years in the planning stage, to be perfect in this world of corruption and confusion

I have read to the bottom but didn't see anything re the G20. Are we hopeful this is the turning point that releases our blessing? Thanks

we are