Saturday, July 23, 2016

Was NASA’s codename for UFOs accidentally revealed?

© Scott Waring
A recent recording from the International Space Station has rumors flying that a ‘nervous’ astronaut may have accidentally revealed NASA’s secret code word for a UFO.
According to UFO blogger Scott Waring, the live recording from the ISS contained some suspicious references to the gospel, a word that appears to be out of the ordinary for astronaut chatter.

"On a personal level I look forward to this partnership with the gospel, really around the world,” the astronaut – likely Commander Jeff Williams – can be heard saying.

This caused UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists to claim that the word ‘gospel’ was a code word for aliens, and that the astronaut was about to head off to meet some extraterrestrial beings.

Video footage from the feed shows a mysterious dot of light on camera, which some say is the UFO the astronauts were discussing.

Despite the excitement surrounding the discovery, the theory was dismissed by hoax-buster Scott Brando, who runs