Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Death of Max Spiers - Update July 18, 2016


Published on Jul 18, 2016
Max Spiers, one of the witnesses to the Bases Project and a ‘supersoldier’, and sparring partner of James Casbolt, was unable to be resuscitated late Saturday afternoon, in a Warsaw apartment, around 6pm local time Saturday July 16th 2016. After strenuous efforts of medical staff, he was declared deceased Saturday evening. This has been a severe shock to all concerned.

I was shortly contacted by two of the closest people to him at his death, Monica Duval and Madlen Namro, who asked me to urgently contact his mother or relatives. Max had been staying with Monika and was making several appearances with Monika and Madlen on local media, now released (see NTV on YouTube)

The details of what led to his death require to be fully explained, and investigated as is perfectly normal in these cases.

His Mother (in the UK) was finally contacted via facebook late Saturday night. She has yet to visit his remains, and plans to leave for Poland Tuesday 19th.

I was able to contact his former girl friend Sarah Adams in the United States that evening. She remains distraught and shocked.

Pending a full investigation as required by law, the exact causes remain a mystery.

However:- Bases and Project Camelot feels there is cause for concern, that this may have been a murder. Until such time as all the facts are known and the result of an autopsy announced we have to simply wait and see. In the meantime let us mourn Max’s death, and remember him with fond memories, and send condolences to all his family and friends.