Thursday, July 7, 2016

RV/GCR SITREP Report - July 7, 2016

Received via email .... 

12:00:00 EST
7.7.2016 (5)


​Good Afternoon Currency Redeemers,​

Your time to shine is here after many years.  Congratulations!  The adversaries opposing this blessing have been formidable, seen and unseen, sworn by secrete oath to protect a system of enslavement no matter the mass devastation or personal destruction.  Yet here we are.  Meek but victorious, as prohecised so long ago in Matthew 5:5.

So as the once invincible cabal is now made to cower to the mandate of Heaven and will of God (Revelations 21:7-8), so to must we to our new responsibility as being our brother's keeper and bear each other's burdens (Galatians 6:2).  

For to much is given much is expected… and all shall be watched post-RV, just as all were watched over pre-RV by angels in much higher realms than I.  So do no harm and no harm shall come to you, and remember to always apply mercy wherever, whenever and however you deem fair.

Below is what has been transpiring in recent days:

  • The horse trading continues with both the Democratic and Republic candidates before their respective July conventions.
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton are on an island running/negotiating for their lives.  They've been referred to as the cabal's version of "Bonnie and Clyde."
  • Hillary offered her unconditional surrender this past Saturday, as negotiated by Bill who unannounced boarded Loretta Lynch's plane in Phoenix.  
  • However, when Hillary reneged on her resignation promise... as she always does … they had the nerve to continue on with the charade and even start campaigning with Obama in Charlotte.
  • So they go out the hard way it looks like versus the easy way.  So be it.
  • Trump has already agreed to resign before or at the convention to give way to Paul Ryan's nomination.  He's having a great time saying whatever he wants and being an untouchable on global TV expanding his personal brand.
  • Obama's resignation is already taped and can be aired at anytime. Also there's a treasure chest full of information ready for release about his real birthplace, youthful history, family background, fake educational records, etc..  As someone said to me, get out the butter because he's toast.  
  • General Dunford is in full command of of Republic which is now 100% funded with gold backed currency and issuing gold backed sovereign bonds.  
  • General Dunford is also is in full control again of the US military and US Treasury, which absorbed the defaulted Federal Reserve Bank.  Interest rates games still playing out with the Fed are done just to pacify the public and calm global markets.
  • Paul Ryan is working with General Dunford daily to set the country's agenda post November's election--which we understand will be a fair and upright populist election -- where one vote actually equates to one vote.  Go figure. 
  • Expect Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to run on the Democratic ticket opposed to Paul Ryan and ? as the Republican nominee.  It will be a straight up election in November, may the best man win.
  • Hillary has one choice left, resign and permanently leave public life with Bill, or go to prison.  The email breach re: Benghazi was small potatoes compared to what she actually did to the American diplomats in Benghazi.  Everybody knows it, including the Clinton's, they're just waiting to the last possible second to improve their negotiating position.
  • Also, last week Obama's chief advisor Valerie Jarrett was arrested for treason.  In fact, all the of the USA, Inc Chicago mafia has been been either arrested or eliminated.  Goodbye demons.  May God serve justice on you all.


  • Turkey has surrendered, allowing Russia to regain it's gas pipeline operations.  Russia even received an apology from Turkey's President Erdogan for downing the Russian plane flying over Syria.  Also tourism was allowed to resume again between the two countries.
  • Zimbabwe citizens have been made to wait until the RV has occurred in the western world because their defaulted currency is so valuable. They are suffering unbearably, as many are in Venezuela, Philippines, Cuba, Haiti, India, Vietnam, etc..
  • Basically everyone on the planet is being made to wait on the USA, Inc actors to surrender power peacefully so the entire globe can be hydrated at once and permanently.  All must go or none shall go.  That's how the Chinese Elders set it up.
  • AIIB/Bank of china/Chinese Elders are making historic infrastructure financing deals with every sovereign nation of good standing on the earth while they wait on the USA, Inc. to surrender.  And the USA is arguing about emails.  My how the mighty have fallen, and boy do we have a lot of work to do to pull ourselves back up by our bootstraps. 
  • The Paris Agreement on Climate Change (which is quietly doubling as the Sovereign Nation Gold Treaty) has been implemented and all nations of the world are in agreement to begin a new transparent financial system based on the gold standard which was set on July 1 at midnight.
  • Bounties have been put out on remaining cabal agents and non capitulating Dark Nobility families of up to 100M USN.


  • Toll Free 800#s are in the que, ready to be released for public consummation at any moment.
  • There have been several days and times that have come and gone since July 1, but we believe July 7 after markets close is the new targeted release day and time.
  • ​Landa China Global Received their funds last night around 11pm EST, and will be allowed to spend their funds only after the public's toll free 800#s ​have been released. 
  • Several sources are confirming the RV will occur on 7/7.
  • government officials in Hong Kong have told us all restrictions on TRNs have been lifted.
  • Sovereign families have been hydrated and awaiting Toll Free 800# release. 
  • New USN currency is sitting in off site redemption centers everywhere, awaiting release into circulation.
  • The new financial system has been fully operational for months, but fully released, quietly, on Friday July 1, 2016.
  • Meaning, all technical mandates have been achieved for immediate release and worldwide movement of gold backed funds.
  • Forex will be changed after markets close on July 15, with the general public being allowed into global brick and mortar banks to exchange at the on screen rates on Monday July 18
  • A global announcement of the GCR/RV event is expected during the weekend.
  • ZIM currency holders will receive the first appointments and have to travel less than 60 miles to any off site exchange appointment.  Know that nearly 25% of all exchange centers are exclusively meant to handle ZIM currency due to its value.
  • ZIM currency holders must entered into a structured payout program due to its uniquely high value.
  • There's a redemption center 4 Tiered Rate Structure only Wells Fargo / HSBC / Bank of China / TD / Scotia / RBC can honor, which are as follows: 
    1. International: This is the lowest rate.  It can be seen on every front screen around the world, and will be converted for cash without a structured program.
    2. Market: This is a flat rate, which is higher than the International rate.  It can be received if the client is willing to enter into a structure payout program, whereby a majority of their money goes into an investment for a period of time.  Annuity interest payouts will be assigned per quarter and honored through the length of the structured payout agreement.  Also, there will be a percentage of immediate liquidity (less than 5%) all clients will be allowed to access immediately (basic Non Disclosure Agreements will be required).
    3. Contract: This is pre-negotiated rate between an authorized currency in-take representative and the banks.  These rates are private, and individually negotiated, and paid out via third party paymaster.  If you are not already aware of a contract rate, don't worry about it.  The positive aspect of the contract rate is all paymaster payouts come in the form of 100% cash (individualized group Non Disclosure Agreements will be enforced).
    4. Privately Negotiated: This was once called the "Sovereign Rate," but is now being individually and privately negotiated at the time of redemption for clients who desire to service large Humanitarian Projects or Create Large numbers of Jobs with their earnings.  A client ail have to justify, show intent, and have pre-fabricated plans to receive the highest possible rates that are associated with Privately Negotiated rates.  Each negotiation will vary and be strictly confidential (advanced Non Disclosure Agreements will be required).

God is with us.