Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Thank You" - The BIG Call Family - July 23, 2016


To All The RV Hidden Gems:

Recently, the BIG Call family was asked to advance toll free numbers to the on-line currency community.  Please know everyone associated with the BIG Call is deeply honored and extremely grateful to be considered for this opportunity.  

Together, we have always tried to serve those dedicated to making a difference in the service of others; thus, we feel honored to now assist our invisible, yet growing audience of do gooders.  Thanks again for considering us worthy of this opportunity.  We will tactfully pass on any important information via a final celebration recording link and final update email entitled "TETELESTAI".

However, before the RV fireworks go off (whenever they finally do go off:), we would like to take a moment and acknowledge another invisible community that rarely if ever gets acknowledged, let alone thanked.  We're speaking of the many "Hidden Gems" of the RV world who assist in one way, shape or form in selflessly serving humanity's greatest good.

We feel their efforts should be equally honored at this time, as we know they too have worked tirelessly behind the scenes (some for many decades) to make this historic event possible for all.  

Hopefully, this simple but sincere acknowledgement finds its way to everyone's heart who dared play a role in this epic yet clandestine operation.  For in the end, we're all just one human family trying to figure out a puzzle no one but God the Father truly understands.


To all the SOVEREIGN COLLATERAL ACCOUNT FAMILIES who have been entrusted (burdened) over these many centuries to both protect and now safely release humanity's wealth no matter the personal or family consequence, we humbly say thank you.  

To all the MILITARY GENERALS & SECURITY FORCES who while never are to be known by name, have faithfully guarded so many during this delicate transition, taking 100% responsibility for our continued security and protection, we humbly say thank you.

To all the DIPLOMATIC & AGENCY ASSETS who have traveled the globe via planes, trains and automobiles; massaging a seemingly endless series of sovereign treaties, security alliances, trade deals, cease fires and new protocol agreements, we humbly say thank you.

To all the LAWYERS & JUDGES who have logged a good part of their professional lives negotiating and mediating successful settlements that now bind Heaven and Earth, while at the same time gently easing tension between the most adversarial clients in the history of law, we humbly say thank you.

To all the GOVERNMENT ASSISTANTS & AIDES who distanced themselves from their families for all these years, passing up less stressful opportunities to advance a common purpose far greater than their personal interests, we humbly say thank you.

To all the ENVIRONMENTALISTS & ACADEMICS who sacrificed their career best interests to lobby on behalf of the betterment of the human condition, speaking up for the abused and beleaguered while always sustaining planetary health, we humbly say thank you.

To all the BANKING & EXCHANGE STAFF who have toiled in obscurity, away from their family and friends without explanation, ever preparing for an event they knew little about, yet patiently awaiting their moment to usher us all successfully through an unprecedented gauntlet of riches, we humbly say thank you.

To all the INTEL & NEWS PROVIDERS who daily would share relevant news and information they were sworn to keep private, yet dared to pass along so the meek of the earth could gleam a sense of what's occurring in real time, we humbly say thank you.

To all the SERVICE & COMPLIMENTARY STAFF who make sure that all details were perfect for each event, each conference, each press packet, each media interview, each private meeting, each road trip, each shuttle bus, each travel schedule, each cab ride, each flower arrangement, each vegan meal and each camera ready suit that needed to be pressed just right, we humbly say thank you.  

To all the FAMILY, FRIENDS, & COLLEAGUES  who have made daily sacrifices so that we can now experience this blessing in the here and now, many of whom are still sacrificing in this moment so that our lives can be greatly enhanced as their joy and comfort continues to be put on hold, we humbly say thank you.

To all of the FALLEN HEROS who gave of their physical lives so that humanity could be spared, and so our families and communities can now blossom in their absence; you brothers and sisters have given the most by far, and we vow to honor your life by serving others with the same honor you gave to all of us.  Know all the blessings we ever give away will carry your with them your sacrifice, so to you we humbly say thank you and God bless.  

There are just so many praise worthy people to acknowledge on this GCR/RV journey, if we missed anyone who served as a "HIDDEN GEM", please include yourself now, consider your work recognized, your efforts appreciated and your life purpose admired from the top of our lungs to the bottom of our hearts--we humbly say THANK YOU one final time to all that made a difference in our lives and placed us upon such a righteous and narrow pathway of mercy.  

Offered with infinite love and gratitude,

The BIG Call Family

Bruce, Kent, Sue, Bob, Paster Stephen, Robert, Yosef