Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sophia Love Blog Update - July 28, 2016

as we shift - #pushback (timelines, parallels & veils, oh my!)

Things are getting weird. The veil is lifting, timelines are merging, and parallel realities are showing up in the news.

Since the removal Saturday of the final bunch of controllers at the top 1%, there have been quite a few questions about what this means for us.  Here are some thoughts on that.

It means we’ll see more reports in the mainstream media like this one (NBC) and this one (David Icke in Australia).  It means our history will change, as with these recollections of that day in Dallas, to where the story of who shot who is talked about openly.  The media will be less and less suppressed; to the uninitiated, it will appear to have always been the case.  The criminal actions of the controllers will become an open part of our collective history – open and (now) obvious.

Without the veil we will see more clearly the host of others occupying this dream.  Expect to see more out of the corner of your eyes and in our skies.  There are several reports of planned fly-overs.  Expect them.

Words like unveiling, exposing and uncovering the obvious will be seen in media and history books.  We are entering and building a new world.  Our timelines are merging and morphing and becoming something else.  Our children and our grandchildren will hear about our old world with surprise; in much the same way we look at the time before electricity.

What’s important for us now is to capitalize on this opportunity.  Expect the shift before us and release any prior inhibitions about pushing back.  The structure is dismantling, with the topmost layer gone, what’s beneath it can’t help but crumble.

#PUSHBACK. If there was ever a time to refuse to cooperate with corruption, it is right now.  The more we participate in this collapse and shift, the faster it occurs.  This is beyond an angry protest, which only happens when one is controlled, as in enslaved.  No, this is a statement of sovereignty.

We no longer accept cartoon character candidates, corrupt officials or restrictions to our lives.  Refuse to participate in such things.  Stand for sovereignty.  Do so with love and from a point of clarity.  Not willing to comply with anything that diminishes the spirit, we must #PUSHBACK. This happens without bloodshed; it happens with unity.  An empowered people welcome this new world now.

There is a shedding as things crumble and it is all around us.  It can hurt.  Feel that pain and let it go.  There is work to be done.

Notice – those small moments of concession and subservience and #PUSHBACK.  These are not part of this new world.

It is a place of possibility, inhabited by sovereign individuals freely living in peace.  All of our dreams are now realized.  This may not be easy or without disruption as things have to fall away to make room for the new.  These challenges are necessary as the transition has to be clear.  There will be a moment we’ll look back on, those of us remembering; when we’ll know it changed.  We will mark that moment.  That moment is now.  Those changing it are us.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you for sharing the journey,
With so much love,

PS Below is validation of the art removal operation I spoke about here. It comes as a comment to the post:

“I can verify this channel from a different angle. On 7/22 I cared for a man in the hospital who had a very unique vibrational signature and spoke of time, and the ability to be able to move through it. On 7/23 night when I arrived at work, he was very animated, and expressed the urgency to gather his group for a dissolution ceremony. He revealed that he was a founding member of the Church of Satan, and that during their time they had amassed an unimaginable fortune/treasure. He said he was not saddened to lose it or his sect because the convergence of time is now. That they must keep it "light", have a picnic or supper, enjoy each other''s company, then do a ritual of release. His worry is that the treasure would fall into the wrong hands, since some artifacts were powerful. But nonetheless...he is oNE of the 1%, letting go because "it is time...we have run our course" and that there is no longer the need of their control.”
What is the best part is the jubilation expressed.  WE ARE ALL GLAD ITS OVER.  NOW ITS TIME TO CREATE SOMETHING NEW.

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And one more.... this song, well, just feel it.  Feel the light.  This is what we are.